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Active Membership Price Freeze

Active members have recently been advised that the price increase for 2019 has been cancelled and that membership will remain at the 2018 price for the rest of this year.

Prices at Active were increased, but the increase has been revoked in recognition of the ongoing maintenance issues at Fort Regent. Although some facilities are currently unavailable, the Active gym at Fort Regent remains open and is still Jersey's largest and best-stocked gym.

Regular Fort Regent gym users have been invited to take part in a focus group where they can give their ideas about how else Active can thank and reward members for their loyalty while facilities are repaired.

Any members who have already paid the increased price in January will receive a credit, and will continue to pay at the lower rate over the year. The Active Team will contact anyone who has paid for an annual membership at the increased rate to advise how the extra amount will be returned.

Swimming facilities (at Les Quennevais) have not been affected by the Fort Regent maintenance issues. Swim passes are therefore not included in the price freeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it going to take so long to reinstate the Showers, toilets and Sauna and Steam?
The Fort is a complex building that has developed organically over the past 40 years. In order to remove and replace the aging pipework servicing these areas we first need to establish the extent and layout of the services which are currently unknown. Some of it is hidden and parts travel through walls coated with asbestos making the task that much more challenging.

What about the old free weights areas?
The project in this area is being dealt with separately, and we are hopeful some areas will be reinstated sooner than the shower areas but we cannot yet commit to a timeframe.

I've heard the lower free weights areas will never be reinstated, is that true?
We have been advised that the lower free weights areas may not meet current standards for management of fire safety due to the distances travelled to reach a fire exit. If we are unable to reopen this area for public use, we will revisit our floor layouts to accommodate the equipment in that area in another place as soon as we can access it safely.

How can I join one of the focus groups?
We will be working with an independent research company who will recruit members to support the focus groups over the coming weeks. We will advise members, probably via social Media, when we know more. Please follow us on for the latest news, or check our website at

Will this mean I'll get a further refund of subscriptions I've already paid?
The focus groups aim to determine what we can do to work with our customers to maintain their loyalty while we continue to experience maintenance issues at Fort Regent and after that time. This does not mean we will be refunding memberships already paid, except for those fees charged over and above 2018 prices to some of our members in January.

I've already been charged 2019 prices in January, will I receive a credit?
Yes. Members don't have to do anything.

If you pay by Direct Debit, your payments will be adjusted over the next two months, February's payment will be discounted accordingly and from 1st March your monthly payment will return to 2018 levels.

If you have already paid an annual amount, the Active Team will contact you over the coming weeks to discuss your options.

Why did you put the prices up in the first place?
Decisions regarding 2019 prices were made well in advance of us understanding the full extent of the timescales associated with reinstating the areas affected.

Why is the Swim Pass still going up?
The Swim pass is only available at Les Quennevais and the Swim Pass offer is not impacted by the issues at Fort Regent.

How many Active members are there in Jersey? How has this number changed over recent years?
There are currently 6,000 memberships in total. While there has been an increase since 2016, the number fluctuates on a daily basis and is affected by many different factors.

Have you lost any Active members as a result of the facilities being reduced? Or do you think that you may have missed out on any potential new Active members?
Active membership changes constantly, and for many reasons: people may leave Jersey, prefer offers from competing clubs (two new clubs opened last year), or feel that our offering no longer suits their lifestyle
(or have a change in lifestyle).

It is possible that the issues that we have had with our facilities have led some people to end their Active membership, and - as set out above - there are many other factors. There are also two other sports centres under the Active brand which are well stocked and which continue to be popular.

In terms of missing out, we cannot comment on whether anyone has decided to not join Active, we continue to see people join or renew their Active membership on a daily basis.

Are you be expecting the usual influx of gym goers in January?
Yes. For many people, January is the month when they decide to join a gym or renew their membership.
Our average takings are on a par with previous years, and customers continue to join Active. They are made aware of the temporary arrangements at Fort Regent when signing up.

On average, how many people specifically visit Fort regent gym weekly in comparison to 2017?
Average Active member usage at Fort Regent per week:
- 2017 - 2,774 visits/week
- 2018 - 2,488 visits/week

Written by Colin Stanier at 15:30