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The new Active app is here so you can book your classes, find out about opening hours and discover what other activities are available in the three centres, including the events programme at Fort Regent.

We know that part of the journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle is making sure you have the information you need at your fingertips so (drum roll please) introducing the Active Jersey App!

So what does the app actually do, why did Active introduce one and why should I download it?

The Active gym and classes are highly regarded by our customers, in fact our centres are so busy customers were reporting that sometimes it was difficult to find the information they needed, i.e., is the Zumba class full tonight?  We took this problem seriously and needed to address, but it wasn't easy.  

Our existing class management system didn't offer the functionality to book online and with over 50% of current internet access reported to be from smart devices and mobile internet, we knew any solution we adopted needed to be customer focused and super easy to use on any mobile device. Predictions indicate that the predominant method of web browsing by 2019 will be from mobile internet users.

After some initial investigations in early 2016 on possible ways forward, the Active app offered the best solution.  Testing commenced on 4th May (or international Star Wars day which seemed quite apt!), and launched live to customers on 1st September 2016.

The app, which is free, has been downloaded over 2,500 times and received some very encouraging feedback with 93% saying they would or have recommended it to a friend - a great accolade indeed.

Users can now view all the classes available at the three Active centres, Fort Regent, Les Quennevais and Springfield, including class times, instructors, location, and current status such as whether a class is full or has a waiting list. The ability to book into a class from a device held in the palm of your hand is brilliant!  So, if you find that the meeting you had to attend is suddenly cancelled you can pop yourself into a class in less than 2 minutes!

Aside from the classes the app also has really useful information about each centre.  Want to know if the Fun Time pool sessions at Les Quennevais are on this Sunday - simply open the app and check.  Want to know in which centres you can play badminton - it's all in the app.  Want to know what clubs meet a Fort Regent - yes you've guessed it - the app will tell you.

Currently you are only able to book into classes if you're an Active Member but all the information is free for everyone regardless of membership status.  

Our future plans are to expand the app to allow individual pay and play bookings for classes or court hire with payment via the app as well as being able to take out an Active membership.  So what are you waiting for head over to the Active App webpage and follow the links for your smart device and get Active!


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