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We're sorry if the closure of some areas, and subsequent publicity, has caused you inconvenience or concern.  The safety of staff and customers is always our priority. Thank you for your patience.
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Frequently asked questions

•    Am I being exposed to asbestos fibers at Fort Regent?
No. Asbestos is common in old buildings but it doesn't present a risk if managed correctly. Areas that present a risk - no matter how slight - are closed off.

•    Why is there a temporary wall in the gym?
The wall is there to close off a section in which the ceiling showed signs of damage. It will remain closed to the public until the asbestos in the textured ceiling coating has been removed. While gym users cannot go into the area behind the temporary wall, staff can go in to get equipment. The area is safe, and a risk assessment is carried out each time. 

•    What is legionella?
There are more than 40 strains of legionella. It's commonly found in water that has been stagnant in pipes - regularly-used water systems are safe. Infection is caused by inhaling airborne contaminated water vapour. We have not seen any locally-acquired legionella cases in Jersey since 2015.

•    Am I being exposed to legionella at Fort Regent?
No. The showers and toilets in the changing rooms were not in use when the bacteria developed in the water system, and they are still not in use, so you are not at risk of exposure. The gym's changing rooms had been closed for asbestos removal and the water system was tested in preparation for reopening (which is standard practice). The type of legionella found in the test was very unlikely to cause infection, even if there were exposure, but the area remains closed.

•   When will the changing rooms and closed areas of the gym be reopened?
We have no firm dates as yet, but will notify everyone as soon as we know more. Until they are open, we are providing alternatives.

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