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New squash and racketball club helps you get fit and have fun... Guaranteed!

Regent Racquets Club is a new squash and racketball club opening in September at Fort Regent for all levels from complete beginners through to improvers, intermediate and elite players for both juniors and adults. 

Mike -Hopkins

Resident coach Mike Hopkins came in to tell us more about this new club and why you should be involved.

The new club is opening in September, tell us about it?
The idea for Regent Racquets Club came about after players I was coaching suggested it. They wanted a friendly and welcoming club open to all level of players where they could get together for regular leagues, tournaments, coaching and socials and have fun based at Fort Regent. We decided the best way to encompass all of this that the best way was to set up a club using Fort Regent squash courts. 

So what kind of experience do you need?
Absolutely none.  Even if you have never picked up a racket before we encourage you to come and have a try at one of our coaching sessions. We put players together in groups of the right ability so you will never feel out of your depth, and we buddy people up so that you get to know your fellow players and build up a relationship with them really quickly.  

What about if you are already an experience player, do you have players at all levels?Yes, we certainly do - there really is a level for everyone here. 

And what about starting ages?
We take children from the age of 3, if the child wants to play.  It's never too early. Junior group coaching age is from 3 to 16 years.

So it's an activity for the entire family?
Yes! And that is why we have a family membership option available.

So Mike what is Racketball?
Well, it's very similar to squash in some ways as it's played on a squash court but it has some important differences which can make it a more accessible game than the more fast paced squash.  The racket is shorter, but the head is larger, and it's played with a larger bouncier ball, which means the game is much slower. 

Does that make it easier to play?
It's still a challenge but, yes, essentially as the game is not quite as quick, it is easier to play - it's easier to get rallies going, which a lot of people find really enjoyable.  People who may be retiring from squash, or those who may have physical injuries or reduced mobility, ie knee injuries, find this an easier and gentler way to continue to play squash, although many people who play have never played squash before.

What are the benefits of playing squash and racketball?
It is a great way to get fit, burn calories and alleviate stress. Squash burns on average 500 calories in 30 minutes. You are also improving hand eye co-ordination, agility and balance. With the stop sprint movements you are having an intense cardio vascular work out using both upper and lower muscles, which boosts stamina and endurance. And it is a great stress buster and lots of fun too.    

Is it a big commitment?  Do I have to come every week?
No, not at all. We understand people have busy lives and we have created our club to make it possible for people to play at the level and commitment that's right for them.  We will have regular Team Leagues, Summer Leagues, various tournaments, mens only, ladies only, age groups, juniors, doubles, club night - you name it we will have it!

What can people expect if they join the club?
First and foremost a group of really friendly and welcoming players.  The club is new but already has a fantastic group of players who are really keen to welcome new members of all ages and abilities. It will be fun with socials too.

Do you need to be a member or can you just turn up and play?
If you just want to see if you like it then you can come along and give it a go at one of our group coaching sessions or at a club night. The annual Regent Racquets Club membership is £60 a year for non-Active members and £50 for Active members with also the option of a family, student and junior membership. There are then membership discounts on coaching, tournaments and league entries.

I'm interested what do I do now?
You can call on 07700 714333 for an informal chat or email the membership secretary on  We have a website for further information at You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter  

Membership forms are available from the website and Fort Regent

Written by Emma Turner at 00:00

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