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New Classes for 2016

Active offers a wide range of fitness activities to suit you and your fitness level. Classes may vary from centre to centre. If you are in doubt about which class to try, seek guidance from our Active gym instructors. Participants should always inform teachers prior to the start of class about their medical history.  The intensity of classes ranges from gentle to advanced.  Use the following key to establish which is best for you.

New class timetables are available for collection from Active Centre receptions or can be downloaded via the website.

We've reviewed the programme and made a few changes to keep things fresh.  Look out for these classes:

NEW at Fort Regent
Meta Body Fit    
Meta Body Fit is a NEW class developed to boost your metabolic rate which helps the body to burn off more calories even while at rest! The 45 minute workout combines traditional body weight exercises, on and off a platform, with the latest HIIT training techniques to fire up your metabolic rate. Ideal for both men and women at all levels of fitness as class participant's work at their own pace. The more you put in to this workout the more your body will get out of it.

The class is moderate to advanced intensity and will replace STEPIT on Wednesday evening at 19.10 - 20.10 and Thursday morning 09.30-10.30.

The class will be presented by Lisa Troy, who is a popular and experienced instructor specialising in aerobics, body conditioning and developmental stretch classes.
NEW Sunday morning BODYPUMP     
One of the popular Les Mills classes, BODYPUMP is a non-impact class combining high repetition weight training with aerobic conditioning. It will tone and condition your body, can help you lose weight and ultimately change your body shape. Suitable for all levels. NOTE: A 15 minute session prior to each class is dedicated to technique for beginners.

The new Sunday morning class will take place in the Active Studio on Sunday mornings from 09.30-10.30 with dynamic instructor Natalia Warzecha.
New at Les Quennevais
Monday and Thursday evening Stretch and Shape with Katrina will start 10 minutes later at 18.10 - 18.55

Tuesday morning Pilates Fit & Fun will be replaced by Alignment & Core Pilates with Jane Hamilton at the new start time of 11.15 - 12.15.  The class follows the principles of Pilates concentrating on developing core strength.
NEW Tuesday evening Foam Roller Pilates class
This new class offers a combination of Pilates exercises using foam rollers to enhance the posture, core strength, balance and stability.

Tuesday evening with Jane Hamilton from 19.00-20.00
New Wednesday and Friday morning Spinning
Spinning is fantastically popular. This synchronised aerobic exercise on static bikes simulates true road riding. 
Spinning specialist Sue Jaffrelot will present the classes from 08.30-09.15.  Of moderate to advanced intensity, Spinning is suitable for all fitness levels as newcomers can progress at their own pace.
NEW Friday morning Dance class - 'Strictly' FitSteps 11.30-12.15 
A dance workout from the "Strictly" team. Your favourite ballroom dance rhythms including the Cha Cha, Jive, Quickstep, Paso, Waltz and others.

The fun way to dance yourself fit and bring out your inner "Strictly" self!  No partner needed.  Experienced dance and fitness instructor Julie Stanier will guide you expertly through the steps. 
Moderate to advanced class.
There are no changes to the Springfield timetable at this time.

Written by Colin Stanier at 00:00

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