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Lisa Troy Exhibition - SORRY NOW FINISHED

The 'Observation' Exhibition starts on Friday 4th October and continues until 30th October at the Fort Regent Gallery. 

Artist, Lisa Troy, was born in Jersey in 1972 and is married with one daughter. 
Lisa's Artistic career was launched  with her first commission of large pastel painting, 'Giant Gerberas' in 1998 and within 2 years she was fortunate enough to gain several more commissions and to date Lisa has collectors of her work locally and further afield such as in the United Kingdom and the United States. March 2002, saw her first Art Exhibition happening, titled 'The Grape Inspirations' with fellow Artist Katie Dunn at the Garrick Gallery. 
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During 2010 at the Sir John Cheshire Gallery, Lisa's 'Routes of Jersey' Exhibition was kindly sponsored by Jersey Standard chartered as her Artwork was inspired by the views and feelings that she has experienced when training for the Jersey Standard Marathon. In 2004 and again in 2018 Lisa's work was selected for the Channel Islands Art Competition JJ Fox Exhibition in Jersey and Guernsey. Also during all this, Lisa has been kept busy working as a fully qualified fitness Instructor for Active Jersey and an Art teacher for Highlands Colleges Adult Community Education.  Thanks to the success of this venture, Lisa continued to exhibit her work and over the following decade, 2003 'The Grape Return' Exhibition at the Jersey Opera House, in 2004 'Four Seasons', her first solo Art Exhibition and then 2005, Lisa exhibited her most personal Exhibition titled 'The Elements' and in 2007 she had work exhibited in the National Art Fund charity Exhibition.   

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 Lisa has taken much inspiration from the motivation she has observed in the people who she has taught over the last 22 years. Now in 2019 Lisa has eventually had the time to finally finish her next body of work, resulting in her latest Exhibition, 'Observation'. One of Lisa's favourite sentences while teaching in her Art classes, is "Observation, Observation, Observation"! Lisa beliefs it is one of the fundamentals to all basis of Art whether it is the simple practice of observing the world around you or being able to observe the thoughts in your mind. "My work is based on observed views and creative thoughts inspired by these observations". Lisa's work, for this Exhibition has been created in watercolour, mix media (a combination of candle wax, tissue paper and watercolour), Acrylic painting or bespoke lino cut prints. The 'Observation' Exhibition starts on Friday 4th October and continues until 30th October at the Fort Regent Gallery. 

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