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Cycle Rwanda 2017

Cycle Rwanda 2017

"After cycling 320km through amazing rural pastures I finally completed the Send A Cow Cycle Challenge in Rwanda. It wasn't an easy ride by any means, we were 8 keen cyclists facing rocky uphill terrain, humidity and high altitude levels of around 2500 meters and even after a biking accident on day 2 I managed to complete the 5 day ride.

The Slow Cyclist Company who were contracted to run the cycle challenge were mainly Rwandan Olympic cyclists, heroes in their country and very knowledgeable characters. The event wasn't all about cycling as we stopped at many high vantage points and villages. The local people were amazing, always greeting us as we passed through villages. For me, a visit to see the gorillas on day 6 was a well-earned rest from the saddle of my mountain bike. After a 4 hour trek up the Virunga Mountains I saw a family of 23 mountain gorillas, it was amazing to get within a meter of the group whilst they fed on bamboo and small plants.

The Send a Cow charity invited us to meet local families and communities that have benefitted from the charity, the experience was incredible. Local families who were provided with livestock, farming skills and materials such as seed and tools. I've seen first-hand, the impact this charity has made to the Rwandan community.

I would like to thank everyone who have supported me and contributed to the charity fund raising effort."

Gary Holmes

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