Children's Parties

Fort Regent and Fort Adventures are no longer offering Children's parties in the Playzone.

However, the on-site caterers at Fort Regent, Jersey Prestige, are developing party packages that include time in the Playzone.

If you would like to discuss the Party options with the team at Jersey Prestige, please call Mario 07797712843 or email


Jumping® Kids' Parties


Book a mini trampoline party in a disco-like atmosphere! Great fun and suitable for ages 5 up.

Contact Lenny on 07700 332333 or email

Pound® Rockout Birthday Parties

Move, rock, play and make noise! Pound® Rockout is a youth-oriented programme that fuses movement and music. By combining exercise and interactive activities, kids explore movement, embrace their creativity and rock out in a new way!
Suitable for ages 7 up.

Contact Lenny on 07700 332333 or email