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Introducing ViPR

It may look like a humble rubber tube, but ViPR ("viper") is an extremely effective training tool. Virtually indestructable and incredibly functional, ViPR has already made its mark in gyms, in instructor circles and in the media.

Fort Regent gym instructors Kate Denny Mallen and Michael Donoghue have passed their final assessment for ViPR training and are incorporating it into circuit classes.

ViPR is designed to: 

  • Provide an effective, whole-body workout
  • Build muscle and burn calories through strength and movement training
  • Be lifted, dragged, thrown, stepped on - and pretty much any movement you can think of
  • Be safe as it's made of rubber
  • Be suitable for all ages and abilities, with weights ranging from 4kg to 20kg

You can find out more on the ViPR Website:

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