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The 6th Peter Brown Channel Island Pool Lifeguard Challenge

On Saturday 7th September Les Quennevais Sports Centre ran the annual Peter Brown Pool lifeguard Competition.

The Competition is designed to test all areas of a lifeguards skills and responsibilities, from dealing face to face with a customer to CPR to the lifeguards fitness.

This year they firstly had 30 minuets to complete a 40 question paper on all aspects covered in the NPLQ 8th edition lifeguard manual. Christina Blampied a qualified Lifeguard TA overviewed.

Next from a holding area they were then taken to deal with a Customer Care / First Aid / CPR incident which took place in the pool changing area, the competitors had no idea before the incident what was going to happen and had to use their lifeguard training and skill to deal with it effectively and safely.

At the incident they were confronted by an irate customer who was complaining about an issue in the changing area, they had to calm this person down by listening and dealing with the issue, unfortunately this customer then whilst getting and item out of his locker badly cut his hand. Again their training of first Aid was tested, by them having to treat this customer in the correct manner for the injury, as the incident proceeded the customer lost consciousness forcing the lifeguard to have to perform CPR, through out the incident the examiners who were Miles Kitchen & Marcel Morin both Pool TA's were looking for the correct approach for the best outcome for the customer, the life guards who did this receiving better scores.

As each lifeguard completed the incident they were taken to poolside where they had to do two timed swims. The first was a 20 meter swim to a conscious casualty with a 20 meter tow back. The second was a 20 meter swim to a unconscious casualty with a 10 meter tow back. Both these swims were timed by Helen Barry a Lifeguard TA and points were awarded on the speed of each rescue by the lifeguard.

At the end of this the points were totaled up and trophy's were awarded by Jenny Brown wife of the late Peter Brown.

1st Bruce Bridal

2nd Rob Hamon

3rd Justin Eastwood

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