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The Over 50’s Bowls and Social Club has moved

The Over 50's Bowls and Social Club was started in 1982 Mr Harry Gallichan got together with 18 friends and acquaintances to start up a bowls and social club for people over 50 and others who were near retirement age.

Harry Gallichan was the first president.

The club started playing bowls in the tunnels at Fort Regent and they had a club room to go into after the game for a cup of tea and a chat.

As the club grew, some days there were too many for bowls so board games, cards and darts were available for members to try out.

In 1988 as the club's membership had become too big for the facilities available it was decided to split into two clubs. It was agreed that the president would continue with the over 50's and half of the members and the other half with the vice president Mr John Bertram would form the new club which was how Regent Bowls club came into being.

Fort Regent then donated a trophy for the two clubs to compete for monthly with the winners over twelve months holding it for a year. In 1993 as the president of the Over 50's was not in the best of health he wanted someone to take his place which is when Mr Peter Le Corre was elected.

The club continued to enjoy bowls and also various social activities -:Bingo nights and Beetle drives Theme nights with members dressed in appropriate costume maybe French, Bavarian or Spanish and dancing and singing to the accordionist hired for the night. Refreshments brought by members would be served half way through the evening. All day competitions with lunch included were well supported. Christmas draws with several hundred pounds worth of prizes to be won and a Christmas party were held each year and also Christmas and spring lunches. The club had organised three day bowls matches in Guernsey several times and then in 1994 it was suggested we see if members would be interested in a bowls tour to England for a week. In October 1994 we took a party of 27 to Torquay and have continued every year going to many different parts of the UK and also to Spain, Portugal and Cyprus. To conclude the Over 50's would like to take this opportunity of thanking Fort Regent staff and management for the excellent service and cooperation we have received throughout those wonderful years.

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