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Everybody knows that it is important to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle but achieving that or getting started can sometimes be difficult. I firmly believe that creating a routine that fits in with your lifestyle is key to achieving your goal(s) I aim to eliminate 'diets' and encourage and motivate my clients to create a balanced routine that should hopefully not feel forced or hard to maintain, with plenty of support and advice along the way to make sure that it does not become short lived.

I also have a passion for experimenting with healthy and wholesome ingredients to recreate what are usually classed as 'unhealthy' foods, so that it is still possible to enjoy the things you love without feeling guilty afterwards. I love to share my successful recipes with clients, friends and family alike to encourage nutritionally dense eating habits throughout.

During programmes I use a range of different cardio based training methods along with strength and resistance exercises, with the aim to make sessions diverse and as enjoyable as they possibly can be.

So what are you waiting for let's get started on creating a happy and healthy you!

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