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Join Dave D’Abreu for a Les Mills BODYPUMP class!

Active -Dave _D_Body _Pump

Join the Active Teams Dave D'Abreu for a Les Mills BODYPUMP class from Sunday the 5th July. The class will be delivered as a lower to moderate intensity workout until we move to level 1 in the safe exit framework and will be held in Arena C, with plenty of space for each participant. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, BODYPUMP gives you a total body workout, increases core strength and improves bone health.

Click here to view Dave's classes

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Level 2_Re -Opening

Dear Active Member,

We hope you have been staying Fit and found new ways to complete your exercise programs during lockdown? Hopefully some of you took advantage of the live zoom sessions offered by some of our Group Fitness instructors, or perhaps you've been working through the extensive programs available using the Free trial of our Partners Les Mills On Demand app? 

However you've been keeping fit, I'm sure you're wondering what is happening at the centres, following the announcements made by the Minister for Economy on the 1st June, and I can tell you that the teams across the facilities have been working hard behind the scenes to get your local sports centres back up and running in line with the latest Public Health guidance for Fitness activity in Level 2.  

We're pleased to announce that all of our Active Centres will be offering limited programmes, on a pre-booked basis only that fits within the Public Health guidelines detailed for lower intensity activity. The Active team recognise the benefits of keeping our local community active but are stepping forward cautiously to ensure we do not jeopardise the Safe Exit plans. Things may look and feel a little different in our centres and not all sports and activities will be available at this stage. (see summary below)

As the Island moves through the Safe exit framework we will look to add to these programmes, subject to guidance from Public Health, but for now we are only able to offer lower intensity activity. This has been defined by Public Health as follows "During lower-intensity activity / exercise, you should be able to comfortably talk and hold a short conversation."

Obviously this limits what we can offer in the Centres, but we wanted to give our members and other users of the facilities some activity during this Level of the safe Exit Framework. 

Active -Class -Timetables -June -2020-1

It may not be the workout you were hoping for initially, but getting this phase right is incredibly important. We all have a responsibility to limit the risk of spreading the virus so the Centres will have increased hygiene programs in place and adapted access arrangements to manage the risk. We must also ask the people using our facilities to adhere to the Public Health guidelines, maintaining a distance of two metres from each other and to safeguard themselves, other users and our staff from the spread of infection. 


Les Mills On Demand _Blog

For those of you that want a more intense workout, you can still sign up for the 60 day free trial of the Les Mills on Demand App here: With 800 workouts to choose from, there's sure to be something that fits the bill.


At the Centres we have been working on the following areas to be ready to open from Friday this week:

Key changes:

  • We need to manage customer flow in each activity area and to ensure social distancing. Therefore all sessions (gym, fitness classes and swim) must be pre-booked using the Active App if you are a member, or booked and paid for in advance over the telephone if you do not hold a membership.
  • You must bring relevant proof of your booking to gain entry - and you will need to turn up on time to make the most of your sessions (but not too early!).
  • No bookings are being taken at the door so please make your booking before you set off for the centre.
  • Should you need to make a payment at our facilities during level 2 we will take card payments only, no cash.
  • Gym equipment will be spaced out, some equipment may be out of service, and different areas of the centre may be used to ensure everyone has more space (eg: a group fitness class may be offered in a Sports Hall).
  • Where suitable outside facilities exist, some of our classes may be outside in the fresh air. 
  • We need to ensure a fair allocation of time for each customer so all sessions will be time limited.  Your slot will include the allowance for safe arrival, movement through the centre, and leaving the premises.
  • You will not be permitted to move from one activity to another activity and may be asked to leave the premises between sessions on the same day.
  • No changing rooms, showers or lockers will be available during Level 2 so please arrive ready for your session, leaving personal belongings in your car or at home.  Sauna and steam facilities also remain closed.
  • Water Fountains will not be available, please don't forget to bring your water bottle.
  • Our standard car parking terms and conditions will re-start in line with island wide parking restrictions. Please do not forget to display your yellow disc



Cleanliness and hygiene

  • We will have an enhanced cleaning regime.
  • There will be cleaning equipment available throughout the gym and you will be required to use it before and after each exercise. This includes wiping down exercise mats. 
  • There will be hand gel readily available which you should use before you touch any equipment. 
  • You must exercise 2 meter social distancing at all times and respect other users.


Membership Payments

  • Membership fees will not be collected for any period we are open in June in recognition of the reduced offering available due to the restrictions in place because of Covid 19. We will closely monitor the developing situation and will consider the services available and appropriate fees for July onwards and will aim to give our members at least 7 day's notice of any change to the pricing.
  • When the Centres reopen, we will automatically remove the freeze from memberships, so members can pre-book available activity sessions. 
  • Members who wish to extend their freeze option, due to vulnerabilities, may do so by completing the online form available on our website here: /forms/freeze-your-active-card
  • Prepaid Annual memberships will be extended by the number of months the membership has been frozen, plus the "free period" the centres are open in June.



Summary of Sort Division Leisure Facilities available during Level 2.


Level 2 Service Offering

Opening Hours
Fort Regent

Activities will be available at specific time slots on a pre-booked basis only between:
9:00am and 6:30pm Mondays
6:15am to 8:15pm Tuesday to Thursdays
6:15am to 12:30pm Fridays
09:00am to 1:30pm Saturday and Sunday

Opening Hours
Les Quennevais

Activities will be available at specific time slots between:
7.15am and 6.30pm Monday to Friday
7.30 - 2pm  Saturday and Sunday

Opening Hours

Activities will be available at specific time slots between:
8:30am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday
Closed at the weekends


  • Active Activities will be free to Active Members in June and will be reviewed before July. (Members will receive 7 days notice of any change to pricing)
  • Non-Members can pay and play by telephone booking only
  • Room Bookings and Hall Hire - standard rates apply, all bookings are subject to satisfactory risk assessments for the activity, taking account of Public Health and Sports Governing Body guidance as appropriate.


  • Active Membership freezes will be removed to enable Members to book their sessions using the Active App.
  • If you haven't advised us already, vulnerable and severely vulnerable Members may extend their Freeze option free of charge by using the online form available here: /forms/freeze-your-active-card

Active Gym
(Fort Regent Only)

1 hour Sessions Available from 13th June.

  • Available to book using the Active App or over the telephone
  • Lower intensity work outs only permitted. So we can protect our staff and other customers, those that disregard the guidance will be asked to leave facility.
  • 2 metre social distancing to apply in addition to enhanced hygiene practices
  • Only 35 customers per session
  • Changing rooms and lockers not available, all customers to come dressed ready for their session and to shower at home.
  • Enhanced cleaning programs will be in place and customers will be asked to support that program by cleaning down equipment after use.

Indoor Group Fitness Classes

Classes available from 12th June.

  • Available to book using the Active App or over the telephone
  • Lower intensity classes only
  • Some classes may be delivered in the Sports Halls
  • 2 metre social distancing to apply in addition to enhanced hygiene practices
  • Changing rooms and lockers not available, all customers to come dressed ready for their class and to shower at home.
  • Timetables are available on and are subject to change.


  • Not available at this stage

Outdoor Classes
(Les Quennevais)

  • Available to book using the Active App or over the telephone
  • High Intensity type classes 
  • 2 metre social distancing to apply in addition to enhanced hygiene practices
  • Changing rooms and lockers not available, all customers to come dressed ready for their class and to shower at home.

Squash Courts

  • Not available at this stage

Badminton/Short Tennis (including Community Badminton at Springfield)

  • Available to book using the App or over the telephone
  • 2 metre social distancing to apply in addition to enhanced hygiene precautions
  • Available for singles games only

Tennis (Outdoor at Les Quennevais only)

  • Available to book using the App or over the telephone
  • 2 metre social distancing to apply in addition to enhanced hygiene precautions
  • Available for singles games only

Indoor Team Sports

  • Not available at this stage (see block bookings)

Sauna and Steam

  • Closed at this stage

Small Pool
(Les Quennevais)

  • This is currently closed due to structural repairs in the small pool. Works are expected to be completed in mid-August

Main Pool
(Les Quennevais)

40 minute Sessions Available from 12th June.

  • The main pool will be available for lane swimming only. 
  • The pool will be split into 4 'double' lanes for extra slow, slow, medium and fast swimmers. There will be a maximum of 6 swimmers per lane. 
  • Showers and changing facilities will not be available at this stage. Swimmers are requested to come beach ready, leaving outer clothing and towels on the benches - no lockers will be available. 
  • Sessions will be for 40 minutes with a 20 minute break.

Changing Rooms

  • All changing rooms will remain closed 
  • All customers to come dressed ready for their class and to shower at home, leaving personal belongings in their cars or at home as far as possible.

Water Fountains

  • Water fountains will be closed - please remember to bring your water bottles


  • Fort Regent Café will be open for basic service. (times to be confirmed)
  • Les Quennevais have new café proprietors as soon as they are ready to open they will.
  • Springfield Café will be Open

(Les Quennevais)

  • Not available at this stage

Fort Regent Playzone

  • Not available at this stage

Block Bookings 

  • All Block Bookings will be subject to a risk assessment. Hirers must produce a risk assessment and demonstrate how they will manage, 2m physical distancing and hygiene for their activities.


We will keep members updated as programmes develop through the safe exit framework. Stay updated at or follow us at

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Outdoor Distanced Fitness Classes - Georgia

Active -Outdoor -Distance -Fitness -Georgia2

Join Active's Georgia Grant for an outdoor distanced fitness class 'Body Weight HIIT Workout' at Les Quennevais. Georgia will be running the classes from 10am and 11am on Friday morning.

Call 449880 to book and pay for your space! (only 5 spaces per class).

"I'm so looking forward to welcoming some of you back to class this Friday!

Join me for a body weight HIIT workout, followed by a 10 minute core finisher.

HIIT is a form of interval training, working for short bursts of intense exercise with small recovery periods. A tough and effective workout increasing your heart rate and working every part of your body.

HIIT is proven to help improve fitness, boost heart health and burn more fat."

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Outdoor Distanced Fitness Classes

Active -Outdoor -Distanced -Classes

We are pleased to announce that Group Fitness instructors are now offering some outdoor distanced fitness classes (maximum 5 people) using the red 5-a-side court on the playing fields at Les Quennevais Sports Centre. These classes are being organised by the instructors and bookings and payment should be made direct to them. Next week the following instructors will be offering classes:

Caroline Nicolle will be delivering a Body Sculpt, Strength and Stretch class next Wednesday at 10.30am.
To book please email:-

Vicky Barratt will be delivering a 45 minute Pilates class on Tuesday 19th May at 1.30pm and each Thursday at 9.30am, starting on the 21st May.
Please contact Vicky direct to book and pay for your class by email to

Due to social distancing there will only be 5 participants in a class so booking promptly is essential. Please note the classes may be subject to change as they are weather dependant. More classes to follow, so watch this space!

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Les Mills Classes on Demand

Les Mills On Demand _Blog

We know that staying fit and active is our best way to build a strong immune system and stay healthy. Not only that, regular physical activity is proven to combat stress and provide mental health benefits.

To help you stay active when it's not possible to visit the club, we've teamed up with Les Mills to give you online workouts as part of your membership. You can now enjoy access to LES MILLS™ On Demand for 60 days. Simply click below to get started.


When you sign up you'll be asked to enter your payment details, but you won't be charged for the 60-day trial. If you want to continue beyond that, you'll automatically become a paying subscriber at this special rate we've negotiated with Les Mills.
Please note this trial is valid for new subscribers only.

IMPORTANT ! During these unprecedented circumstances, our focus on respecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal data remains as strong as ever. Active will not share your personal data with LES MILLS, nor they with us, however we have no control over sites that are outside our own domain, so please read the terms and conditions for the App carefully before signing up and providing them with your information.
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New ‘live streamed’ classes instructed by Kate Denny Mallen!

Active -Fit -4-The -Fight -Facebook -KDM-3

LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT - an awesome energetic cardio and toning class. Inspired by martial arts it draws from a wide array of disciplines such as Karate, Boxing, Taekwondo, Tai Chi and Muay Thai - NO EQUIPMENT REQUIRED just a mat or similar for some floor work.

LES MILLS GRIT Strength - a 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, designed to improve strength and build lean muscle. This workout uses barbell, plates or hand weights & body weight exercises to blast all major muscle groups - BARBELL AND PLATES/DUMBELLS REQUIRED and a mat or similar for some floor work.

Book your place, join Kate and enjoy a real group fitness vibe in the safety of your own home! To select and pay for your class you'll need to sign up to the Mycoach by Fibodo app available in IOS and Android. To stream the class in small groups you'll also need the Zoom App.

Search in the Fit 4 the Fight link here to select the class suitable for you

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Lucy and Henrietta are getting #Fit4theFight

28108 - Fit 4 The Fight Campaign | Instructors

Lucy Kerr and Henrietta Brice-Smith are getting #Fit4theFight and will be live streaming their Fitness Pilates and Dynamic Yoga classes from home, starting this week!
To book go to  for Lucy, and
Alternatively, search for them in the MyCoach App or select the links in our Fit4theFight page at  /class-timetables/know-your-class
Look out for more of your favourite classes and instructors who will be adding to the online timetable over the coming days and weeks.
Keep #ActiveJersey 
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Fit 4 The Fight - Live Streamed Classes

Fiona -+-Lisa ---Active -Fit -4-The -Fight -Facebook -Posts5

Lisa Troy and Fiona De Miguel are getting #Fit4theFight and will be live streaming their popular Ambient Stretch; Total Tone and Fitness Pilates classes from home, starting next week.

To book go to for Lisa,

and for Fiona go to

Alternatively, search for them in the Mycoach by Fibodo app available in IOS and Android. 


Lisa and Fiona are looking forward to reconnecting with you!

More Active instructors will be joining up over the coming days and weeks, so we'll keep you posted but in the meantime we hope you are all keeping well and staying #Active Jersey.


View Know Your Class  for Class Explantations

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All _Centres _Now _Closed

To help reduce the spread of coronavirus and further to last week's announcement by the Government of Jersey advising Islanders of all ages to immediately follow the principles of social distancing, we have taken the decision to close our Sports Centres. This move will support the delay of flattening the curve of infection which is now crucial in order to preserve the good running of our health services.

During the time our Active Centres are closed we will be automatically freezing all memberships, with no fee to pay until these facilities re-open; this includes the Active Swim School.  We will automatically reinstate memberships and subscriptions when Active Sports Centre's re-open.  There is no need for you to do anything - we will take care of all the administration of this. Your membership will be reinstated when we re-open or (if later) when your current freeze period ends.

Although these facilities will be closed, the Active App and social media channels will be full of health advice and workouts that you can do at home or out and on our beautiful island.  We encourage all of our members to stay fit and healthy during these uncertain times.  Our outside spaces and playing fields will all remain open and can all be enjoyed.

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ACTIVE NOTICE - Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

The Sport Division Team would encourage our facility users to stay abreast of current guidance and assess the risks to themselves and others when making decisions regarding participation in activities.

Some services may be subject to change or cancellation at short notice due to availability of staff or because of changing Government advice on coronavirus, which is frequently reviewed and is at

Written by Active Management at 10:00

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  • Monday 0930 Power Pilates - will now be known as Stott Pilates and the instructor will be Sonja Assiter

  • Monday 0945 Aqua Aerobics - will now be taken by Sheila Mounter

  • Monday 1030 Pilates - will now be known as Stott Pilates and the instructor will be Aly Belle

  • Monday 1145 Pilates - will now be taken by Fiona de Miguel

  • Monday 1800 Spinning - will now be at 1730

  • Monday 1900 Spinning - will now be at 1830 and the instructor will be Vicky Barratt

  • Tuesday 0930 Yogalates - will now be Pilates and instructed by Lucy

  • Tuesday 1030 - 1115 there will be a new Basic Pilates class in the Studio taken by Aly Belle 

  • Thursday 1130 Latin Dance Rhythms - will now start at 1330

  • Thursday 1800 Hatha Yoga - will now be taken by Aly Belle

  • Thursday 1815 Spinning - will now start at 1800 and the instructor will be Sheila Bond

  • Friday 0830 Spinning - will now be instructed by the LQ Team

  • Friday 1300 Aqua Mobility - will now take place between 1200 - 1245 and will be instructed by Sheila Mounter

  • Sunday 0930 - 1030 there will be a new HIIT class with LQ Team in the Sports Hall

  • Sunday Iyengar Yoga will now start at 0830 and finish at 0945 from 3 February

  • Monday 1830 Indoor cycling with Vicky will change to a start time of 1825 from Monday 10 February


  • Monday 17:30 Tabatta HIIT classes have been cancelled - There will now be a BoxFit class at 17:45-18:45 - in the Gym Boxing Area - various instructors

  • Tuesday The BoxFit classes at 17:45 have now been cancelled 

  • Wednesday 17:30 Tabatta HIIT classes have now been cancelled -  There will now be a BoxFit class at 17:45-18:45 - in the Gym Boxing Area- various instructors

  • Thursday 17:45 BoxFit casses have been cancelled - There will now be  Circuits on West Ramparts  18:00 to 19:00 - various instructors

  • Thursday 19:00 Zumba Toning - will now be instructed by Leila McCreery

  • Friday 17:45 Dynamic Yoga classes have now been cancelled

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Centre - Christmas Opening Times

FORT REGENT- Christmas Opening Times

Christmas Eve - Active Gym Closed, the Centre and Ice Rink will be open 9am to 4pm.

Christmas Day and Boxing day - CLOSED

New Year's Eve - 6.15am to 6pm.

New Year's Day - CLOSED

Active Group Fitness Timetable will be suspended
21st December to the 3rd January (inclusive)

SPRINGFIELD - Christmas Opening Times

24th December to the 1st January (inclusive) - CLOSED

Les Quennevais - Christmas Opening Times

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day - CLOSED

New Year's Eve - CLOSES at 5pm

New Year's Day - CLOSED

There will be some adjustments to our fitness class timetable with some 
instructors electing to enjoy a well-earned rest. 

The crèche Closed
Friday 20th December 2019 - New Years Day

The crèche Open for little ones with Aileen, Jo and the team
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9.30am - 11.30am


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Les Quennevais - December Class Timetable

LQ Christmas Timetable

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Les Quennevais- Studio Re-Opens

Following the roof leak, repairs to the fabric of the building have been completed and redecoration in the upstairs studio undertaken. This included painting, replacement ceiling tiles and new Gerfloor flooring. New static lights were installed but for those wanting a softer glow there are coloured lights.

Dance Studio

Spinning Studio

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Yes, the Ice Rink is back for 2019 - Fort Regent along with 'Very Nice Ice' are delighted to announce that the rink will be open from Friday 6 December to Sunday 5 January.

27832-Nice -Ice -Skating -Festive -Fort -Ad -2019-Facebook


"Fort Regent are pleased to welcome the Very Nice Ice rink to our calendar of events to see us celebrate the festive season this December! Very Nice Ice have operated ice rinks and staged similar events across a number of major UK towns and cities, including Edinburgh and Manchester and are looking forward to meeting their new customers in Jersey!

More information and tickets will be available at from Friday, 15 November"

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NEW! Ballet Fitness classes at Fort Regent with Chloe


Designed for all levels of fitness, Ballet Fitness is a full body workout which aims to tone muscles and improve flexibility.

Using the fundamentals of Ballet and Pilates to lengthen, strengthen and stretch your body whilst working on posture and alignment. Ballet Fitness is a high intensity yet low impact workout suitable and adaptable for everybody, men are welcome too!

Find out more details and FAQ's by clicking on this link. You will find Ballet Fitness under the Body Toning Category.

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Shower Block Update

Dear Customers

We're pleased to confirm that the work undertaken by our landlord, Jersey Property Holdings, to replace the pipework in the shower block has now been completed and we're very close to reopening these areas for use.

Due to the intrusive nature of the repairs, we have some minor decorative works to complete before we will be ready to reopen the shower areas. We're sorry it's taking slightly longer than anticipated, but we are still aiming to have all works completed and to be open again by the end of the month.

Thank you for your patience and loyalty whilst these essential works have been completed.

Fort Regent Management

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Centre Notice Graphic (Active)

Active Club Rules can be viewed online at ACTIVE CLUB RULES

Dear customers and members,
Parking orders exist at sports centre sites requiring vehicle owners to park appropriately in order to avoid a fine/charge.   This is done in the best interests of those wishing to legitimately use a sports centre and be able to park easily.

  • Active car parks may only be used by members, guests, and visitors using the premises.
  • Vehicles must not be left in our car parks at any other time (for example, while you go shopping elsewhere).
  • Vehicles must be parked properly within the marked parking spaces.
  • Vehicles left on site or not parked within the dedicated spaces will be subject to a fine.

This is a short stay carpark. You can stay up to three hours.  Short stay car parks are charged at one unit per hour between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday.  You can use pay cards or the new PayByPhone app.

Active Members

  • Full Active members receive 2 hours free parking. A valid Active permit and a yellow parking disc, showing the time of arrival, must be displayed.
  • Members parking beyond the 2 hour limit are required to display a pay card for the remainder of their stay or risk receiving a fine.

Pay and Play customers

  • All Pay and Play customers are required to pay for parking as per the terms of short-term car parks in Jersey.


  • All customers are required to display a yellow parking disc, showing the time or arrival of risk receiving a fine. The maximum stay is 3 hours during weekdays and 8 hours at weekends.


  • All customers are required to display a yellow parking disc, showing the time of arrival or risk receiving a fine. The maximum stay is 3 hours.
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Fort Regent Skyline



Following the news release of 21 March 2019, about the risk assessment review in relation to the Fort Regent events programme, this communication explains a few things that have been going on in and around the centre in response.

You've cancelled some major events, why?
Recently, a number of tests have been carried out at the Fort, as part of a risk assessment review, which we have run in conjunction with our landlord (Jersey Property Holdings). Issues have come to light, that need to be addressed before we can continue with the event programme.

We continue to work with event organisers to help them relocate to alternative venues, however, some events may have to be cancelled as we cannot accommodate them in the short term until we have resolved some of the issues.

Is it safe?
The Fort continues to be a safe working environment, and on the whole its day-to-day operations can continue.

Will there be any events at Fort Regent anymore?
All of our events will be subject to revised risk assessments and subject to us being able to manage the risks, some events will still go ahead. These are likely to be smaller events for the time being at least as the recent risk assessment review has capped the number of people who can be in Fort Regent at any one time at 1,170.

Why has it suddenly changed?
The risk review was primarily triggered by concerns that, following the closure of parts of the Fort because of asbestos, a number of emergency exits were no longer easily usable. A complete review by a fire engineer has now discounted a number of escape routes, in line with the latest British standards, and this has led to the Fort's capacity being reduced. Risk assessors have concluded that safety measures must be improved in order for events to be held here, including reassessing the emergency lighting provision.

Is the new capacity enough for everyday sports and family activities?
It's a big place!We are well within that capacity during our daily operations when our sporting clubs and associations, tenants, gym users, children's play area etc are in full use.

Is this the end for Fort Regent?
No.We continue to work with the landlord to ensure the building is safe for operations and our day to day activities continue.

Why are G4S patrolling the building, is it safe?
G4S are here to supplement the Fort Regent operations team in the monitoring required to support the emergency procedures.

What action is Fort Regent taking to address the issues recently published?
Work is being conducted on the Fort's emergency lighting.  A team are on site installing upgrades to the emergency lighting solutions and are progressing well in this task. We are also carrying out reviews of the electrical installations in all of our open areas to ensure we continue to operate safely.

When will the Gym shower facilities be re-opened?
We are expecting the confirmed project timeline for reinstating the showers, toilets and sauna and steam rooms in the next few days from our landlords JPH.  Initial indications are that reintroduction date of these facilities could be July 2019.

We hope to be able to communicate the definite timeline shortly.


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LQ Changing Room

Changing Room Lockers
Active Sports Centre lockers require a 20p or £1.00 coin. Money is refunded after use.

  • Lockers are provided subject to availability. Active does not accept any liability in relation to locker thefts unless they result from our negligence. You should check that your household contents or other insurance policy protects you against any risk of theft.
  • Lockers are available for use while you are on the premises and may only be used for the purposes of keeping personal items such as gym kit, toiletries, clothing, etc. If we have reasonable grounds to suspect that lockers are being used inappropriately, the management reserves the right to open the lockers in question and remove any offending items. If you leave your belongings overnight in a locker we reserve the right to open the locker and remove your belongings.
  • Removed belongings will be available for collection from the centre's reception. If you do not collect your belongings within thirty days, your belongings may be donated to charity.
  • Where available, lockers and locker keys remain the property of Active and must not be taken from the premises at any time.

Fort Regent

  • All lockers operate with a 20p coin. 

Les Quennevais

  • Swimming pool changing room lockers operate with a £1 coin. 
  • All other changing room lockers require a 20p coin.


  • All lockers operate with a £1 coin.

View Active Club Rules at ACTIVE CLUB RULES

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At present no further update is available regarding the work in the gym changing rooms and free weights area. We continue to follow guidance given by Jersey Property Holdings and the HSI, taking every necessary precaution to protect our customers and staff.

As soon as we have received an update we will inform you of the latest news.

Ongoing reinvestment in the facilities at Fort Regent continues with the purchase of new gym equipment.

Did You Know? Header

Facts and Figures

Fort Regent continues to be open for business, and:

  • receives more than 7,500 visitiors in a typical week
  • more than 2,800 Active members continue to use our sports and fitness facilities each week
  • 29 clubs and commercial activity providers hire our facilities
  • 26 tenants operate their businesses safely

Benefitting the Community Header

Remember these good things about Fort Regent...

Active members benefit from 3 centres for the price of 1 (Fort Regent, Les Quennevais, and Springfield).

Our gym remains the biggest in Jersey with 150 pieces of equipment overseen by our team of qualified gym instructors.

The Playzone is now operated by Fort Regent and continues as before with the same friendly trained staff who also cater for children's parties. Please telephone 449863 if you wish to enquire or book a party.

Reinvestment in Facilities

Fort Regent continues to invest in its facilities:

●   2 x squash court floors were recently replaced at a cost of more than £10K.

●   The Gloucester Hall granwood sports floor was resurfaced in July 2018 at a cost of more than £22K.

●   JPH are currently in the process of replacing the sprinkler system.

New Squash Court Floors & New Sprinkler System

Ongoing Investment

New Equipment

The Fort's gym team have ordered various new pieces of gym kit. The delivery period is approximately 12 weeks. We anticipate receiving the equipment at the beginning of December, subject to shipping delays.

Octane AirdyneX Bike

●  2 x NEW Octane AirdyneX Bikes
The user is the motor for this machine, defining pace and resistance. The Airdynex accommodates all levels of fitness, from beginners to athletes. High Intensity Interval Training programs and custom routines allow exercisers to challenge themselves and increase their cardio vascular fitness.

More info at

Octane Max Trainer

●  2 x NEW Octane Max Trainers
In response to customer feedback we are pleased to be equipping Fort Regent gym with the new Max Trainer by Octane fitness.

A zero-impact cardio, HIIT machine that fuels powerful results in functional training and steady-state cardio workouts. The Max Trainer delivers ultra-efficient metabolic conditioning - along with the valuable after-burn of HIIT. Gruelling!

More info at

Nautilus Plus Evo Ab Crunch

●  NEW Nautilus Plus Evo Ab Crunch
The current ab crunch machine is a well-loved and well used piece of kit but is looking tired and ready for renewal.

Nautilus Evo® equipment adapts itself to the way the body moves instead of forcing users to adapt to the machine. This piece of kit has been designed to dynamically mirror the body's strength curve. Nautilus users get immediate, smooth resistance and proper muscle loading through the complete range of motion.

More info at

Free Weights Wall Header

This week metal chequer plate was installed in the new free weights areas to protect the walls. It looks great and will make the area more fit for its current purpose.

Changes to Wi-Fi Service

Our Wi-Fi terms and conditions of use are changing.

New time limits are being introduced on our Wi-Fi service of 90 minutes for Active members and 60 minutes for the general public.  Active members will continue to enjoy an enhanced service and will be required to obtain a password from gym reception, register an email address, and agree the terms and conditions of use each day in order to use the service.

The public service will require customers to register an email address, and agree the terms and conditions of use each day in order to use the service.

The change will be introduced later this month.

Ice Skate Jersey at Festive Fort

Ice Skate Jersey and Festive Fort

'Get ready to get your skates on, Ice Skate Jersey and Festive Fort are coming'.

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Updated Le Quennevais Pool Information - April 2018

The Summer Pool timetable will soon be displayed on the notice board in main reception. Summer lane swimming timetable from April until August 2018


Main Pool

Monday - Thursday 7.00am - 8.00pm
Wednesday - Thursday (Adults only) 7.00am - 8.00pm
Friday 7.00am - 7.00pm
Saturday 9.00am - 3.00pm
Saturday (Pool fun time) 3.00pm - 4.45pm
Sunday 9.00am - 6.00pm

Lane Swimming Only

Monday - Tuesday 7.00am - 8.00pm
Wednesday - Friday 7.00am - 7.00pm
Saturday 9.00am - 3.00pm
Sunday 9.00am - 6.00pm

Small Pool

Monday - Thursday 9.00am - 8.00pm
Wednesday - Thursday (Adults only) 7.00pm - 8.00pm
Friday 9.00am - 7.00pm
Saturday 9.00am - 5.00pm
Saturday (Pool fun time) 3.00pm - 4.45pm

9.00am - 6.00pm



  • Saturday 7 April to Monday 9 April 2018 and Wednesday 11 April to Friday 13 April 2018 , Pool Lifeguard Course (pool lanes and small pool used at various times)

  • Sunday 22 April, 9am - 10.30, three lanes will be taken by the Jersey Tri-Club

  • Sunday 6 May, Triathlon Club have 4 lanes booked from 9am until 11am

  • Additional pool bookings for children's holiday activities (Jersey Sport) during the school half term

  • Saturday 9 June, 4 lanes booked from 1pm until 4pm for the Kid's Triathlon (NO POOL FUNTIME IN THE MAIN POOL)

  • Saturday 7 July, Graded Sprint Meet organised by Jersey Swimming Club (Both pools closed)

  • Monday 23 July to Friday 27 July, Pool Lifeguard Course (pool lanes and small pool used at various times)

  • The small pool is closed during school term time for swimming lessons Monday - Friday 4.00pm - 6.00pm, except Wednesday where the pool is closed 4.00pm - 5.00pm.
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App records broken!

 We know you like the Active App - our App statistics confirm it.

Twice as many hits were recorded in January 2018 (33,900) as compared to January 2017 (16,700) and total downloads are now 7,000 compared to 2,500 in January 2017.

Last year we added two new features to make bookings easier for you.

My bookings - one place where you can view and cancel your class bookings for all 3 Active Centres. Events solution (Fort Regent) - Eventbrite was added to improve the customer booking experience. This system also enables paperless tickets on your Smart device (better for you, more efficient for us and better for the environment). Don't forget to swipe to confirm attendance and cancel if you can't make a class! When you arrive at a sports centre it's important that you swipe your card to confirm attendance. If you don't, your membership privileges may be restricted. Cancelling classes is easy on the app, so please don't forget to do it. Customers cancelling within one hour of start time will receive a dishonour notification on their membership profile. We reserve the right to withdraw this member benefit to prolific offenders in response to the rising number of complaints we are receiving from our members.

Book your class using the Active Jersey App. You can download instructions here ACTIVE APP Don't have a smartphone? Book and manage your classes using a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Simply visit the Active Online BOOKING PAGEand sign in by entering your email address and PIN (members only). To obtain your PIN, contact a member of our staff: Fort Regent 449600 Les Quennevais 449880 Springfield 449615 Active office 449888 Mon - Wed 10am - 7pm Thurs - Fri 10am - 5pm Sat 9am - 1pm

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Active Centre Christmas Opening & Closing Times

The Active and Sport Division staff and management wish all our customers the very best season's greetings and look forward to welcoming customers into Active Centres in 2018.


Springfield Stadium and Sports Centre will be closed from Sunday 24th December 2017 until 6.30am Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

Sunday 24th December, Christmas Eve 
Les Quennevais and Springfield closed. 

Fort Regent open 8.15am until 6pm for Festive Fort activities and Ice Rink. Gym closed.

Monday 25th December, Christmas Day
All Centres closed. Ice rink closed.

Tuesday 26th December, Boxing Day
All Centres closed. Ice Rink open 2pm to 6pm.

Wednesday 27th December 2017 until Saturday 30th December 2017
Fort Regent and Les Quennevais open usual operating hours.

Sunday 31st December 2017, New Year's Eve
Les Quennevais open normal opening times but closes early at 5pm. 

Fort Regent opens at 8.15am (including gym and racquet sports) but will close at 12pm and reopen at 12.30pm for Festive Fort Activities only. The ice rink remains open throughout and will close at 6pm. Fort Regent will close also at 6pm.

Monday 1st January 2018, New Year's Day 
All centres closed.  Ice Rink open 2pm to 6pm.

Les Quennevais will present a reduced festive class programme between Christmas and New Year. You can book this in the usual way using the Active App. overview of available classes please click on the following link  



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Active Fitness Class Programme at Christmas & New Year

The class programme will wind down for Christmas on 22/23 December. Some festive classes will be offered. See below or check gym and notices for individual instructor finish dates.  The programme will re-start in earnest on Tuesday 3 January 2017.

Fort Regent

The centre's class programme will finish on Thursday 22nd December, some instructors may be winding down their classes during this week.

Between Christmas and New Year the following classes will take place:

·         Wednesday 28th December 6.45am Circuits
·         Wednesday 28th December 6.00pm Spinning
·         Thursday 29th December 6.00pm Spinning
·         Friday 30th December 6.45am BODYPUMP Express
·         Friday 30th December 5.30pm Spinning
·         Saturday 31st December 10.00am Circuits

Les Quennevais

The centre's class programme will finish on Friday 23rd December, some instructors may be winding down their classes during this week.

Between Christmas and New Year the following classes will take place:
·         Wednesday 28th December 9.30am Spinning with Sue
·         Thursday 29th December 6pm Spinning with Sue
·         Friday 30th December 8.30am Pilates with Vicky
·         Friday 9.30am Spinning with Vicky


 A skeleton class programme will be available at Springfield in the run up to the 23rd December. Details will be available at centre reception and on the Active app.

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Sports Centre & Active Office Opening & Closing Times


Fort Regent:
Closed from 9.15pm Friday 23 December until 9.00am Tuesday 27 December.

Tues 27 December: open Bank Holiday hours from 9.00am - 5.00pm.
Weds 28, Thur 29 and Fri 30 December 6:15am - 9:15pm.
Sat 31 December 8:15am - 5:00pm.
Sunday 1 January 2017 closed.
Mon 2 January 2017: open Bank Holiday hours from 9.00am - 5.00pm.

Les Quennevais:
Closed from 7.30pm Friday 23 December until 9.00am Tuesday 27 December.

Tues 27 December: open Bank Holiday hours from 9.00am - 5.00pm.
Weds 28 and Thur 29 December 7:00am - 9:00pm*.
Fri 30 December 7:00am - 7:30pm*.
Sat 31 December 8:30am - 5:00pm*.
Sunday 1 January 2017 closed.
Mon 2 January 2017: open Bank Holiday hours from 9.00am - 5.00pm.
* Please check website or centre for swimming pool opening/closing times

Closed from 9.30pm Friday 23 December until 6.30am Tuesday 3 January 2017.

Active Office:
Closed 5.00 pm Fri 23 December until 10am Weds 28 December. Closed 1.00pm Sat 31 December until 10.00am Tues 3 January 2017.

Active Fitness Class Programme at Christmas & New Year:
The class programme will wind down for Christmas on 22/23 December. Some festive classes will be offered. Click HERE for a full list or check gym and notices for individual instructor finish dates.  The programme will re-start in earnest on Tues 3 January 2017.

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Les Quennevais Sports Centre achieves ‘excellent’ status in National sports facility inspection

25102-Active -Monthly -EDM-November -2016-LQ

Quest is the UK Quality Scheme for Sport and Leisure and is a process of continuous improvement, designed primarily for the management of leisure facilities and leisure development. Quest defines industry standards and good practice and encourages their ongoing development and delivery within a customer focused management framework.

In past assessments Les Quennevais has achieved 'good' status but on this occasion it has achieved 'excellent.' Since the last review in 2014, refurbishments to the facilities have taken place with the support of Jersey Property Holdings and also with budget secured through the 'Fit for the Future' Strategy. This investment and the hard work of the staff to make improvements in management and operation have led to this higher award.

Responding to the result on behalf of the centre team, manager Rachel Sawyer said,

"I am delighted by this award which comes about as the result of the hard work of all staff at Les Quennevais for which I am very grateful. We work as a team to provide the very best facility and service for the benefit of all our customers and this result gives us confidence that we are achieving our aims."

Connetable Steve Pallett, Assistant Minister for EDTSC, said,

"I would like to congratulate Rachel and all of the staff at Les Quennevais on this excellent achievement. As a regular user of the centre I see first-hand the quality of service that they provide and I know that the award is well deserved and demonstrates that the staff in our centres are doing an excellent job. It also highlights the importance of investment into our sporting facilities which are used by many in the community to stay active. I am aware that an action plan for further improvements has been provided and I look forward to supporting the staff to continue improving wherever possible."

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50% Discount with Zambon Fitness

Zambon -banner -2016

Zambon Fitness is offering new Active customers 50% discount on a 1 hour Personal Training session with Harry, Korianne or Pedro.  

For more information visit:


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Why your child should learn to swim

Your -Active -Why -Learn -To -Swim

Reasons why your child should learn to swim are many and varied. You need to give your child the chance to learn to swim.

The most important reason is that swimming is the only sport which can save your child's life.

Heard of Swim Safe? Swim Safe is a free programme of outdoor swimming and water safety lessons for 7-14 year olds held every summer across England and here in Jersey.

Drowning is still one of the most common causes of accidental death in children, so being able to swim is an essential life-saving skill.

Other reasons why your child should learn to swim

Swimming is lots of fun for people of all ages and children especially love getting in the water and enjoying themselves.

But it is not just fun, swimming also provides loads of health benefits which can help to keep your children healthy and happy at the same time:

Swimming keeps your child's heart and lungs healthy, improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina and even improves balance and posture

Another great thing about swimming is that children of any age or ability can take part and it is more accessible for children with additional needs than almost any other sport.

Swimming provides challenges and rewards accomplishments, which helps children to become self-confident and believe in their abilities

Your child will have plenty of opportunities to make friends and grow in confidence

But health, fun, and confidence are not the only reasons why your child should learn to swim. Learning to swim also opens up the door to a range of other activities.


A few sports your child can only do if they can swim



Scuba diving





Learning to swim is a skill that once learnt is rarely forgotten and it is open to people of all ages. There are even swimming events for people over 100, and a few Masters Swimmers who are still swimming past this age.

Remember, you can't always be there. Learning to swim may save their life one day


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Active Jersey - New Sport and Fitness App

Active App - Your Active

Active sports centres have launched a new app called Active Jersey, compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (iOS 7.0.0 or later) and Android devices and is free to download now!

Users can view up-to-date fitness classes, swimming pool timetables, centre information, opening hours, news, events and social media, and receive push notifications on the go.

For Active members, the app is particularly beneficial allowing quick and easy access to book fitness classes at Fort Regent, Les Quennevais and Springfield. Members can also add themselves to waiting lists, cancel a class, view classes in their calendars and share with friends and family. With over 120 fitness classes a week on offer, it's a benefit that will cut queues at reception, particularly for those who rush to get to sports centres after work in time for a class.

Developed by Gladstone Leisure, the app is already offered by a range of clubs in the UK and Europe.

To download the app, visit your app store and search for Active Jersey (iPad users need to search for iPhone apps, android users search Google Play Store). On downloading the app, you will be able to add each Active centre, known as a 'Club', by selecting Clubs and then +. Then search for 'Active'



Access up to date Active centre classes, times, fitness instructors, class description, duration and cost.



Check availability, make, amend or cancel a booking. You can also add bookings to your calendar.



Check Les Quennevais pool's open times.


Active sports centre opening times, facilities, clubs and associations.


Instant notifications, centre news and events direct to your phone.

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Tom Le Sueur - White Collar Boxing


Fort Regent's Events Officer, Tom Le Sueur took part in the Charity White Collar Boxing on Saturday 8th October! Not only that, Tom was selected to compete in Jersey's first ever White Collar Prize Fighter style contest! BoxinBusiness (a boxing club based at Fort Regent) helped Tom prepare for fight night, putting him through an incredible 10 weeks of grueling training, sparring and conditioning.

Tom was raising money for a charity very close to his heart, Clic Sargent, who help children with Cancer.  Tom's younger sister Georgia was diagnosed with Hodgekins Lymphoma in 2014 at the young age of 18 years old.  Clic Sargent were so helpful to Tom's sister and his family and she has now been given the all clear. Tom was proud that Georgia was able to attend the event and watch him fight in the ring to raise money for this very worthy cause.

Tom explained that the training and mental preparation was very hard at times, but was worthwhile as he raised a fantastic £1200 for charity.  Having witnessed first-hand the support Clic Sargent Jersey offered to his sister was all the motivation he needed to step into the ring.  

Tom thanks everyone who supported him on his journey and who made donations including the BoxinBusiness team who helped coach and guide him in the lead up to the event.  

Everyone in the Sport Division was behind Tom all the way and congratulate him for taking part. 

To read more about Tom's story and the work of Clic Sargent Jersey, please click on the link to Tom's just giving page. 


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Circuits with a difference!

circuits autumn 2016

Training with a difference… for an intensive workout. 

Start now. And get in shape for the Christmas party season.

12 week course for only £78

Do you want core training with a difference whilst being fun...? YES  ... Then this is for you. Learn to use equipment such as suspension trainers, kettlebells, rip trainers, ViPR and battle rope.

Starts Wednesday 21st September and runs for 12 consecutive Wednesday (until 7
th December).

6-7pm at Fort Regent
Class limited to 20 people so book yourself a place before they fill up.

Contact Steve on 07700 368000 

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Historic Gymnastic Celebration for Regent Gym

24880-Active -Monthly -EDM-FORTREGENT

Everyone is celebrating the incredible accomplishment of the British Team in the recent Olympics, winning a staggering 67 medals and within that the phenomenal achievement of the British Gymnastics team who won seven medals - 3 Bronze, 2 Silver and 2 Gold.  Cheering on the gymnasts was Regent Gym Club who have something of their own to celebrate this year with their 35th Anniversary.  I spoke with Julia Falle, owner and head coach, about the club's history, future plans and competing in today's arena.

Very exciting stuff at the Olympics - were you gripped?
Yes, definitely, it's fantastic to see British Gymnasts doing so well in the games.

And you have your own celebration coming up - tell me about the history of the club.
The club was started in 1981 by my dad, Arthur Falle and Ann Mourant.  They started the club because my sister, Mel, was involved in Gymnastics at another club on the island, which was very popular, and they could see there was an opportunity to start another club so more youngster could get involved. In the beginning the club was very small and only ran on a Tuesday and Saturday and had about 50 children to begin with.  Dad eventually ran the club with me and myself supporting by last year I took over the reins, although Dad is still there in the background.

Is it very different from now?
Yes, very.  We now run six days a week and have approximately 500!  We are entering more competitions than ever and hosting our own - it's extremely busy.

Why do you think the club has been so successful?
With Fort Regent being centrally located we are easy to get to and we also have a permanent base - that's really important.  We have always been a very ambitious club and we encourage all our gymnastics to reach their full potential with visits to the UK and further afield and also by inviting other gymnastic clubs here so we can all learn from each other.  We affiliated with Hampshire County which means we can compete in the Southern Region and from there into the Nationals and onwards.

But it's not all about winning medals, although that's great, it's also important to recognise that some children take part in gymnastics for fun, it's good for co-ordination, discipline, team work and fitness.  We run a show every Christmas, which all of the children participate in, and get to show off their skills - it's a wonderful event.

The club has a brilliant network of parent supporters whose contribution cannot be underestimated - their help is crucial to keeping the club running - we really couldn't do it without them.

I think another one of our pluses is we are always striving to improve. Gymnastics has definitely become more technical and the difficulty of skills required has increased dramatically, it's much more demanding.  Gymnasts have to be powerful, strong and flexible.  We offer specialist classes in strength and conditioning as well as trampolining, to improve all the abilities and confidence needed from tomorrow's gymnasts.

This year we also partnered with Sports Development to offer school holiday workshops - it's an excellent opportunity for those new to the sport and those with experience to learn new skills, meet other gymnasts and generally have fun.

I understand Regent Gymnastics has a dedicated Special Needs class, how did that come about?

We started the class about 18 months ago because we really wanted to give children who may not be able to participate in a mainstream class an opportunity to try it and just enjoy it with no pressure.  It has been one of my most rewarding experiences; you can see the children growing in confidence, learning the equipment and making progress.  It is open to any age, but mainly the children who come are aged from 5 to 12, and it's every Saturday from 2:30pm to 4:00pm.  I'd really encourage parents to pop along.

What would you say have been the challenges along the way?

Equipment!  Having somewhere to put it and the cost - we cover costs mainly from the club fees but we occasionally run fundraisers so we can ensure that our equipment is properly maintained and that our 20 coaches are professionally trained and continuing with their career development.

Of course once teenagers get to 15/16 we face another challenge, not only with the growing independence, but the need for them to spend more time studying for GSCEs and further education; it's a challenge for them to find the time because once you get to that stage training is 2-3 times a week plus the off island competitions to progress in the rankings.

How about the highlights?
So many it's difficult to narrow it down….

We did really well at the Island Games with all of the Gymnasts from Regent Gym winning a medal - that was an outstanding achievement.   Regent Gymnastics was the first gymnastics club to be awarded the Jersey Clubmark, which is an award scheme recognising high standards in sports clubs - we were very proud of that and our coaches were recently recognised in the UK.

Coming up we have one young lady, whose name I will keep quiet for now, who is close to qualifying for the Commonwealth Games - we all very excited so watch this space!


Regent Gym Club runs six days a week at Fort Regent from ages 5 upwards.  To find out more about the club, including how to register your child, visit the webpage

Little Monkey's, Regent's sister club, offers gymnastics from walking to age 6 -

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New vehicle parking signage and regulations.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 At 09.58.33

Les Quennevais Sports Centre has recently received new vehicle parking signage. Customers are required to continue to display time of arrival. The maximum stay period has changed to:

3 hours within 24 hours Monday to Friday and, 
8 hours within 24 hours Saturday and Sunday

This is not to penalise the enjoyment of our customers but to enable the Centre to free up spaces taken by those persons using the carpark and heading to work or on holiday.

Les Quennevais School has kindly offered use of the school car park for parkrun overflow parking on Saturday mornings.

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Instructor Focus: Henrietta Brice-Smith

24731-Active -EDM-August -2016-INSTRUCTOR

Henrietta teaches with warmth and sensitivity and believes that yoga posture practice should be about what you can feel in your body and not about what you can do. Her classes are friendly and fun. She is particularly helpful in caring for those with ailments and conditions.

Dynamic yoga, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. Practical Therapy

Dynamic yoga uses soft rhythmic movements synchronised with the breath to fully harness the mobility of the body to awaken and energise it and teaches you to release tension to "soften" completely in any yoga posture while still maintaining the necessary muscular effort to maintain flow, good posture and good alignment. Muscles are toned, joints are mobilized, heat is generated and the cardiovascular system is challenged.

This method of yoga practice can be applied to any of the more challenging yoga poses. Beginners and experienced students can practice dynamic yoga side by side. The core techniques of dynamic yoga can be applied to all popular styles of yoga.

Dynamic Yoga Certification, BWY Certification, Dynamic Yoga Certification, TFH Kinesiology and Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology. Massage therapist, traditional Thai Yoga massage and Cranio Sacral Therapy Level 1, Pre and Post Natal yoga.

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Instructor Focus: Lucy Kerr

24731-Active -EDM-August -2016-Lucy -Kerr

From 27th July, Lucy will be starting a Strength & Sculpt class on Wednesdays and Fridays at 9.30am in the Dance Studio at Les Quennevais Sports Centre.

This class will give you a full body workout. Beginning with an aerobic warm up, followed by full body toning exercises, and finishing with a cool down and stretch.

Lucy Kerr will also be offering Personal Training sessions in the Gym at Les Quennevais Sports Centre from the 1st September. If you feel you need direction and tuition on how to reach your goals, give Lucy a call on
07797 761892 to arrange a free consultation and book your session. 



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Instructor Focus: Julie Stanier

24731-Active -EDM-August -2016-fort -regent

Julie has a passionate love of dance.  Having performed internationally both on land in Monte Carlo, Paris, Hong Kong, Miami, and London, and on the high seas for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Julie also performed with her own dance group at Jersey's famous cabaret spot Caesars Palace. As a choreographer Julie choreographed for the Benny Hill Shows for Thames TV as well as for various theatre and cabaret shows. She has created many sparkling routines for her own dance group, the Battle of Flowers, dance school productions, and competition work for young dancers.

Dance-based workouts, Jazz dance, Children's Wakeup Workouts, Zumba, and Strictly FitSteps.

Associate Teacher of Ballet, National Dance and Modern Dance .I.S.T.D. RSA Exercise to Music Qualification (YMCA), BAWLA Leaders Certificate, Reebok Step Instructor, Zin member and Qualified Zumba Instructor, Accredited FitSteps Instructor.

Teaching Experience
36 years teaching experience, Jazz Dance Teacher at Pineapple Studios in London, Fitness Teacher various centres in UK and Jersey, Dance teacher at Carousel School of Dancing.

Try one of Julie's classes at Fort Regent or Les Quennevais and be inspired by her "sparkle" and "'energy!"


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Screen -Shot -2016-08-01-at -14.44.49

The Jersey Triathlon is the most southerly triathlon of the British Isles and is one of the most exciting, challenging and picturesque courses in Britain. 

This year's event took place on Sunday 10th July with Laura Jacques, Hannah Jacques and Michael Donoghue competing as "Team Fort Regent." Barclay Harvey and Sam Horsfall also took part.

Michael participated in the triathlon last year. He had every intention of completing the full triathlon on his own in 2016 but couldn't face the prospect of having to swim again! Still wanting to participate in the event (it's such a great atmosphere), Michael put a team together to complete the relay and subsequently managed to draft in Laura and Hannah Jacques.

Being that Laura is an experienced swimmer she was nominated for the swim leg.  Hannah's preference was to cycle which left Michael to complete the running discipline.

The team completed the triathlon in 2 hours 43 mins.  All accomplished times for their respective disciplines which they were hoping to achieve. Laura completed the 1 mile swim in 29m 51s, Hannah the 40km cycle in 1h 25m and Michael completed the 10km run in 45m 36s.

Active spoke to Laura Jacques about her discipline:

Was it tougher than you thought it would be?

"For me the first 5 minutes of the swim was the toughest as it was very choppy with lots of people to contend with.  After that everyone spread out a bit and I found my pace.  I was even able to overtake a couple of people!"

What were the highlights for each of you and what were the down points?  

"When I finished the swim I was really spurred on by the cheering crowd, encouraging all of us to 'run' up the steps to get to the bikes!"

How long did it take you to recover?

"After passing our team tracker to Hannah for the cycle discipline I had a nice warm coffee and I was all recovered and ready to cheer on the other participants, the atmosphere was electric with a great sense of team spirit! I used to be involved in swimming when I was younger and have always loved the water so when the chance to swim as part of the team came up I was happy to volunteer."

Did you achieve your personal objectives?

I really just wanted to survive the swim and hopefully not be the last one out of the water, both of which I succeeded! It was a nice touch that I made it in under 30 mins too."

Will you be entering again next year? 

"Now that I've got the bug I'd love to. We'll see if we can get the team together again."

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Sport Development This Summer

24731-Active -EDM-July -2016-SPORTDEL

The States of Jersey Sports Development team are running a wide range of courses to suit all tastes this summer holiday. 

There is a wide range available including full day, half day and shorter sports courses and activities. The majority of courses and activities can be booked on to by the day or session to give maximum flexibility.

Examples include:

Full day:

  • Les Quennevais Adventure sport camp (involving watersports and adventure games in the St Ouen/ St Brelade area)
  • Springfield Super Sport Camp (involving a range of sport specific coaching sessions - from tag rugby to rounders!)

Please note: there is a St Helier pick up and drop off option available for the Les Quennevais camp.

Half day:

  • Langford Olympic and Summer Sport Morning (a half day camp inspired by Rio 2016!)
  • Jersey Cricket Board Cricket Summer school and Inter cricket festival
  • Olympic Table tennis morning
  • Langford Fun Activity morning (involving trampolining, wall climbing, swimming, team games and many more)
  • Scuba diving taster sessions

Shorter courses:

We also run a range of courses in conjunction with local clubs and associations in:

  • Racketball
  • Trampolining
  • Wall climbing
  • Cycle proficiency
  • Badminton
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics

For more information and how to book, visit:

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24731-Active -EDM-July -2016-clas -updates -spring

Wednesday at Springfield
10.40am - 11.40am Exercise Referral Pilates is changing to:

10:30 - 11:15
NEW Everyday Pilates

Blue Room
Fiona de Miguel
FREE to Active

For the 4th and 6th July, the rate for Non Ex Ref and Non-Active customers attending classes will be £4.50.

From 11th July onwards non-Active customers will have to pay the Active class rate of £7.35.

This class is suitable for participants who have completed the Exercise Referral programme, or for those returning to exercise. The class is performed at a slower pace focusing on balance, coordination, strength and posture, preparing one's body to move gracefully and efficiently in everyday life.


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Les Quennevais Class Updates July 2016

24731-Active -EDM-July -2016-lq -classes

Monday at Les Quennevais
11.45am - 12.45pm Exercise Referral Pilates is changing to:  

11:45 - 12:30
NEW Everyday Pilates

Dance Studio
Fiona de Miguel
FREE to Active

For the 4th and 6th July, the rate for Non Ex Ref and Non-Active customers attending classes will be £4.50.

From 11th July onwards non-Active customers will have to pay the Active class rate of £7.35.

This class is suitable for participants who have completed the Exercise Referral programme, or for those returning to exercise. The class is performed at a slower pace focusing on balance, coordination, strength and posture, preparing one's body to move gracefully and efficiently in everyday life.

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Fort Regent Class Updates July 2016

24731-Active -EDM-July -2016-CLASS-UPDATES

Claudia Morena introduces Zumba Toning on Thursday evenings from Thursday 7th July.  The class will take place in the Active Studio from 7 - 8pm.

Instructor Elisabetta Quaranta will teach Zumba on Tuesday evenings 6 - 6.45pm in the Active studio

Gary Holmes will instruct BODYATTACK on Wednesdays from 6-7pm

And on Thursday Gary will instruct BODYCOMBAT from 5.45-6.45pm

Instructor Itzel Burbidge will present BODYATTACK on Saturday mornings from 9- 10am

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Maxissfit Yoga leggings

Maxissfit -yoga

WIN - A pair of Maxissfit Yoga leggings (£52) and a 6 month Active membership (£256) worth a combined price of £308! - CLICK HERE 

Maxissfit - Yoga pants / Gym wear

Maxissfit is a boutique women's sportswear label that caters for the unique and active individual.

Inspired by nature and colour, Maxissfit is for vitality, creativity and positive living.
Maxissfit women's sportswear will ensure you standout in your fitness class, gym and on the street with style.

Maxissfit extend beyound Yoga, Dance and Fitness to your wardrobe, a perfect addition to any fashionista, look great in and out, so comfortable you won't want to take them off!
Made from superior Brazilian soft microfibre spandex blend that stretches to fit your unique body shape, hugs the body firmly and with its compression qualities will not show any cellulitis.

The winner can choose a pair of their choice from the Maxissfit collection retailing at £52.00 per pair.

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Which Class Is For Me?

Which Class Is For Me


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Pool Updates

24542-Active -June -2016-EDM-LQ

Saturday 4 June: The main pool (only) will be closed for the Water polo Interinsular between Guernsey and Jersey from 2.30pm until closing. The small pool and the Sauna and Steam will remain open. GO JERSEY!

Saturday 11 June 2016:  The Main Pool will be closed between 1pm and 4pm for the Jersey Kid's Triathlon. The cycle track and playing fields will also be in use. Please support the many youngsters trying out Triathlon for the first time.  To register check out 

August 2016: Christina Blampied will be delivering a Pool Lifeguard course at Les Quennevais Sports Centre at the end of August. For further information and to apply please contact Les Quennevais Reception on 449880

Club and Association News
Saturday 11 June:
 Jersey Hockey are holding a 24 hour Hockey event to raise funds to build a new clubhouse. The astro lights will be on during the hours of darkness.

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Class Time Table Updates

24524-Active -May -2016-EDM-Fort -Regent

On Thursdays during May and June BODYBALANCE Express will replace Yogalates. Classes will take place from 18:00 - 18:45 in the Cardio Cove with instructors Kate Denny Mallen and Laura Jacques rotating instruction on a weekly basis.

If you haven't tried BODYBALANCE before this express class will offer an opportunity to experience a shorter version of the full hour long class.

Your instructor will guide you through a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses to create a holistic workout that brings the body into a state of harmony and balance. BODYBALANCE will improve joint flexibility and range of motion. It will also increase your core strength, reduce your stress levels, and provide a lasting sense of well-being and calm.


24524-Active -May -2016-LQ

Jane Hamilton's Foam Roller Pilates has moved to Friday evenings until 27 May (18.30-19.30 hrs).

Foam Roller Pilates is a progression from mat based Pilates work. It is an intermediate level class due to the level of balance and deep coreawareness required.

The class has 3 sections:

  1. Warm up: Basic Pilates principles, breathing, pelvic, shoulder, rib and neck alignment.
  2. Circuit of 6 exercises, of approximately 3 rounds.
  3. Muscle rolling/stretching.

Advance booking is essential to secure a place and ensure the supply of rollers.


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86 Years Old and Going Strong

24367-Active -April -2016-EDM-87

Customer profile

Name: Susan Lea
Class attended each week:  Alignment & Core Pilates with Instructor Jane Hamilton

Originally from the Nottingham area, Susan moved to Jersey some 25 years ago. Over the past 10 years she has been a regular user of the facilities at Les Quennevais Sports Centre and in particular enjoys Jane Hamilton's Alignment & Core Pilates classes on Tuesday mornings.  Having tried various classes over the years, including Tai Chi, Susan confesses that her favorite activities are Pilates and gardening! 

This very elegant lady has an extremely interesting background, having been a Haut Couture model at Fortnum and Mason, Piccadilly, London, during the post WW11 era.  Speaking about those times when the world seemed to turn at a slower pace than they do today, Susan recalled a special memory of having been invited to dine with a Maharaja (a Sanskrit title for a "great ruler", "great king" or "high king") at Maxim's in Paris.  Founded in 1893 by a former waiter, Maxim's became one of the most popular and fashionable restaurants in Paris under its second owner, Eugene Cornuché, who gave the dining room its Art Nouveau decor and made sure that it was always filled with beautiful women.

When recently visiting the V&A museum in London to view a fashion collection from the House of Worth and Paquin, Susan realized that a dress she had modelled was on display.  Engaging with other people visiting the museum Susan recalled and shared her memories of modelling the "Wilt Thou Be Mine" gown.

 Extract from the V&A online description of the exhibition:

Over the last few years I have been working through a remarkable collection of over 9,700 fashion designs from the House of Paquin. Covering the period from Winter 1897 to Winter 1953-54, these designs (many bound in impressively hefty volumes) were acquired in 1957 following the 1956 disestablishment of the Paris House of Worth, who in 1953 had merged with Paquin.  For the purposes of this introduction and overview, I have chosen to focus on tailored daywear following the theme of the first and last designs to be accessioned.

In May 2016 Susan will celebrate her 87th birthday.  Everyone at Les Quennevais, including fellow class goers and members of the Sports Team are inspired by Susan's continued commitment and attendance at class. Congratulations Susan, you are an inspiration.



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Bean Fit Personal Training

24131-Active -March -2016-EDM-beanfit

Everybody knows that it is important to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle but achieving that or getting started can sometimes be difficult. I firmly believe that creating a routine that fits in with your lifestyle is key to achieving your goal(s) I aim to eliminate 'diets' and encourage and motivate my clients to create a balanced routine that should hopefully not feel forced or hard to maintain, with plenty of support and advice along the way to make sure that it does not become short lived.

I also have a passion for experimenting with healthy and wholesome ingredients to recreate what are usually classed as 'unhealthy' foods, so that it is still possible to enjoy the things you love without feeling guilty afterwards. I love to share my successful recipes with clients, friends and family alike to encourage nutritionally dense eating habits throughout.

During programmes I use a range of different cardio based training methods along with strength and resistance exercises, with the aim to make sessions diverse and as enjoyable as they possibly can be.

So what are you waiting for let's get started on creating a happy and healthy you!

Contact Details

Tel: 07797 844385


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Denny's Hair Donation

Receptionist Denny Buckley recently was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  Following advice from a Food coach she decided to transform her appearance and raise money for a local charity.

She has been through a difficult period over the Donating my hair for Little Princess Trust because I can think of no better charity :-)


In August 2015, I visited the doctor as I was so fed up with feeling unwell.  I had suffered with aches and pains and extreme tiredness for many years, but the summer of 2015 was the worst I'd ever known.  After another trip to the doctor and extensive blood tests that all came back clear, I thought my diet was the only thing left that might help alleviate my symptoms.  As I'd had an unhealthy relationship with food for most of my adult life and was around 5 stone overweight, I knew this was not something I could do by myself and I thank my lucky stars that I discovered the wonderful Lorraine Pannetier who is a food coach.  She explained that I would have weekly 1-2-1 meetings with her to discuss my food diary where she would give me hints, tips and recipes that would guide me to a more healthy and natural diet.  Four weeks into our meetings I had an appointment with a rheumatologist (I was referred after my blood tests had shown nothing wrong) and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia!  Lorraine did lots of research on this condition and advised me accordingly.  Although fibromyalgia is an incurable illness, the healthy diet that I am now on, has helped with some of my symptoms and I'm now looking forward to the future and what it might bring.  I started seeing Lorraine at the end of August and in the 25 weeks since then I have lost a total of 3 stone in weight (19kg) which works out at a nice steady one and a half pounds per week. 

So with transforming myself from the inside, I thought it was time I gave myself a treat on the outside.  I have had long hair for as long as I can remember.  The last time I had it cut short was when I was 15 (and that was a complete disaster!!)  I had seen a couple of friends on Facebook saying that they were donating their hair to the Little Princess Trust and raising money for the charity through this process.  This is a charity that makes wigs for children who have lost their own hair due to cancer treatments.  It seemed like a wonderful cause but I didn't know if my hair would be suitable because it does contain some grey and having dyed it some time ago, it contains a mixture of colours!  I contacted the charity and said that I was thinking of dyeing my hair back to my natural colour and they said they would be happy to accept my dyed hair.  So my next step was to contact my hairdresser, Kaylee Le Cornu, who works for Eclipse Hair Design at Maufant.  The owner of the business, Cindy Le Feuvre, very kindly offered to waive the cost of dyeing and cutting my hair due to it being for charity.  I have passed the first stage which was the colour and now the cut is planned for Friday 26th February and Cindy has arranged for the JEP to be there to record the event.  I can't wait to see my 'new look' - can you?

If anyone would like to donate to the Little Princess Trust, this is the link to my JustGiving page -


Thank you


Screen Shot 2016-03-07 At 15.38.48



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Aquanatal Exercise

24131-Active -March -2016-EDM-aquanatal

I am a qualified nurse, and registered midwife with 30 years' experience and an advanced diploma in midwifery. I have worked in the hospital and community, and have 4 years' experience working in SCBU in Manchester.  Since April 2015 I have worked in breast care with Consultant Matthew Stephenson, the new oncoplastic surgeon. 

I trained to be an Aquanatal instructor in Leeds with Aquafusion, and here in Jersey with June Poole.  I am married and have three grown up children. My interests are cycling, walking, running and horse riding

The benefits of Aquanatal exercise for expectant mums includes:

  • Maintenance of fitness.
  • Improved appetite and digestion.
  • Improved sleep patterns.
  • Reduced physical discomforts of pregnancy.
  • Water resistance exercises strengthen muscle tone including the abdominal muscles.
  • Increased stamina.
  • Release of endorphins/feel-good hormones.
  • Improved posture and reduced strain on the back.
  • Contributes to a sense of well-being and improved self-esteem.
  • Leads to greater emotional and physical resilience.
  • Social benefit of meeting other mum's to be and forge life-long friendships.

Classes are held on Tuesday evenings from 19.00 - 20.00 hrs at Les Quennevais Sports Centre. 

Do bring a bottle of water and your pregnancy records. 

Please arrive at 18.50 hrs to allow time to check you are fit and well.

For more information please email

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Instructor Focus

24131-Active -March -2016-EDM-INSTRUCTORfocus

Fiona was the first instructor to teach Fitness Pilates in the Island and is continually developing this form of exercise. She teaches through all 3 Active Centres, and also runs classes in conjunction with Exercise Referral.

Fiona strives to make her classes all inclusive, progressive, informative and fun.  Class attendees achieve ultimate success by pursuing a path of patience and persistence.



YMCA Professional Studio Instructor, YMCA FIT in Exercise to Music (Aerobics) and Circuit Training, Fitness Pilates Trainer, and Member of UK Register of Exercise Professionals.


Fort Regent

MONDAY 18:00 - 19:00 Fitness Pilates Cardio Cove £7.35

TUESDAY 13:10 - 14:00 Power Fitness Pilates Active Studio £7.35

THURSDAY 12:00 Exercise Referral Class - Fitness Pilates - Active Studio

THURSDAY 13:10 - 14:00 Fitness Pilates Active Studio £7.35


Les Quennevais

MONDAY 09:30 - 10:15 Power Fitness Pilates Studio £7.35

MONDAY 10:30 - 11:30 Fitness Pilates Studio £7.35

MONDAY 11:45 Exercise Referral Class - Fitness Pilates - Studio

WEDNESDAY 19:00 - 19:45 Fitness Pilates Active Studio £7.35



TUESDAY 11:30 - 12:30 Beginners Pilates Blue Room £7.35

WEDNESDAY 09:30 - 10:30 Fitness Pilates Blue Room £7.35

WEDNESDAY 10:40 Exercise Referral Class - Fitness Pilates - Blue Room


Class explanations:

Fitness Pilates at Fort Regent

A safe, sensible exercise system that will help you look and feel your very best. The class develops body awareness, improving and changing the bodies postural and alignment habits, and increases flexibility and ease of movement.  A combination of the original Pilates exercises will be mixed with updated techniques and practises. Various equipment may be used such as resistance bands, hand weights, mini balls, weighted balls and stability balls.


Power Fitness Pilates at Fort Regent and Les Quennevais

A conditioning class using the principles of Fitness Pilates. We begin with a dance-style aerobic warm up then move on to a strength and conditioning section using a variety of equipment such as resistance bands, toning balls and weights, finishing with a stretch cooldown.


Beginners Pilates at Springfield

A safe, sensible exercise system that will help you look and feel your very best. The class develops body awareness, improving and changing the bodies postural and alignment habits, and increases flexibility and ease of movement.  Various equipment may be used such as resistance bands, hand weights, mini balls, weighted balls and stability balls.



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Exercising during pregnancy

If you are pregnant and want to start exercising the advice of your care provider/doctor or midwife should be your first consideration before participating in regular exercise classes. 

If you are returning to exercise after giving birth the general guideline is that you should delay your programme until six weeks after delivery (10 weeks if you have had a C-section following the all clear from your GP), and then start on a low-intensity programme. 

Guidelines and precautions: 

  • Exercise is really important for a healthy mother and baby
  • If you have already been exercising, continue to do whatever you have been doing, reducing intensity when you, and your doctor, think you should
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Wear comfortable, cool clothing
  • Avoid exercises which require you to lie on your back 
  • STOP exercising and immediately consult your doctor if you experience dizziness, vaginal bleeding, continued shortness of breath, sudden water discharge, signs of labour, headaches, decreased foetal movement, chest pain, calf pain or swelling

Research has found that an appropriate regular exercise regime will not only help expectant mums throughout pregnancy but also with birth and with postnatal recovery.  Exercising mums to be are likely to:

  • Feel less tired
  • Have a healthier weight gain
  • Reduce bloating and swelling
  • Reduce back pain
  • Decreased labour time
  • Recover more quickly and regain their shape back after birth

Be careful not to push your stretches to the extreme. Hold the stretch to a comfortable level and allow the muscle to release slowly and gently. This is due to the hormone relaxin.

BODYBALANCE, Pilates and Yoga are in general the types of classes attended by expectant mums. 

The gym environment is also excellent where a range of areas are available for gentle exercise.

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Winning the Weight Loss Challenge

You know that expression - put your money where your mouth is? Well at Fort Regent we are doing just that. 

When I tell people I work at Fort Regent they think I must be a gym bunny but in truth I really dislike exercise.  The personal trainers in the gym are so friendly and I feel guilty refusing the offers of help, but kids, work and life just gets in the way.  They don't need to but it's a good excuse and I'm sticking to it.

My colleague Tom on the other hand, child free and having extra leisure time, loves and is really into his fitness and has an amazingly healthy diet (I know we all hate him already!).

So when he suggested that I join the annual Fort Regent Weight and Fat Loss Challenge you can imagine what I said and you'd be right, I said 'No'.  In actual fact I think I fell of my chair laughing and then I said 'No'.

But then I had a rethink.  I remembered not too far back posting an article about how to keep resolutions and one of the major contributors to success is to let other people know what you are up to.  It was time to put your money where your mouth is. 

So I signed up.

In all 23 staff members took up the challenge and on 11th January we began with an official weigh in with Exercise Referral.  The girls, very coyly, going in separately, the guys, bravely, going into together.  I believe there was some friendly banter and outraged men on discovery of their weights! 

I've always wondered (and been slightly jealous) about how people stay motivated, what's their secret!  Most people can stick it for a week but how do you keep it going? 

In an effort to discover my own secret and remembering that another road to success is to 'Write down your goals' I let Tom talk me into a one on one competition which I would blog.  It's also a bit of an experiment to see what happens.  So here it is; I will be discussing the apps we are using, diet, fitness and how we getting along. 

Tech seems to promise to make us all better at everything so Tom and I are using the following apps and websites:

Apps: Myfitnesspal and FitBit - both apps are free.

Web: Plan to eat (annual charge of around £10) and Calorie Count - free

Both Tom and I received FitBits for Christmas, which depending on your model, tracks sleep, steps, calories, movement, heart rate, exercise and tells the time.  It links into myfitnesspal. 

Myfitnesspal is a type of health journal where you log what you've eaten and it works out how many calories you have left - if you have it on your phone it can also log steps but I haven't found this to be very accurate.  It also has forums and advice.                      

The info from myfitnesspal magically appears in your FitBit dashboard and works out how your doing - including how many calories you have left and because your FitBit watch is more accurate you usually get a couple of bonus calories! Yippee.

Plan to Eat: An online meal planner making it easier to plan and stay on track.

Calorie Count: Works out how many calories in a meal (accuracy not confirmed!)

Diet method: Emma: Trying to stick to 1200 calories - no cheat days.  Tom: Balancing calories in to calories out and sticking to a percentage of food groups, ie, protein, fats and carbohydrates plus one cheat day.

Exercise method: Emma - working out at home.  Tom: playing sport, walking home from work, weight training, 3-4 times a week, including some sessions with Harry Zambon from Zambon Fitness. 

Results after the first two weeks

  Weight   Fat  
#TeamEmma - Starting   63.1kg 28.9%
After week one 62.1kg 26.1%
After week two 61.5kg 28.9%
Loss 1.6kg 1%


  Weight   Fat  
#TeamTom - Starting   90.3kg 18%
After week one 87.8kg 17%
After week two 88.1kg 17%
Loss 2.2kg 1%


Fortunately we are both down but here's what we did and didn't do!


Good: managed to log almost all my food in myfitnesspal, stayed on track with the 1200 calories, only went over on two days.

Could do better: Midweek week two I was having an emotional moment and comfort ate!  I also only exercised twice the entire two weeks.

#TeamEmma - The Low Down

Counting calories is very dull and time consuming.  Myfitnesspal is mainly American foods and even though there are items I have most days (ie, mint tea) it doesn't seem to save them as frequent foods - all the scrolling through lists of food is frustrating and when I'm busy I don't bother so it's easy to lose track of calories consumed; I need something simpler.  From this week I am converting over to 5:2 diet which promises me five calorie free counting days and 2 days of starvation!  I'm nervous as I don't want to put on what I've lost.

FitBit is really helping especially when you achieve a goal and you get a little vibration on your wrist to celebrate!

Exercise: I have no solutions!  We have a new Curve machine so I'm going to check it out - maybe the novelty will persuade me. 


Good:  I have been training hard and managed to gain strength on my big lifts (deadlift/squat/bench press) as well as playing sport to get my cardio in.  This has allowed me to consume about 3,250 calories a day and still cut weight. 

Could do better:  Last weekend I overindulged on my cheat day sinking a few pints of lager, eating sushi, a 3 course dinner followed by a muffin and biscuits all in one evening.  I then woke up and treated myself to a full English breakfast! It was a special occasion so I can live with the consequences of a small weight gain in week 2 after a positive first week. 

#TeamTom - The Low Down

Myfitnesspal is a God send for me as I have a monster appetite.  As I prep my lunch the night before I can input all my meals a day early so I don't have to worry about not recording data accurately or missing anything out.  This also stops me from being tempted to visit the vending machine or grab some fast food from the café as I have already prepared my food for the day.  Breakfast is easy to record as it is the same most days; either overnight oats, Weetabix or salmon and poached eggs on toast with avocado.  You can save regular meals in myfitnesspal so you don't have to constantly search for individual ingredients.  This gives me more flexibility in the evenings to eat tasty home cooked meals without worrying too much about the nutritional value as I have already eaten well balanced and "clean" meals all day. 

I love my new FitBit, It has encouraged me to get more sleep and start to walk when I can.  The app you get for your phone allows you to compete with fellow FitBit wearers to get the most steps in a week.  I am trying to keep up with some Personal Trainers and PE teachers so I have started walking home most days, which has also saved me in petrol money!  Wooop!

I have really upped my training recently.  I already had a good base fitness, however my PT Harry has really pushed me hard to increase my strength and ensure I stay on track with my goals.  My technique has also improved on my big compound movements.  I hate running on a treadmill or plodding away on a cross trainer as I get bored very quickly.  Instead I get my cardio in through sports.  A game of 5 a side for an hour can burn a good 700 calories and be very enjoyable at the same time.

So there's the background - from now on we'll be posting snippets on how we're doing - you can follow our progress on this blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! #TeamEmma and #TeamTom



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Incorporate a new dimension into your training with the completely self-powered, manual WOODWAY Curve Treadmill.     

Green Technology to make you fitter

Fort Regent has expanded its range of gym equipment to include the latest in innovation and design with their new Curve running machine.

The machine, which promises you will burn up an extra 30% extra calories, is powered completely by the runner - no plugs - no electricity. 

The Active gym was so impressed with the results being gained by professional athletes across the world they invested in two Curve's to bring the benefits to Jersey. 

Colin Stanier, Marketing Manager for Active explained 

"There are many benefits to the Curve running machine aside from the additional calorie burn!  One of the outstanding features is that is almost impossible to run badly on the machine.  The physical curve of the machine forces the runner to place their foot in a more natural position making the glutes, hamstrings and calves fully extend in the same way you would if you were running outside.  This makes the machine excellent for those who are looking to improve their stride and technique and those who are new to running." 

The Curve certainly looks unusual. We asked Laura Jacques, the Active Gym Manager, how customers are reacting to the new equipment. 

"We've had excellent feedback" she stated "because the individual using the Curve is the motor its excellent for interval training and for those who are just starting out in running; going from a walk, to a jog to a run and back again is much simpler on the Curve, you don't have to worry about slowing down the belt like you do on a traditional running machine and so the process feels much more natural." 

The Woodway Curve is a treadmill unlike any other. The Curve "breaks all the rules" because there is no motor and no buttons. It is manually powered by you, the user.

Read this review by Treadmill Review Guru

Curve _Fitness -Poster


Curve _GuyCurve _Girl2 

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New Classes for 2016

Active offers a wide range of fitness activities to suit you and your fitness level. Classes may vary from centre to centre. If you are in doubt about which class to try, seek guidance from our Active gym instructors. Participants should always inform teachers prior to the start of class about their medical history.  The intensity of classes ranges from gentle to advanced.  Use the following key to establish which is best for you.

New class timetables are available for collection from Active Centre receptions or can be downloaded via the website.

We've reviewed the programme and made a few changes to keep things fresh.  Look out for these classes:

NEW at Fort Regent
Meta Body Fit    
Meta Body Fit is a NEW class developed to boost your metabolic rate which helps the body to burn off more calories even while at rest! The 45 minute workout combines traditional body weight exercises, on and off a platform, with the latest HIIT training techniques to fire up your metabolic rate. Ideal for both men and women at all levels of fitness as class participant's work at their own pace. The more you put in to this workout the more your body will get out of it.

The class is moderate to advanced intensity and will replace STEPIT on Wednesday evening at 19.10 - 20.10 and Thursday morning 09.30-10.30.

The class will be presented by Lisa Troy, who is a popular and experienced instructor specialising in aerobics, body conditioning and developmental stretch classes.
NEW Sunday morning BODYPUMP     
One of the popular Les Mills classes, BODYPUMP is a non-impact class combining high repetition weight training with aerobic conditioning. It will tone and condition your body, can help you lose weight and ultimately change your body shape. Suitable for all levels. NOTE: A 15 minute session prior to each class is dedicated to technique for beginners.

The new Sunday morning class will take place in the Active Studio on Sunday mornings from 09.30-10.30 with dynamic instructor Natalia Warzecha.
New at Les Quennevais
Monday and Thursday evening Stretch and Shape with Katrina will start 10 minutes later at 18.10 - 18.55

Tuesday morning Pilates Fit & Fun will be replaced by Alignment & Core Pilates with Jane Hamilton at the new start time of 11.15 - 12.15.  The class follows the principles of Pilates concentrating on developing core strength.
NEW Tuesday evening Foam Roller Pilates class
This new class offers a combination of Pilates exercises using foam rollers to enhance the posture, core strength, balance and stability.

Tuesday evening with Jane Hamilton from 19.00-20.00
New Wednesday and Friday morning Spinning
Spinning is fantastically popular. This synchronised aerobic exercise on static bikes simulates true road riding. 
Spinning specialist Sue Jaffrelot will present the classes from 08.30-09.15.  Of moderate to advanced intensity, Spinning is suitable for all fitness levels as newcomers can progress at their own pace.
NEW Friday morning Dance class - 'Strictly' FitSteps 11.30-12.15 
A dance workout from the "Strictly" team. Your favourite ballroom dance rhythms including the Cha Cha, Jive, Quickstep, Paso, Waltz and others.

The fun way to dance yourself fit and bring out your inner "Strictly" self!  No partner needed.  Experienced dance and fitness instructor Julie Stanier will guide you expertly through the steps. 
Moderate to advanced class.
There are no changes to the Springfield timetable at this time.

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Active -closing -time -2016

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Tandom Skydiving - Q&A with Sara Montalvao

Sara -yourchoice

Sara Montalvao recently decided to push herself outside her comfort zone by doing a tandem skydive in Jersey in April as part of her bucket list. Sara found the experience so exhilarating that she decided to take things to the next level and in October she became the first female to qualify for freefall in Jersey under the Static Line Progression System.

We were curious to find out more so we asked her why she has decided to take up this sport, how she copes with fear and what she does to stay active.

It's well known that you are always pushing yourself outside your comfort zone but why skydiving?

My fascination with parachuting began at the age of 10 after attending an open day organised by the Paratroopers. After so many years of wishing to jump out of a plane I have finally decided to take the plunge and do it, no more excuses, especially as I did not even need to travel that far…only to St Peter (laughs). 

Tell us more about your training, what is Static-Line?

Static-Line Parachuting is an alternative method of getting qualified to the Accelerated Freefall courses available abroad and we can do it on our door step here in Jersey which is really helpful. One full day of ground-training is all that is required to carry out our first solo parachute jump from 3,500ft. The parachute opens automatically by a 'static-line' which is attached to the aircraft (so there is no freefall involved initially). As we progress through the parachute training system we can start freefall skydiving and gradually jump from higher altitudes.

That seems like quite a challenge to go from a tandem experience to jumping on your own, as a beginner how do you cope with fear?

Skydiving is an adventure sport that involves a degree of risk. I took up this sport in order to challenge my fears.

In a nutshell, I accept the fact that skydiving is dangerous and it will trigger fear of some description. I simply acknowledge and embrace the fear in order to help me to stay safe without letting it interfere with my enjoyment of this exhilarating sport. I know it won't always be as scary as with experience comes familiarity. For me one of the benefits is that when I learn to manage the level of fear that skydiving can induce, I will be able to carry it into other aspects of my life.

I also find that controlled, regular breathing and mental preparation by visualising what I am going to do helps to alleviate the tension and stress.

Believe it or not, despite the nerves, it's a very peaceful sensation and it is very relaxing once you get over the intense adrenaline rush of leaving the plane. To start with it is fairly loud because of the plane and wind noise but once the parachute is open, it's very quiet and peaceful while gliding gently through the air overlooking the Island.

So having a healthy mind is really important, what do you do to stay on top of things?

For me it is particularly important to stay fit and I am very lucky that Active offers such an abundance of classes to suit all my needs. For this particular sport it helps to have a strong core, strong back and a strong mind.

Can anyone do skydiving, or is it only for the real daredevils?

(laughs) I guess that depends… I have met people who think I am completely crazy and would never even consider it because the thought of skydiving is terrifying to them. But for those who may be on the fence, I encourage them to get in touch with Skydive Jersey or even go to the beach to see how things work. Most people might be surprised to find out that they are not as scared as they imagined they would be.

Freefall day, you were about to take off, how did you feel?

I felt really nervous but extremely excited at the same time, I knew I had to do it and get it right and this was my opportunity to prove to my instructor that I was ready to take things to the next level. After landing safely on the beach I was over the moon, it is almost impossible to find words to describe how I felt, but it was certainly a great sense of achievement!

Now the winter is coming are we right to assume that you cannot jump in all weather conditions, what keeps you motivated?

That is right, I will not be able to continue with the practical training however, skydiving is not just about jumping out of a plane, there is so much more to learn! This winter I will be concentrating on learning to pack parachutes, this is another challenge and it is really important that we receive the right training and take our time to learn.

Wow, that's all really incredible - just to finalise, what is your ultimate goal?

I am not sure I have an ultimate goal as there are so many different skydiving skills to try. As I do not like to rush things I am going to continue with this type of training until I become a qualified skydiver but I would say that my initial goal will be to be able to do a 'dive exit' out of the plane!

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Active Class Updates - September 2015


PLEASE NOTE:There maybe other class timetable amendments not listed here, so please

  • Thursday evening Zumba with Nat is at the new time of 7pm - 8pm in the Piazza Activity Area.

  • "FitSteps" with Julie returns on Sunday mornings at 10:30am.

This energetic, upbeat dance class is inspired by Strictly Come Dancing.
The dance workout mixes the graceful steps of Ballroom and the up-tempo steps of Latin dances to create fun-filled classes to get you fit. No need for a partner!
So, go on, get into the Strictly fever! 

Nat will be taking a break from 5th - 20th September. While she is away classes will be covered as follows:

  • Tuesday evening Zumba on 8th and 15th September with Colin
  • Thursday evening Zumba on 10th and 17th September with Claudia
  • Friday evening Bokwa on 11th and 18th September - cancelled.  Class will resume Friday 25th September.

BODYATTACK will be replaced by BODYCOMBAT on the following dates:

  • Saturday 5th September
  • Monday 7th September
  • Wednesday 9th September and 16th September


  • Monday and Thursday afternoons at 4.45pm - 5.30pm, Teen Spinning for 12 - 15 year olds returns with Sue.
  • Monday 9.30am - 10.15am Power Pilates is in the Studio with instructor Fiona.
  • Tuesday 10.15am - 11am Zumba with instructor Colin
  • Wednesday 6pm - 6.45pm Spinning is with instructor Emmi
  • Wednesday 7.30pm - 8.30pm Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Paul Clements resumes on 30th September
  • Thursday 8.30am - 9.15am NEW Spinning class with Vicky
  • Thursday 10.30am Muscle Pump class is for 1 hour, not 45 minutes as displayed on the printed class timetable available at centre reception.
  • Saturday 9.30am - 10.15am Shape and Tone with instructor Katrina
  • Saturday at 10.15am - 11am Yogalates to be replaced by Zumba with Katrina
  • Sunday morning Zumba has been moved to Saturday morning.


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New squash and racketball club helps you get fit and have fun... Guaranteed!

Regent Racquets Club is a new squash and racketball club opening in September at Fort Regent for all levels from complete beginners through to improvers, intermediate and elite players for both juniors and adults. 

Mike -Hopkins

Resident coach Mike Hopkins came in to tell us more about this new club and why you should be involved.

The new club is opening in September, tell us about it?
The idea for Regent Racquets Club came about after players I was coaching suggested it. They wanted a friendly and welcoming club open to all level of players where they could get together for regular leagues, tournaments, coaching and socials and have fun based at Fort Regent. We decided the best way to encompass all of this that the best way was to set up a club using Fort Regent squash courts. 

So what kind of experience do you need?
Absolutely none.  Even if you have never picked up a racket before we encourage you to come and have a try at one of our coaching sessions. We put players together in groups of the right ability so you will never feel out of your depth, and we buddy people up so that you get to know your fellow players and build up a relationship with them really quickly.  

What about if you are already an experience player, do you have players at all levels?Yes, we certainly do - there really is a level for everyone here. 

And what about starting ages?
We take children from the age of 3, if the child wants to play.  It's never too early. Junior group coaching age is from 3 to 16 years.

So it's an activity for the entire family?
Yes! And that is why we have a family membership option available.

So Mike what is Racketball?
Well, it's very similar to squash in some ways as it's played on a squash court but it has some important differences which can make it a more accessible game than the more fast paced squash.  The racket is shorter, but the head is larger, and it's played with a larger bouncier ball, which means the game is much slower. 

Does that make it easier to play?
It's still a challenge but, yes, essentially as the game is not quite as quick, it is easier to play - it's easier to get rallies going, which a lot of people find really enjoyable.  People who may be retiring from squash, or those who may have physical injuries or reduced mobility, ie knee injuries, find this an easier and gentler way to continue to play squash, although many people who play have never played squash before.

What are the benefits of playing squash and racketball?
It is a great way to get fit, burn calories and alleviate stress. Squash burns on average 500 calories in 30 minutes. You are also improving hand eye co-ordination, agility and balance. With the stop sprint movements you are having an intense cardio vascular work out using both upper and lower muscles, which boosts stamina and endurance. And it is a great stress buster and lots of fun too.    

Is it a big commitment?  Do I have to come every week?
No, not at all. We understand people have busy lives and we have created our club to make it possible for people to play at the level and commitment that's right for them.  We will have regular Team Leagues, Summer Leagues, various tournaments, mens only, ladies only, age groups, juniors, doubles, club night - you name it we will have it!

What can people expect if they join the club?
First and foremost a group of really friendly and welcoming players.  The club is new but already has a fantastic group of players who are really keen to welcome new members of all ages and abilities. It will be fun with socials too.

Do you need to be a member or can you just turn up and play?
If you just want to see if you like it then you can come along and give it a go at one of our group coaching sessions or at a club night. The annual Regent Racquets Club membership is £60 a year for non-Active members and £50 for Active members with also the option of a family, student and junior membership. There are then membership discounts on coaching, tournaments and league entries.

I'm interested what do I do now?
You can call on 07700 714333 for an informal chat or email the membership secretary on  We have a website for further information at You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter  

Membership forms are available from the website and Fort Regent

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Changes to the Fort Regent Class Timetable - August 2015

Class -Timetable -August -2015

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Les Quennevais Public swimming during the NatWest Island Games


Public swimming during the NatWest Island Games

Both pools and the health suite will be closed from 5pm on Saturday 27 June to Thursday 2 July for competitions. These facilities will reopen to the public on Friday 3 July.

During this period Active members will be able to use the lane pool at the AquaSplash during lane swimming times. These are indicated in blue on the timetable. Please be aware that junior lane swimming differs.

Visit the AquaSplash website for Active member's timetable information (click here)

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Active -June -EDM-NEW

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FitRock Health Expo

Are you ready? A brand new concept to the Island, the FitRock Health Expo is an exciting new health and fitness event, inspiring and motivating fitness enthusiasts and health conscious people.

Set in the Dome of Queens Hall at Fort Regent Leisure Centre, FitRock will provide a direct platform for health and fitness companies to connect with the Jersey Public. Welcoming over 24 exhibitors from all genres of the health industry, FitRock really provides something for everyone, covering the full spectrum of products, services and athletes.

Offering something for anyone looking to improve their lifestyle, the show provides a premier visitor experience with demonstrations, taster sessions, talks from industry experts, an extensive exhibition, interactive feature areas and live competitions.

FitRock has sponsored a number of local athletes including Liam McGeary (MMA World Champion), Tania Rodrigues (Miss Channel Islands 2014), Gemma Dawkins (Commonwealth and Island Games Runner) and Lucy O'Sullivan (International GB and Island Games Archer).  Some of the athletes will be at the event to speak to the public about their journeys and inspire budding athletes.

Gemma Dawkins will also be giving talks on the main stage at the event on nutrition and healthy living.  The main stage has a jam packed schedule with live fitness and dance demonstrations, educational talks, charity fund raising stunts and much more!  

The main stage will also host the FitRock Factor Competition.  This is a fitness model search designed to find the best local talent. The show is the first of its kind on the island, with an array of industry experts and audience reactions to judge the show live including Miss Channel Islands 2014, Tania Rodrigues, at the event and announce the female and male winner at the end of each day.  The girl's competition takes place at 1:30pm on Saturday and the guy's follow them at the same time on Sunday.

The show is judged 50% on physique and 50% on whether the competitor has the 'FitRock Factor, so personality, presentation and stage presence are all key to success.  The winners will be crowned and rewarded with a bundle of prizes as well as a contract with FitRock to be the exclusive models for the 2016 advertising campaign.

The event will be collecting for the Nepal Earthquake appeal with a special Live Spinning Demo by the Active Spin Team to open the event on Saturday at 11am.  Harry Zambon from Zambon Fitness will also be making a donation to the appeal when he takes the stage at 12:45pm on Sunday.  Harry is inviting all participants to make their way to the stage area and do as many Squats as they can.  For each squat performed Harry will be donating 10 pence to this deserving cause.

FitRock have also donated a stand to Diabetes Jersey who will have a team of nurses and health care professionals to raise awareness and educate people about diabetes and give free advice on ways to prevent the disease.

Fort Regent's Humfrey the Lion will be present at the event on both days to entertain the crowd and give away free prizes and Active passes.  Stu the Minion will also make an appearance and will be armed with an abundance of fresh bananas to help the people of Jersey get their 5-a-day.  For the younger children Little Monkeys Gymnastics club will be offering a crèche facility to allow health conscious parents to roam the event stress free.

For those interested in Martial Arts there is a live Jiu Jitsu Tournament running all day on Saturday from midday and a boxing ring with free taster sessions and live sparring.

The PT Chef has put together a bespoke menu of healthy nutritious meals for those who want to grab a guilt-free bite to eat at the Expo.  Juice 4 Life will be offering Juices and the Supplement Store have an array of sports nutrition products for everyone to sample.

The event is completely FREE for everybody and there is ample parking in Pier Road car park which is free on Sunday.  FitRock will be handing out FREE goody bags and giving away great prizes throughout the event including gym memberships, PT sessions, Health Supplements, Adventure Activities and Sports Equipment.

Don't miss out on FitRock 2015, providing motivation, education and inspiration to Jersey's nation.

For even more info visit:

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Win Two Personal Training Sessions with Harry Zambon

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Sports Centre opening times over May bank holidays Monday 4th May and Monday 25th May:

Fort Regent and Les Quennevais will be open from 9.00am - 5.00pm. Springfield will be closed. The Active membership offices will be closed.

Sports Centres will be open during normal operating hours at weekends including Liberation Day, Saturday 9th May.

Active membership offices open on Saturday mornings from 9am - 1pm but are closed on Sundays and bank holidays.

The Active office at Les Quennevais will be closed on Saturday 23rd May.

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The Swimarathon will take place at Les Quennevais from 11th - 15th March. The pool will be open for early morning swimming lane swimming sessions from 7 - 8.30am on Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th and Friday 13th March, and will then close.

During the Swimarathon Active members will be able to use the lane pool at the AquaSplash during lane swimming times. These are indicated in blue on the timetable. Please be aware that junior lane swimming differs.

The attached timetable and link to the AquaSplash website is for Active members information.
Click Here


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Thai Boxing For Beginners

Thai -Boxing

If you want to learn self-defence and get fit at the same time you could start your journey with the Thai Boxing beginner's class, and begin using your fists, shins, elbows and knees to fight your way back to fitness and a lean body! 

Easy to learn, it's a great full body workout and the most effective stand up fighting style.

Thai Boxing for beginners on Sunday mornings at 10am.
For bookings and further enquiries please contact:

Bilal Hammad

07797 953253

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Fighting Fit, Fighting Cancer

David -Butel 

Active member David Butel fights cancer. 

I have been a gym member on and off for years, however in 2013 after a diagnosis of Prostate Cancer, an operation and after treatment for secondary Cancer, by March 2014 my weight reached 16st 8lb, I knew I had to fight back.

I joined the Active Gym, found myself a personal trainer, Harry Zambon, I knew I would need help. During the next 9 months I got down to 13st 3lb, it was hard. I also did Spinning, Body Combat and my own work outs, attending the gym 6 days a week.

This journey has been like a therapy and I do not intend Cancer to control me, I control it.

The gym team at the Active Gym are amazing, they have been so supportive, and they are like a family.

Part of my get fitter campaign involves taking Wheatgrass and juicing every day.

I am now fitter then I have ever been in my life, it is thanks to the wonderful facilities and classes at the Active Gym, also my great personal trainer.

The journey continues, if I can do it so can you, get Active.

David is an inspirational character and was recently interviewed by CITV.  Read the full story - David's story: Fighting fit, and fighting cancer, online here



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Turkey Buster Classes 2014

Get out of the house between Christmas and New Year and join one of our Turkey Buster classes at Fort Regent and Les Quennevais! All classes are 45 minutes. To book contact centers direct - open to non members.

Fort Regent:
Sunday 28th December -   Spinning at 10.30am with Kate
Monday 29th December   BoxFit at 9.30am with Bilal
Wednesday 31st December - Spinning at 9.30am with Mick

Les Quennevais:
Monday 29th December at 10.15am with Giselle
Tuesday 30th December at 10.15am with Sam
Wednesday 31st December at 10.15am with Giselle

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Christmas Opening Hours

All Active Sports Centres will be closed:

Christmas Eve 2014 - Wednesday 24th December - Sports Centres will be closed. Ice skating only will take place at Fort Regent from 9am to 6pm.

Christmas Day - Thursday 25th December - All Sports Centres will be closed.

Boxing Day - Friday 26th December - Sports Centres will be closed. Ice skating only will take place at Fort Regent from 1.30pm to 6pm.

New Year's Eve - Wednesday 31st December - Normal opening times but Fort Regent and Les Quennevais Sports Centres will close at 5pm.

New Year's Day - 1st January 2015 - Sports Centres will be closed. Ice skating only will take place at Fort Regent from 1.30pm to 6pm.

Springfield Stadium and Sports Centre will be closed from Wednesday 24th December 2014 until Thursday 1st January 2015 inclusive.

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Les Quennevais Swimming Pool re-opens to the public

Les Quennevais Swimming Pool re-opened to the public at 9am on the 1st September 2014, after receiving an essential makeover during the summer months.

The refurbishment and upgrade works comprised redecoration and re-tiling of the pool chamber, replacement of the plant maintenance system and equipment, upgrading and refurbishment of the male and female changing rooms, and introduction of new lockers and cubicles.

Barclay Harvey, Operations Manager to ESC Sport and Leisure Division indicated that prior to the works customer consultation had identified a number of improvements, which were incorporated into the plan. 

"During the consultation process comments were received from members of the public who use the Sports Centre on a regular basis.  These comments were fed back to the architect and adjustments to the programme of works were made.  Customers will benefit from improved facilities at the Centre," he said.

Mr Harvey added that the introduction of a new Building Management system (BMS) will enable management to remotely control climate and energy use within the entire building in an efficient way. "The management team will be able to alter the plant room and boilers, water temperature, water and air circulation, and switch the operating plant on and off from a desktop computer or an IPad. The work is on schedule and being carried out within budget.

"The Sports and Leisure Division would like to thank Active members and regular customers for their patience and apologise for the inconvenience caused during the close down period."

Youractive _pool

The areas upgraded during the refurbishment encompass:

  1. Better changing rooms incorporating bigger showers with screens
  2. Bigger lockers (coin operated with £1 returnable coin)
  3. Improved vanity areas including better hairdryers (free use)
  4. Upgraded changing and toilet cubicles
  5. Better hot water pressure and supply
  6. Improved energy efficient poolside LED lighting
  7. New poolside Scoreboard and Public Address system
  8. Steam/Aroma therapy room upgrade
  9. Upgraded Jacuzzi facilities
  10. Additional deep cleaning of pool
  11. New filter media in the balance tank, which provides better water quality through the use less chemicals.

Jersey Amateur Swimming Association (JASA) President, Paul du Feu, works closely with the Sport and Leisure Division to ensure galas and club use are coordinated.  Commenting on the refurbishment, Mr du Feu said:

"The reopening of the newly refurbished pool will be welcomed by all its users. Though frustrating for many to have the facility closed for an extended period the end result should please everyone and ESC are to be congratulated on doing such a wide ranging and diverse set of works in such a short time. A pool needs a huge amount of work behind the scenes and this is generally not understood or forgotten by most swimmers.  We can now all look forward to enjoying a sparkling, clean and fully re- furbished facility. I hope it's fully used by a wide range of the community."  

Youractive _pool4

Youractive _pool3

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Nordic Endurance Walking Classes go From Strength to Strength

Nordic Endurance was launched at Les Quennevais on 6th May and got off to a great start.   Customer response has been overwhelmingly favourable with 3 participants signing up for Active memberships immediately after the session, now that can't be bad!

Instructor Adrian Seymour is delighted at customers' response. 

Adrian Seymour recently completed Nordic Walking training in the UK and has tailor made this new class to cater for individuals with an average to high level of fitness ability.

Comment from Fiona Claxton for who this was the first time of taking up this new class "All areas of equipment use covered deeply and with demonstrations of technique.  Thoroughly enjoyable and in a mixed fitness group from marathon runners to novice participants. Touch workout for all - excellent."

Class essentials:

Duration: 1hr 15 minutes.

Capacity: up to 12 people in a class.

Day and time: Friday mornings at 9.30am.

Location: Starting and finishing at Les Quennevais Sports Centre main reception.

Medical requirements: Customers are advised to be run fit and must complete a Health Commitment Statement/PARQ before the class.

What to wear: Durable all weather clothing and trainers must be worn as this class will take place during all weather conditions with the exception of thunder and lightning.

Routes: The class will traverse through sand dunes or coastal footpaths or along leafy lanes stopping periodically to complete various body weight exercises with interval training.  There will be opportunities to enjoy the beautiful panorama on offer within our island.

For more information contact Adrian on 449880.

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Les Quennevais Pool closure

Please note that it is necessary to close both pools and sauna and steam rooms at Les Quennevais Sports Centre to carry out improvement and upgrade work to our facilities. We apologise for the inconvenience and advise customers that the pools will be closed to the public from the 19th July until 9am on 1st September 2014.

Active members will be able to use Aqua Splash lane swimming facilities during the closedown period. Proof of membership will be required.

Please visit the Aqua Splash website for details of the summer programme

When visiting the site please note that the blue 'lane swimming' times are when Active members are entitled to swim. Juniors can lane swim from 2-3pm only.

Aqua Splash rules are that Children aged 4-7 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult (i.e. over the age of 16 years) in the ratio 2:1. Children under the age of 4 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult (i.e. over the age of 16 years) in the ratio 2:1, provided the approved flotation devices are used. Please contact the Centre for full details of the child supervision ratio.

Please note this offer applies to lane swimming only.

Aquasplash Timetable

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Exercise Referral Client News

After suffering a stroke 8 years ago Phil Wright was left with severe walking difficulties and speech Aphasia. Needless to say this devastating occurrence changed Phil's life, leaving him dependent on his wife Anne.  Shortly afterwards he enrolled on the Exercise Referral programme at Fort Regent where, from his first visit, he was determined to walk again.

Around 4 years ago Phil moved to the Springfield gym to continue his endeavour to regain as much strength as possible and through the aid of a regular exercise regime he is using the static bike, arm cycle weights and even gradually started to walk on a treadmill.

Over the past few months Phil's Exercise Referral instructor, Marilee Picot, has slowly introduced small inclines and increased the duration on equipment up to 15 minutes. 

As May was Stroke Awareness Month, Marilee suggested to Phil that he try the 'Step out for Stroke' sponsored walk which was held on at Les Quennevais cycle track Sunday 18th May.


With the support of Anne and close friends Phil was determined to complete the walk and crossed the finish line in 1 hour and 6 minutes.  This is the furthest distance he has walked in the 8 years following his stroke.

It was heart lifting to see what Phil has achieved with the help and support of the Exercise Referral programme. Marilee and the whole referral team congratulate Phil on his achievement and hope it will inspire other stroke survivors to do the same.

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New Spinning Studioto be launched at Fort Regent in June!

Great news for customers - our ethos of reinvestment in facilities and equipment continues with the addition of a NEW studio at Fort Regent and the purchase of35high-tech NXT bikes.

Spinning is a great low impact exercise for general fitness, weight loss and performance training. Classes are consistently popular.  Despite extra classes being added to the timetable, demand has not abated!

From June even more people can take advantage of Spinning classes.  The NEW studio is located closer to gym facilities and boasts a purpose built sound system, an ambience enhancing LED lighting system, full air conditioning, wall mirrors and a vinyl sports floor.

Our experienced and motivated instructors will ensure you get the best from your workout and with classes in the mornings, evenings and weekends, there's no better time to get spinning! See the Active timetable for more details….

We look forward to seeing you.

Happy Spinning!

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Sam Lee Triathlon success

Avid cyclist and sportswoman Sam Lee pushed herself to the extreme recently in Apigne, France.

On Saturday 10th May 2014, having taught a Spinning class at 9.30am and worked a full day at Les Quennevais Sports, and travelled over very choppy seas to St Malo before arriving in Renne at 10pm.

The following morning she was up at 6am and started preparations for the Apigné Triathlon.

Having checked the surroundings Sam completed a cycle on the roads, double checked her bike and enjoyed a short run in the beautiful surrounding countryside.

606 competitors from various countries but mostly from France entered the triathlon. 

As participants went through last minute preparations weather conditions changed from sunny and warm to cold and rainy.

The event comprised a 1.5km swim in the river Apigné, a 15m run on gravel to awaiting bikes, 40km 6 lap course, followed by 10km run.

Mixed weather conditions made the cycling course difficult, especially on corners.

Sam Lee Triathlon success

It was hard work, but Sam put her all into it and crossed the line in first place - 10 minutes in front of the nearest female competitor.  As the Premier Fille she enjoyed receiving the winner's presentation only to beat a hasty return drive to St Malo for an overnight kip before catching the 6am ferry to Jersey and cycling straight to Les Quennevais to work.  Phew, some challenge Sam.  Well done!  

Sam Lee Triathlon Queen!

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NEW Nordic Endurance Classes

Nordic Endurance is a new style of class. Tailor made by Adrian Seymour this new class caters for individuals with an average to high level of fitness.

Medical requirements:
Customers are advised to be run fit and must complete a Health Commitment Statement/PARQ before the class.

What to wear:
Durable all weather clothing and trainers must be worn as this class will take place during all weather with the exception of extreme conditions. Routes: The class will traverse through sand dunes or coastal footpaths or along leafy lanes stopping periodically to complete various body weight exercises with interval training.

Friday's 9.30am at Les Quennevais main reception

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Sports Centre opening times on May bank holiday

PLEASE NOTE Sports Centre opening times on May bank holiday

Monday 26th May:
Fort Regent and Les Quennevais will be open from 9.00am - 5.00pm.
Springfield will be closed. The Active membership offices will be closed.

There are no fitness classes available on bank holidays.

Fundraising Spinathons will take place at Les Quennevais Sports Centre to raise funds for Jersey Cheshire Home. Sessions will take place at 9.30-10-15am and 10.30-11.15am at a cost of £10 per session.

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May Bank holiday opening hours

PLEASE NOTE Sports Centre opening times over May bank holidays

Monday 5th May, Friday 9th May (Liberation Day) and Monday 26th May: Fort Regent and Les Quennevais will be open from 9.00am - 5.00pm. Springfield will be closed. The Active membership offices will be closed.

Sports Centres will open during normal operating hours on weekends. Active membership offices are open 9am - 1pm on Saturday's but are closed on Sunday's and bank holidays.

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Easter Bank holiday opening hours

PLEASE NOTE Sports Centre opening times over the Easter bank holiday Friday 18th and Monday 21st April, Fort Regent and Les Quennevais will be open from 9.00am - 5.00pm. Springfield will be closed. The Active membership offices will be closed. Sports Centres will operate normal opening hours on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th April. Active membership offices will open 9am - 1pm on Saturday 19th April but are closed on Sunday's.

What classes are on/off over the Easter period

Tuesday 15th April Fort Regent - Zumba 9.30am and 6pm - No Class

Tuesday 15th & 22nd April Springfield - 9am and 10am Line Dancing - No Class

Tuesday 15th & 22nd April Springfield - 11.30am Beginners Pilates - No Class

Wednesday 16th April Fort Regent - Dance Fusion 9.30am - No Class

Thursday 17th April Fort Regent - Exercise Referral Pilates 12pm - No Class

Thursday 17th April Springfield 9.30am Fitness Pilates - No Class

Friday 18th April - No Classes in any centre

Saturday 19th April Fort Regent - Zumba 9.30am - No Class

Sunday 20th April Fort Regent - Strictly 'FitSteps' 10.30am - No Class

Monday 21st April - No Classes in any centre

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Les Quennevais Charity fundraiser

Fundraising Spinathon's will take place at Les Quennevais Sports Centre on bank holidays in April and May (April 21st, May 5th and May 26th) to raise funds for Jersey Cheshire Home.
The session will take place at 9.30-10-15am and 10.30-11.15am.


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New Customer Services Assistant at Fort Regent

Regular visitors to Fort Regent will have noticed a new face at main reception.  Kamela Monks (aka Kiki), is a bubbly, outgoing and active person with a positive optimistic outlook on life and we are pleased to welcome her to the Customer Services Team.

From a young age Kiki showed a particular aptitude for running, cross country, netball and basketball.  Many sports users may recognize Kiki from Jersey Spartans where she was initially placed in Andrew Winnies squad and later found herself competing for Jersey Spartans, Channel Island Athletics Club, Jersey (Island Games), and South of England.

KiKi Monks 
Kiki's main events were Triple Jump and 100m Sprint Hurdles; she was ranked 3rd in Britain for her age group and 13th for the age group above at the age of 17.  She also received a number of gold and silver medals for Pole Vault and 300m Hurdles which she participated in as extra events in the league matches for CIAC.
Having left the track at the young age of 19 due to education commitments, Kiki is now working to rebuild her fitness in order to make a return to the track in time for the 2015 Island Games.   She is determined to succeed and all her work colleagues at the Fort are pleased to give her their support.

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Kick start your routine and burn more calories throughout the day with one of our 7am morning classes!

Struggling to shift that last bit of weight, trying to get to your optimal fitness level or just fancy shaking things up a bit?

Studies have shown that people who work out first thing in the morning continue to burn calories for up to 14 hours after their workout.  To really optimise this effect you want to be working out at about 70-85% of your maximum heart rate. Think about it on a scale of 1 -10, with 1 being no effort and 10 being too hard and you are aiming for about a level  7 or 8 to achieve this. This level of effort is different for everyone but it's a great way to make sure you are giving as much as you can and getting the most out of your time! This effect is called the EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption) effect or after burn effect.


 Our 7am Spinning classes or gym cardio workouts (we are open from 6.30am) will give a great early morning cardio only workout BUT WHY NOT DOUBLE THE EFFECT and add resistance to a high energy training class, such as Circuits and Les Mills BODYPUMP, where you will push your body harder - a level 8 or 9, for short bursts and get even more benefits such as increased bone density, muscle shape and tone and potentially an even longer after burn effect

So why not try it out for yourself, not only can you trigger a greater calorie after burn, you'll feel energised and more awake plus you know that your workouts done for the day and you can just forget about it!

For more information please speak to any of the gym Active team.

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Nordic Walking

Sessions take place on Monday's and Friday's from 1.30pm - 2.30pm. The meeting point changes each week to add variety to the walks.

Free to Active members - for details and meeting points please contact Tel. 449816 / 449617.

If you're new to Nordic walking, you can come to a technique session on Mondays from 11.30am to 12 noon at Fort Regent. Please meet the instructor at the gym reception.

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47% Increase in traffic

Over 91,000 visits to the website in 2013 went to the class timetables page, which is an increase of 33% since 2012.  This page is regularly updated.

Throughout 2013 has seen a significant increase of 47% in visitor numbers.

These results were due to Increasing awareness about the service the website offers, in terms of class times and contact information, and the continued habitual use by Active's regular customers.

A total increase of 87% has been realized to Active's venue pages where Fort Regent, Les Quennevais & Springfield sports centres can be selected for information relevant to each particular centre. The largest increase was to the Fort Regent page which has seen an increase of 117% in traffic since 2012. The Les Quennevais and Springfield pages have also seen an increase of 64% and 66% respectively.

The success of Active's marketing effort is indicated by the fact that 46% of visitors went directly to the website in 2013. This demonstrates an increase not only in brand awareness, but that Active customer's view the site as a central point of information for class times and facilities. This is a 15% increase since 2012.

Active .je Screen -Shot -2014-03-05-at -17.42.10-(2)

The number of visits to the website using mobile devices is the most notable increase (113% increase since 2012) in traffic, and accounts for a total of 37% of visits to the website  in 2013. This demonstrates a desire from customers to access information about Active while on the move, particularly the centre opening times and class timetables.

Responding to this directive from its customer base, Active will begin to make steps towards developing the website to be 'responsive' in 2014.

The benefits of a 'responsive' website is that it adjusts to the size of the device it is being viewed on, from mobile phone to large desktop display, therefore making the information on the website more accessible from any device with an internet connection.

"It has always been our intention to increase communication with our members via online media, but the growth we are seeing has been remarkable", said Barclay Harvey, ESC-Sports Division Manager.

"We will be continuing to develop our online strategy, providing our customers with up to the minute class timetables and other sport and venue information that they can view anywhere anytime on any device," Mr Harvey added.

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Nordic Walking

Nordic walking involves the use of poles to give greater stability for walkers, increased energy expenditure and improved cardiovascular fitness. Nordic Walking is offered as a course by Sport Development and is delivered by qualified Exercise Referral tutors.

In January and February sessions take place on Monday's and Friday's from 1.30pm - 2.30pm. The meeting point changes each week to add variety to the walks.

Price Free to Active, for non-members £34.40 for the 8 week course or £38.70 for the 9 week course.

For course details and meeting points please check at Sports Centre receptions or visit

What to wear and bring

  • wear comfortable clothes
  • wear comfortable trainers or walking shoes
  • bring a bottle of water
  • bring your own poles if you have them

(poles are provided if you don't)

Practice sessions

For newcomers, technique sessions are available on Mondays, 11.30am - 12noon at Fort Regent. Please meet the instructor at the gym reception -free to Active, £2.00 for non-members.

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Jumping Fitness is coming to Jersey

Jump your way to FITNESS, JOY & VITALITY! Jumping improves your physical and psychic condition by a simple and entertaining method.

"We believe in what we do, we believe in Jumping"

Where: Fort Regent Leisure Centre - Room C

When: Tuesday 6pm - 7pm or Thursday 5.30pm - 6.30pm

Price: £8.00 Per Class


For every class it is essential to book a trampoline as places are limited

To Book
Call Lenny: 07700332333 or Email:

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Want to be lean, strong and unstoppable? Try Bodypump

This 60-minute workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises like Squats, Presses, Lifts and Curls.

Great music, awesome instructors and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came for - and fast!

Like all the Les Mills programmes, a new BODYPUMP class is produced every three months with new music and choreography.

What will body pump do for me?

  • Shape and tone the muscles
  • Improve general fitness and well-being
  • Increase body density (important in avoiding osteoporosis)
  • Burn up to 560 calories per class
  • Give a sense of achievement

Describe a typical class

You'll use a step platform, a bar and a selection of weights to suit your fitness level. If you're new to resistance training, or if you're out of shape, you should start with light weights.

After a few classes, you'll know how much weight is right for you. If you're unsure, ask your instructor.

  1. warm-up
    Get your body moving, using light weights only
  2. Legs/Squats
    Use heavier weights in Squat moves that target the big muscle groups and burn lots of calories.
  3. Chest
    Lie back on the step to work the chest, shoulders and triceps.
  4. Back/Gluteals/Hamstrings
    Target the back, glutes and hamstrings with lifts and presses.
  5. Triceps and Biceps
    Isolate and tone the arm muscles in these two tracks.
  6. Legs/Lunges
    Target the legs and shape and tone the butt.
  7. Shoulders/Arms
    Target the entire shoulder area and arms
  8. Abdominals
    Build support and strength in the core.
  9. Cool-down/stretch
    Stretch the muscles to increase flexibility and reduce risk of muscle soreness and injury.

Bodypump Tips

Your instructor is there to make sure you do everything correctly, but try to remember:

  • Good posture is the foundation of all exercise - especially weight training
  • Focus on learning the right technique at the beginning.
  • Work continuously at perfecting your technique.
  • Don't overdo the weights - start gradually increasing them after four to six weeks.
  • Perform the movements with control - smooth actions, not jerky.
  • Always keep your joints slightly bent - don't lock out.
  • Keep focused on the working muscles and stabilise the others.
  • Listen to your body - it will tell you if something is not right.

Some muscle soreness is natural in the days following your first class. This will quickly disappear as your body adjusts to working out with weights.

DurationExercise Type Intensity Burn rate Equipment Music Results
60 minutes Weights-based resistance training Moderate to high intensity up to 560 calories Barbell, Plates and height adjustable step Latest hard-hitting and inspiring tunes Increases strength and endurance, tones and shapes, helps maintain bone health.

What do I need to bring?

Comfortable workout clothes, training shoes, water bottle, towel and attitude! We supply anything else

How often should I do bodypump

We recommend two to three classes a week. Your body needs recovery time between workouts so rest at least one day between classes.

When will I notice results

Once you've started BODYPUMP, your muscles will quickly adapt to this type of workout and you'll notice strength gains as your body gets used to lifting weight. As your strength improves, you'll start to see fat loss and improved muscle tone. Don't overdo it - if you start to increase the weights too quickly, you could suffer injury. Physical activity isn't a quick fix - it should become a part of your lifestyle.

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Cycle Challenge Jersey 10 - 30 June 2013

A free, fun competition to encourage more people to enjoy cycling

What's in it for your business:

  • A FREE team building programme
  • Get more of your staff cycling
  • Healthier staff = fewer sick days = save money
  • Demonstrate your organisation's commitment to sustainability

All employees can take part, it doesn't matter if they haven't been on a bike for years - they only need to ride for 10 minutes to win prizes.

Staff can cycle anywhere they like, anytime they like, over the three-week Challenge period.


  • Encourage your staff to ride a bike
  • They register their ride online
  • Your organisation's score increases
  • Your staff go in the draw for great prizes

Contact the Challenge Manager, Ania Deichsel

Phone: 01534 448 293

Or find out more

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Introducing ViPR

It may look like a humble rubber tube, but ViPR ("viper") is an extremely effective training tool. Virtually indestructable and incredibly functional, ViPR has already made its mark in gyms, in instructor circles and in the media.

Fort Regent gym instructors Kate Denny Mallen and Michael Donoghue have passed their final assessment for ViPR training and are incorporating it into circuit classes.

ViPR is designed to: 

  • Provide an effective, whole-body workout
  • Build muscle and burn calories through strength and movement training
  • Be lifted, dragged, thrown, stepped on - and pretty much any movement you can think of
  • Be safe as it's made of rubber
  • Be suitable for all ages and abilities, with weights ranging from 4kg to 20kg

You can find out more on the ViPR Website:

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NEW! Active Circuits Class

What is circuits?

Also known as 'Interval/cross training' a circuit training class is where the participant performs a number of themed and times exercises in succession. These are known as 'stations'.

Each station will vary the exercise type and will include bodyweight exercises, free weights and cardio work.

The key component of a circuit class is that it raises the heart rate during the class and keeps it slightly elevated for the next 36hrs. So, the body is forced to burn calories effectively long after the class!

A good vibe and an upbeat atmosphere can be expected during the class to keep you motivated!

You can expect the following results and health benefits from a typical circuit training class:

  • Weight Loss/Fat Burning
  • Muscle Toning/Definition
  • Cardiac/Muscle Endurance
  • Blood/Oxygen Ratio Increased
  • Improved Fitness/Stamina levels
  • Decreased Body fat
  • Healthy Lean Muscle
  • Deep/Neglected Muscles Targeted (core)
  • Better Stability/Co-ordination Obtained
  • A higher Metabolic rate achieved
  • App. 600+ Calories Burned

Class Days/Times

Tuesdays: 6-7pm
Wednesdays: 7-7.45am
Saturdays: 10-11am 

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What is your aerobic fitness level?

Your aerobic fitness level gives an indication of how efficiently your heart and lungs are working to transport oxygen and nutrients into tissues and helping to remove waste from your body more quickly. Aerobic fitness also helps keep our heart strong and working to its optimum capacity.

How do you test your aerobic fitness?
Before you start marching, make a mental note of the point between your hip and knee. Aim to bring your knees up to this point for every step you take. Now begin marching on the spot, bringing alternate knees to this benchmark height.

As your right leg comes up, swing your left arm in a marching rhythm before changing to the opposite leg and arm. Your head should be looking forward. Try not to bring your knee up too far as you could pull a hamstring.

Aim for 30 steps in one minute and continue marching for three minutes. When you have completed this exercise, measure your heart rate by placing two fingers on the pulse found on your wrist just below the base of your hand. Take a count of the number of beats you can feel over a period of ten seconds. This indicates how efficiently your heart and lungs are working to bring oxygen and nutrients to your body.

What the results show:

21+ beats - poor level of aerobic fitness
16 - 20 beats - average level of aerobic fitness
Less than 16 beats - good to very good level of aerobic fitness 

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Optimum Hydration

When exercising at any of our Active Gyms in Jersey, it is important to stay hydrated, this article outlines what is required to keep the right balance of hydration throughout the day.

We can survive without food for up to a month but can only go 3 days without fluids. Drinking fluids provides us with the most important nutrients that our body needs. 

How much fluid do we need?

The body loses about 1.5 litres a day through the skin, lungs, digestive tract and via the kidneys as urine.

We make about 1/3rd of a litre per day when glucose is burnt for energy. Therefore the minimum we need per day is 1 litre. Ideal is 2 litres per day.

How can we achieve the correct balance?

Fruit and vegetables consist of around 90% water and provide it in a form easily used by the body.

One kilogram of fruit and vegetables provides approximately 1 litre of water. Therefore if you eat the recommended intake of 4 pieces of fruit and 4 servings of vegetables per day, you are not only providing your body with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant chemicals but you are also providing approximately 1litre of water. This leaves 1 litre to be taken as fluid.

The remaining litre can be taken in the form of:

• Water

• Herb or fruit teas

• Diluted fruit juice (in moderation)

• Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.


Water is not simply H20. A typical spring water provides 100mg of calcium per litre (Therefore 1 litre can provide 1/6th of your daily 600mg calcium requirement).

Carbonated water

• Not all bottled water is spring water (read the label carefully)

• Artificially carbonated water actually depletes our minerals (the carbon molecules in artificially

carbonated drinks are unattached and can bind to minerals in the body, taking them from us)

• People who consume a lot of carbonated drinks tend to have less bone density than those who do not.

Tap water

There are concerns over the anti-nutrients such as nitrates, lead and aluminium, contained in tap water.

Levels of these exceed safety limits in much of Britain and approximately 1/4 of all British tap water contains pesticides at levels above maximum admissible concentrations set by the EC. 

Therefore it is best to drink filtered, bottled or distilled water (although filters also remove naturally occurring minerals from the body).


The stimulants in tea and coffee act as diuretics and rob the body of valuable minerals. Therefore they are not recommended as ideal sources of fluid intake. 

• Caffeine is not good for health or energy levels

• It can cause a rapid heart beat and lead to irritability and anxiety

• Caffeine causes a blood sugar peak (instant 'energy'). The body scrambles to adjust this increase in blood sugar by releasing insulin to bring blood sugar levels back to normal ('slump'). This causes hunger and uneven energy levels.

• Decaffeinated still contains stimulants. Chemicals are used to remove the caffeine.



Drink 1 -2 litres of water and herb tea per day (try taking a 2 litre bottle of water to work and drinking it throughout the day)

• Dilute fruit juices with 50% water

• Be well hydrated before exercise and drink an extra litre of fluid per hour of exercise

• Limit tea and coffee

• Drink alcohol in moderation.

Don't use thirst as an indicator of fluid need. you will already be dehydrated by the time your body starts signalling thirst!


You can read more about hydration in this article Are you dying of thirst? For a full list of Active classes at our three great centres go to our online timtable.

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FREE Kenpo Karate Introductory courses for Active Members

The Jersey Kenpo Karate Centre of Excellence at Fort Regent is offering Active members an opportunity to learn Martial Arts on a short action packed 4 week introductory course in September. 

This exciting opportunity is being offered free of charge to all Active card members.  Membership number will be required when confirming attendance.

The course will teach students many aspects of Martial Arts including Karate and Self Defence and has been designed to give the individual confidence and greater environmental awareness.  It will also include some aspects of Oriental Philosophy.

Instructors Mr Roy Macdonald, Chief Instructor and 9th Degree Black belt, and Mr Jon Allo, Senior Instructor and 3rd degree Black Belt, will deliver the course.

Active card members interested in participating should contact Roy Macdonald as directed below:

Telephone: 07797 712 042

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Introducing BOKWA

BOKWA, is a trademarked name and workout that is derived from a combination of two words. "BO" represents the light boxing and "KWA" representing the cultural and traditional dance Kwaito, hence, BOKWA is born.

It is an intense cardiovascular workout combined with South African war dance, Capoeira, Kickboxing and Steps. It has been proven to burn a great amount of calories making it easier for weight loss goals. Through the use of fast paced extreme movement, a fun, challenging, and energizing total body workout was created.

BOKWA is a very unique dance fitness program due to the use of letters and numbers as placement combined with use of hand signals and American Sign Language. It is refreshing and builds strength and endurance driven by the pulsating rhythmic beats of African, Latin, Popular dance and House music. Bokwa is an innovative dance fitness program that is an abundance of fun and does NOT feel like a workout!!!!

Learn something completely new! Bokwa is the new exciting fitness dance, available to everybody, using the rhythmic beats of African, Latin, popular dance and house music. High and Low impact cardiovascular dance worksout.

The Bokwa dance steps will be broken down into easy to follow steps by using repetition. Handouts will be provided to refer to steps and their given names of the letters of the alphabet. We will be counting steps, while working to the beat, phrase and block led by the tutor. It covers the mixture of low and high impact movements.

By the end of this course you should be able to:

Demonstrate the new dance/fitness routine, increase fitness, flexibility, strength, motor skills and sense of rhythm. Describe where Bokwa originated from.

What level is the course and do I need any particular skills?

Suitable to all who have interest in fitness and dance.

How will I be taught, and will there be any work outside the class?

Demonstration, verbal explanation, handouts, correction, repetition, pair work.

Are there any other costs? Is there anything I need to bring?

Wear confortable clothes and cross trainers to support your feet and ankles.

Do I need to have an interview before I can enrol?


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Be sharp in the gym

We all know the scenario. You arrive at the gym, pushed for time and raring to get your workout over and done with. Warming up takes time and after all you did just walk all the way from the car park!!! So how can we convince you of

the importance of always including the warm-up and show you the risks if you just throw yourself straight into the gym without any preparation.

The Benefits

• Raising Core Body temperature - Muscles will be much more responsive due to the increase in blood supply and oxygen to the working muscles. REMEMBER warmed up muscles are able to exert greater power - a definite plus!

• Improved Flexibility and Mobility - Due to the increase in blood supply the muscles become more pliable and the joints secrete synovial fluid which acts as a lubricant - think of oiling your bike to keep all the parts working efficiently. 

• Mental preparation - A warm-up gives you time to focus on the exercise ahead and leave the stresses of the day behind. You wouldn't ask an Olympic diver to throw himself off a height without some sort of mental preparation - now would you? 

The Risks

Injury - Decreasing your risk of injury is the MAIN reason to warm-up. Cold muscles are more susceptible to injury due to lack of elasticity. Imagine your muscles as a piece of chewing gum. If you tried to stretch it when it was cold and just out the wrapper, it would snap. But if you chew it for a few minutes and allow it to warm-up, then you can stretch it to your hearts content. 

The Process

Mobilise joints - include movements that take your joints through their full range e.g. shoulder circles. This increases synovial fluid production. Lower body mobilisation can be done on the cardio equipment. 

A 10 minute pulse-raiser - helps raise body temperature and should leave you 'mildly' sweating. In the gym this can be done on the cross trainer, bike etc.

Powerplate - warms-up the muscle fibres super fast and offers an alternative warm-up for weights equipment. 1 minute for lower body (e.g. mid-squat) and 1 minute for upper body (e.g. press-up position).

Specific Warm-up - concentrates on the body part about to be used through rehearsal e.g. performing the first couple of sets of an exercise using light weights. 

The Big Question - Pre-workout stretching? It's been shrouded in controversy for some time. Should we stretch before a workout, or should we simply not bother and get on with our routine?

According to Robin Redgrave, Director of YMCAfit, exercise sessions where joints remain within a controlled range of movement (as in a resistance machine session or a group indoor cycling session) may not need a stretching component during the warm-up. However given that the jury is currently out on this issue, it wouldn't hurt to spend a couple of minutes stretching the muscles about to be used in your workout. However spending ten minutes static stretching after the warm-up, where the body temperature is allowed to drop completely defeats the aim of the warm-up and may actually increase your risk of injury! Don't waste time - get on with the workout!


From a weight training point, warm muscles are able to exert greater power, contract more efficiently and for longer before fatigue.

With regards to cardio training, research shows that an effective warm-up can increase exercise time and enable you to continue for longer.

So start your workout with a big bang and prep yourself properly!

Now that we've got you hot and bothered and raring to go, you'll have to wait until the next issue to check out more top tips to get the most out of your workout.

Written by Craig Masefield, Mandy Bonhomme at 00:00

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The Active 8 ultra-fit challenge

Fort Regent gym will be challenging you to The Active 8 ultra-fit challenge throughout July and August.

If you want to improve or test your current fitness levels you must complete the challenge of 8 exercises back to back with little or no rest as many times as you can over this 8 week period. 

Start and finish this timed challenge at the gym desk whenever you are feeling up to it, gym staff will be on hand to demonstrate the correct technique for the exercises and generally encourage you to complete this task which consists of press ups, sit ups, chins, squats, lunges, rowing, cycling and running. 

The time to aim for is 20 minutes, great for lunchtime workouts.

A leader board will be displayed at the gym reception to incentivise participants.

If you feel up to the challenge ask for further information at Fort Regent Active gym and activate your energy levels this summer.

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Head to head with your excuses

Personal Trainer's Top Tips

"As an Active personal trainer I hear plenty of excuses for not exercising, yet for many it is the highlight of their day. There is a broad range of activities and it is important that in order to achieve your health and fitness goals that you find something you enjoy. This could be a structured program at Active Gym or an activity in your own home. Unleash the power and see the positive changes in your body and lifestyle."

How many excuses?

EXCUSE - I haven't enough time.

Create the wheel of time and find out how much time you really have.

Shade in the hours you sleep, work, and activities throughout your day. See how much time is left to exercise. If your wheel is full try to combine exercise within your normal day. For example walking to work, park at the far side of the car park, use the stairs instead of the lift. 

EXCUSE - I'm too tired after work.

Commit to something - a friend, a class or an Active personal trainer. Consider the possible reasons "Why you are tired".

Have a healthy snack in the afternoon and some fruit before you leave work, to combat tiredness.

Change your habits & routines after work; don't go straight home but exercise on the way. Get organised pack your gym kit the night before. Don't get that after work feeling. Don't slouch, get out and get active - walk to a friends house, go to the park, take the dogs or the kids, remember this should be enjoyable! 

If after work doesn't suit - try other times of the day, morning or lunchtime could be a better alternative. Research has been suggested that early morning training is more beneficial to you than other times of the day, your body is working harder due to the lack of blood sugar in your body, forcing your body to burn fat. What better reason to get up early!!! Also the gyms are quieter.

Buddy training at lunchtime - Team up with a friend from work motivating each other as you train. Make sure you leave enough time to cool down, stretch & eat after your work out.

EXCUSE - I haven't exercised for years.

What is stopping you from exercising? Write down a list of possible reasons and try to and give yourself a solution. Try to address the reason why you stopped exercising, as this demotivator is likely to reoccur.

EXCUSE - I don't want to bulk out.

Fat weighs less than muscle but takes up more space. Therefore by using weights to convert excess body fat to muscle you will achieve a slimmer physic. Resistance training (Weights) is your quickest and most effective route to the body you want. The major advantage of resistance training is the after-burn it provides.  This lasts up to 48 hours as the body repairs the muscles worked. When carrying more muscle you will be burning more calories whilst at rest.

Women generally find it difficult to gain muscle due to the lack of testosterone in their body (testosterone stimulates muscle growth).

Research time & time again proves that any exercise is better than none. So don't get too technical about it. Find something you enjoy, put your trainers on and 'JUST DO IT'.


Too embarrassed to go to the gym 

Weak knees & back problems

I don't know how to use the machines

Lack of motivation


Go to a single sex class

Go when the gyms are quiet

Go with a friend

Book a session with an Active Personal Trainer

Exercise at home with or without a Personal Trainer

Obtain advice from your doctor

Book an assessment with Exercise Referral

Book a session with an Active Personal Trainer

Book an induction with an instructor

Book a session with Active Personal Trainer

Book a session with an Active Personal Trainer

Book a class

Arrange to meet a friend

Join a Club

Book a session with an Active Personal Trainer

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Detox Tips For The Summer

Why detox? Gentle detoxing can help remove the build-up of foreign substances and toxins from your fat stores in the body. These accumulated substances can sap your vitality and can be the cause of tiredness, headaches, constipation, allergies, low sex drive, skin problems and excess weight. Having an occasional clean out can help the body re-gain some of its lost vitality and give you renewed energy for a fun-filled summer.

Some of the following tips will help you get started:

Cleanse with Water

You should drink between 1 and 2 litres of bottled or filtered water per day. Drinking plenty of water is an important part of detoxification that will help cleanse and eliminate toxins from the body. Avoid fizzy drinks and reduce your tea and coffee intake.

 Top Tip = Start your day with a cup of warm water and lemon to flush out your kidneys. It will zest up the start of your day.

Detox Tips For The Summer Image

 Out with the Energy Sappers (Caffeine)

Increase your energy levels by reducing your caffeine intake. Caffeine is an anti-nutrient and will rob your body of vital vitamins and minerals. It can reduce the absorption of iron and zinc by up to 50%, which can reduce the effectiveness of your immune system. Caffeine is a stimulant that overworks the adrenal glands leading to adrenal exhaustion and a more tired you.

Top Tip = Come off the caffeine slowly. Start by reducing the amount of coffee you drink by half. Experiment with alternatives such as Red Bush (Rooibosch) tea, Caro coffee alternative and herbal teas. Don't be put off by your first herbal tea taste, there are loads to choose from!

Reduce Sweet and Fatty Foods

We all know this, but how many of us have diets high in the wrong kind of fats and hidden sugars. Read food labels and become aware of what you are putting into your body. Too many sweet foods can play havoc with your blood sugar levels, immune system and mood. Avoid refined white sugar, dextrose, corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. Use healthier alternatives such as naturally sweet fruit juice, honey and molasses.

Top Tip = Sweeten your breakfast cereal with fresh fruits.

In the Raw

Try to include one raw food meal each day. This will help increase your intake of vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant chemicals. Raw food is also a good source of live enzymes, which aid in the digestion and processing of food.

Top Tip = Try different ingredients to jazz up your salads such as grated carrot, shredded red and white cabbage, grated beetroot, sliced mushrooms, black olives, spring onions, sun-dried tomatoes, marinated prawns, griddled chicken and small amounts of feta or goat's cheese.

Surround yourself with Fresh Fruit and Veggies

No excuse now, bright coloured fresh fruit and vegetables are everywhere and you need to make the most of it. Include salads, fresh fruit smoothies, chilled vegetable soups, fresh fruit juices, fruit salads, crudités with guacamole, or hummus dips (see recipes below.)

Top Tip = Snack on chopped vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, sugar snap peas, broccoli with a low fat dip or serve as starter.

Be Inspired by Colour

When shopping, try to include some form of fresh food in your basket from every colour of the rainbow. Your basket or trolley should be brimming with colour and freshness. This will help ensure you get a wide range of protective nutrients for your body. Try including berries (purple and red), apples and pears (green), mangoes (orange), pineapples (yellow). For vegetables try aubergine and tomatoes (purple and red), spinach (green), sweet potatoes and butternut squash (orange) and yellow peppers. With regards to the kids, try to encourage them to help find the colours.

Top Tip = Eat from the rainbow.

Learn to Love the Freedom of the Outdoors 

Get outside more and fill your lungs with fresh air.

Top Tip = summer is the perfect time to try a new form

of exercise and use up all your newly found energy! Try tennis at Les Quennevais (part of the Active card), a swim in Havre des Pas pool, cliff-path walking, cycling, jogging or try the new Trim Trail at Fort Regent.

Summer Recipes

Mango and Strawberry Fruit Smoothie (2)

1 ripe mango, chopped

6-8 strawberries

1 pint soya milk

4 tbsp low fat Bio or unsweetened soya yogurt

Mixed ground seeds

Blend all the ingredients together in a blender until smooth. If the consistency is too thick,

then add some filtered water and blend.


400g tin chickpeas, drained and rinsed

2 garlic cloves, crushed

2 tablespoons (30ml) olive oil

120ml tahini (sesame seed spread)

Juice of 1 lemon

Pinch of paprika or cayenne pepper

Freshly ground black pepper

Puree the chickpeas and other ingredients in

a blender or food processor ingredients to make a creamy consistency.

Taste and add more black pepper or lemon

juice if necessary.

Chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours

before serving.

Serve with freshly cut carrots, celery, peppers, broccoli and cauliflower or as a spread for sandwiches or tortilla wraps.

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Healthy Mind Meets Healthy Body

Firstly, forget about going on a diet and commit yourself to a healthy eating plan. There is no mystery to this: simply avoid too much red meat, cut back on the alcohol, avoid ready-made meals and takeaways, avoid food with a high fat or sugar content and keep an eye on serving sizes. Secondly write down a list of your top priorities and consider what it will take to keep exercise and healthy eating at the top of that list. Thirdly, acknowledge once and for all that diet pills do not work and miracle exercise machines, such as those that you strap to your stomach while watching TV, have no hope of working either. And last but not least, lifting weights is the key to every fitness goal you have ever had.

Sounds difficult? Then consider it this way. You only need to keep one fact in mind - you have to expend more calories than you invest. That's it.

It is a physical impossibility to eat fewer calories than your body requires and never lose weight.

Here's where exercising your mind comes in - intelligence is a powerful weapon in the quest for a great physique. Common sense dictates that a 'virtually fat free' chocolate fudge cake sounds too good to be true. That's' because it is - it's a minefield of calories and hidden fat. OK, so it may not be fat before it hits your stomach, but once its in there, all excess sugar is converted to fat (and believe me, that's a lot of excess!) Even worse, the insulin produced by a high level of sugar promotes fat storage and disrupts your blood sugar so much that, in no time at all, you will be craving sugar again.

The good news is that if you reduce the sugar in your diet, your sugar cravings will immediately decrease. Diet meals are another minefield - often, calories are reduced by reducing portion sizes, leaving you hungry and more likely to continue snaking after dinner - and the salt content in snacks is often artificially high.

Healthy Mind Meets Healthy Body

Another way of exercising your mind is to acquire knowledge. Learn everything you can about the glycaemic index - a table that shows you how fast the energy from each food is released. Why is this important? Because if the food you eat releases energy too quickly, you ingest all the calories in one go and your body is more likely to store some of that energy as fat.

Foods that release energy slowly will keep your hunger at bay and will not promote fat storage. If you know you have a particular weakness, such as eating out, do a little research first - choose chicken tikka instead of a balti, or choose pilau rice instead of a naan.

Diet plays a key part in the quest for a great physique, but exercise is the other vital part of the equation. Exercise videos that advertise 'results in just 15 minutes a day' are not going to get you anywhere near the ideal physique that you aspire to.  Instead, regard the following three principles as the cornerstone of your workout.

Firstly, a great physique requires a great workout. Hit the gym until you find a sport or exercise class that you really enjoy, then log the man hours.  If you can't get to a gym, go jogging or walking instead.

You may want to enlist the help of a personal trainer for at least a couple of sessions to find out exactly what you need to achieve.

Secondly, go for quality, not quantity. Your workouts need to make you sweat and must provide a serious challenge. They must be regular and varied and get the results you are looking for.

Thirdly, you must include weight training in your workout. Especially if you want to lose fat. Why? Because muscle requires more calories than fat, so the more muscle you have in your body, the more calories you will burn, even when you aren't exercising.

So make this the year that works, by exercising your mind before exercising your body. It's a simple mantra, but believe me, it works.

As time goes by, increasing your knowledge of diet and fitness issues will make leading a healthy life easier and more enjoyable.

Written by Elesa Argent at 10:24

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Are you dying of thirst?

The bones that support your body are 25% water. The muscles that drive performance are 75% water. The blood that carries nutrients to your muscles is 82% water. The lungs that oxygenate you are 90% water. Your brain that motivates you is 76% water.

People tend to think that it's impossible to drink the recommended 1.5 - 2 litres of water a day. But often these people are having a couple of coffees in the morning, a can of soft drink with lunch, and alcoholic beverages with their dinner. They all provide hydration, but are not as healthy as water.

Substituting these drinks with water will make it easier for you to achieve the recommendations. Start by drinking a couple of glasses when you first get up in the morning and then continue to drink water throughout the day. Keep a bottle of water with you all day and drink plenty before, during and after your workout.

Somewhere between 70 and 75 percent of the earth's surface is covered with water.
Michael Colgan in his book Optimum Sports Nutrition labelled us a "hairy bag of water". Very apt considering the body is approximately 66% water.

Keeping your fluid levels topped up is crucial for optimal performance. The main factors that will negatively affect performance and increase fatigue are insufficient carbohydrate stores and poor fluid intake. Research has shown that even mild dehydration of 1% bodyweight can negatively affect performance.

In an attempt to prevent a rise in core temperature as you exercise, the body tries to get rid of excess heat through sweating and also as water vapour in the air as you breathe out. Unless fluid is replaced, sweating causes a drop in circulating blood volume and a thickening of the blood. When this occurs, the heart has to work harder to maintain blood flow to the muscles, making exercise seem a whole lot harder!

According to Michael Colgan performance literally dries up without adequate hydration.
"Dehydrate a muscle by only 3% and you cause about a 10% loss of contractile strength, and an 8% loss of speed." In an article written by Lee Coyne Ph.D. entitled 'Water for Health and Performance' "Even low levels of dehydration have physiological consequences. A loss of 2% bodyweight (just 1kg for a 50kg person) causes an increase in perceived effort and is claimed to reduce performance by 10-20% A fluid loss exceeding 3-5% bodyweight reduces aerobic exercise performance noticeably and impairs reaction time, judgment, concentration and decision making - vital elements in all sports,from pole-vaulting to football."

Are you drinking enough?
Take the pee test. Sounds classy I know but this provides an easy way to check your water intake. When water losses from the body exceed water intake, the kidneys need to conserve water, making the urine more concentrated and darker in colour. Dark coloured urine is a good indicator that you are dehydrated. If you are drinking enough water then your urine should be almost clear. Please note however that certain vitamin supplements and vegetables such as beetroot can alter this colour.

A healthy person can drink about three gallons (48 cups) of water per day. Drinking too much water too quickly can lead to water intoxication. Water intoxication occurs when water dilutes the sodium level in the bloodstream and causes an imbalance of water in the brain.

Signs and Symptoms of Dehydration
• Headaches
• Dry eyes / Dry mouth
• Drowsiness / Light headedness
• Reduced concentration
• Irritability
• Reduced urine output
• Fatigue
• Muscle weakness
Reduced performance

Soft drinks, coffee and tea, while containing mostly water, also contain caffeine. Caffeine can act as a mild diuretic, preventing water from travelling to necessary locations in the body. From a health point of view these are not the best choices but can contribute towards your daily intake. By the time a person feels thirsty, his or her body has lost over 1 percent of its total water amount.

• Don't wait until you are thirsty
• Sip fluid throughout the day - aim for 8 glasses of good quality water, herbal teas, diluted fruit and vegetable juices
• Remember that a diet high in fruit and vegetables will have a high water content that contributes towards daily intake
• Arrive hydrated to your exercise session
• Exercise can suppress thirst - so get into the habit of drinking regularly during your session
• Take a water bottle with you
• recommend drinking 300ml every 10 - 15 mins during exercise
• If exercising longer than 90 minutes then the addition of a sports drink formula can help performance
• Adjust drinking strategy according to heat - training in warm temperatures or outside in the sun encourages more sweat loss - therefore drink more
• Weigh yourself before and after exercise and replace fluid losses - each kilogram of weight loss equates to approximately 1 litre of water
References - 'Water for Health and Performance' by Lee Coyne
The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition Anita Bean
Optimum Sports NutritionMichael Colgan

Written by Mandy Bonhomme at 15:50

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Customer Focus - Peak Fitness

Channel TV reporter Eric Blakeley has accomplished many great sporting achievements, including scaling many of the world's highest mountains, but he would not be able to were it not for his regular fitness and exercise routine at the island's leisure centres. Talking to Paul Lees, he finds himself on the other end of the questions for once.

What facilities do you use?

I tend to go to the gym (at Fort Regent) eight times a week including three lunch hours on the weights. I also use Les Quennevais most mornings for swimming and on a Sunday afternoon with my five year old daughter. It's nice as its close enough for us to cycle to.

You have realised many personal sporting dreams such as climbing Mount Everest. Which other interesting feats have you accomplished?

I have completed all of the Seven Summits - basically the highest peaks in each of the highest continents including Everest, Kilimanjaro and Elbrus. I have also completed round island and round Manhattan island swims, the Jersey, London and Paris marathons, raced up the Empire State building and competed in the World Bog Snorkelling Championships! (That's swamp-like outdoor bog not common toilet bog!).

What plans do you have for your next challenge?

I don't have any plans but I have now taken up pistol shooting. It is nice to try new things as interests and abilities change.

Channel TV's production "Report Sport" is an excellent medium and champion of local sport. However, do you think the island's media does enough to promote local sport and sports stars?

You can never do enough but you need to get the balance right. We try to cover all sports but there are just so many.

Do you think television and the media in general has a responsibility or role in encouraging an active and healthier lifestyle?

I think we are in danger of telling people they are not fit when they are. There can be a sport for everyone - walking, golf, kayaking. It can just be for fun and it is about finding something which suits you. The key to keeping fit is to do little regularly. It is good just to pop in (to the Fort) for half an hour and with the Active card you get that flexibility.

Wise words Eric. Let's hope the people get the message!

Written by Paul Lees at 15:46

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