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Fort Regent Centre Notice Update

We had hoped to be in a position to update you with clearer, more definite information following the closure of Free Weights areas and gym changing rooms before now. The procedures involved in checking areas are longer than anticipated.  We aim to issue regular weekly updates from this point forwards. The position at present is:

Changing Rooms, Sauna & Steam 

Changing Rooms, Sauna and Steam

We are pleased to confirm that the asbestos risk in the area affecting the changing rooms has now been addressed and resolved.

However, as the water systems have been unused for an extended period these need to be cleaned to eliminate any bacteria build up.

This process may take several weeks, we will keep you updated and advise when these rooms can be reopened.

Gym Water Fountains

As the water fountains may be connected to the water systems that require water dispensers have now been provided for use whilst the fountains are out of action cleaning, we need to discontinue use of the fountains until this has been fully investigated.


Gym Water Fountains

Closed Areas Of The Gym

Closed Areas of the Gym

Please be assured that reopening the areas previously known as "Reflextions" and reinstating the Free Weights equipment currently inaccessible is a high priority.

We will update you when we have more information on this.

Why can't the equipment from the closed areas be placed in the gym?

Safe access to these areas is very limited and many of the machines are too big to fit through the available access routes, even if the equipment is dismantled.

However, we have managed to retrieve a squat rack and are working to have this installed in the gym as quickly as possible.

Gym Equipment

Feedback can be submitted on the iPads at main and gym reception areas,
alternatively by emailing

The safety of our staff and customers, as always, is our priority
and we thank you for your continued patience.

Rotary Conference Logo

Rotary Conference Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th October

The Rotary 1110 Conference will be held in Queens and Gloucester Halls and surrounding areas from Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th October 2018.  Nearly 700 delegates will attend the conference, which will include daytime sessions, evening functions, and spouse programmes.  The economic benefit to the Island of a conference of this size and type is considerable in terms of delegate spend in hotels, restaurants, spouse programmes and retail outlets.   

Disruption to the Active class programme during the conference is inevitable, but has been kept to a minimum.  Please check notice boards for up-to-date information.

Cark park closures during the conference

Level 15 of the Fort Regent car park will be closed to our general customers during the Rotary 1110 Conference as follows:-

Customers are advised to remove their cars from level 15 to avoid a fine being issued by 9pm on Thursday 11th October

Level 15 will be closed from 6.30am on Friday 12th until 2pm on Sunday 14th October.

Please note - level 14 will consist of two-way traffic flow. Parking control officers will be on duty throughout.  If level 14 is full customers can continue down through the Fort Regent levels to Pier Road car park.

Car Park Closure

Written by Colin Stanier at 11:30



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