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Exercise Referral Client News

After suffering a stroke 8 years ago Phil Wright was left with severe walking difficulties and speech Aphasia. Needless to say this devastating occurrence changed Phil's life, leaving him dependent on his wife Anne.  Shortly afterwards he enrolled on the Exercise Referral programme at Fort Regent where, from his first visit, he was determined to walk again.

Around 4 years ago Phil moved to the Springfield gym to continue his endeavour to regain as much strength as possible and through the aid of a regular exercise regime he is using the static bike, arm cycle weights and even gradually started to walk on a treadmill.

Over the past few months Phil's Exercise Referral instructor, Marilee Picot, has slowly introduced small inclines and increased the duration on equipment up to 15 minutes. 

As May was Stroke Awareness Month, Marilee suggested to Phil that he try the 'Step out for Stroke' sponsored walk which was held on at Les Quennevais cycle track Sunday 18th May.


With the support of Anne and close friends Phil was determined to complete the walk and crossed the finish line in 1 hour and 6 minutes.  This is the furthest distance he has walked in the 8 years following his stroke.

It was heart lifting to see what Phil has achieved with the help and support of the Exercise Referral programme. Marilee and the whole referral team congratulate Phil on his achievement and hope it will inspire other stroke survivors to do the same.

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Exercise Referral – A tribute to Sue Meyer

A truly inspirational person was lost to us when Sue Meyer sadly passed away on 12th March following her battle against Motor Neurone Disease.

Sue was one of the first fitness instructors to join the Exercise Referral Team in 2005 (originally known as Prescription For Health) and she worked for 18 years on the programme until her retirement in June 2013.

In the early 1990s her previous experience in Health Promotion in the community as a 'Look After Yourself' tutor, and a Seated Exercise instructor for Elderly Services gave her a broad base of knowledge and experience for her new role. The enthusiasm and dedication that Sue applied to her work over the years has undoubtedly been a key factor to the success and development of the programme.

Sue Meyer

Her level of client care was exemplary - nothing was ever too much trouble, and Sue applied herself to the job using a huge amount of common sense and patience until she acquired the professional qualification of G.P. Referral Fitness Instructor in 2005 with the rest of the team. Since then she continued to develop her professional standards to a high level to improve the quality of her work.

As a member of the team Sue was a natural leader and mentor and was always willing to share her knowledge and experience with others. She was also a true friend to us all, helping to solve everyday problems with her wonderful sense of humour, patience, kindness and sound common sense.

She was also a great role model and was one of the fittest people I know, with her unstinting efforts to raise funds for Jersey Hospice through the numerous cycle challenges she undertook.

Sue has touched the lives and hearts of many people and she will be remembered with great affection by all her friends and colleagues at Exercise Referral and Fort Regent.

Val Wood

Senior Exercise Referral Practitioner

Fort Regent Leisure Centre

Written by Val Wood at 10:00

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