The art of expanding of your comfort zone

Thursday 02 May 2024
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What is a comfort Zone?

It’s a cozy bubble where you feel safe and comfortable doing things you're used to. It's where you feel relaxed and not worried about taking risks or trying new things.

Inside our comfort zone, we don’t typically engage in new experiences or take on any challenges and only participate in activities that are familiar to us, which helps us to feel “in control” of our environment.

For example, it might be staying at home watching your favourite TV show because it feels familiar and easy, or only applying for jobs within the same industry or role because it feels safe, or avoiding confrontations or difficult conversations because they feel uncomfortable and might lead to conflict.

The Magic Happens Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

You may have heard the phrase “Life begins when you step outside of your comfort zone” before. There are some huge benefits to trying something different or changing up your routine, including:

  • Increased confidence
  • Resilience
  • Improved adaptability
  • Personal growth
  • Discovering new interests.
  • Learning new skills

Gradually challenging yourself to try new things and embrace discomfort will allow you to grow and develop. Instead of thinking of it as leaving your comfort zone, why not think of it as expanding it?

Don’t imagine the worst, instead try imagining the best possible outcome! How often do you try something new?

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Break out of your habits!

Start by setting achievable goals that slightly push your boundaries. Make sure you break down larger or daunting challenges into smaller, more manageable steps.

If you stay inside your comfort zone, you’ll never know what you’re capable of.

Even though it can feel nerve-wracking at first, growing your comfort zone is how learn new things. It's like stretching your muscles – it might be uncomfortable at first, but it helps you to become stronger and more confident.



We spoke to Sue from Sue Stubbs Coaching about comfort Zones and how to grow them:

"One person’s version of their comfort zone is very different from another’s.  Your comfort zone is what is familiar for you.  It could be a calm, content and happy way of life, good habits, a healthy lifestyle, or a chaotic, unsettled and unhappy existence, with the accumulation of habits that have created an unhealthy way of life.

Mine consisted of being a Mum, partner, long serving employee with an organisation for over 20 years with a consistent amount of chaos and stress, along with an unhealthy lifestyle; I was happy for the most part, but above all, it was familiar, predictable and that felt comfortable for me.

I decided to sign up to a 90-day go alcohol free challenge; this was completely out of my comfort zone, I was firmly in the fear zone, other people’s opinions were difficult to process, I found myself questioning my decision and wanted to go back to that comfort of familiarity and predictability, even if it was horrendous hangovers!

I kept firm on my decision each day and it was incredibly tough at times; I replaced the hangovers with reading, listening to audio books, studying, embarking on self-development courses, counselling and coaching.  I was also able to navigate through any challenges (and there were many) with a new energy and with confidence.  Not only did I learn new skills, I built an amazing relationship with myself; this was learning on another level! 

The 90-day challenge had turned into 4 and a half years! Some of my learning was around my fears and creating an awareness of that had kept me in that comfort zone for so long, not trying new things because ‘what if?’ 

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One of my fears, I have no sense of direction and was always afraid of getting lost and not being able to find my way back to safety. So, I decided to book a flight to Canada; I have family that live there, so I stayed with them for a week and then ventured into Toronto on my own.  I was apprehensive and nervous.  I got lost several times but found my way back.  I then decided to purposely put myself in situations for this to happen – of course, there was fear, but I started to look around and whilst being lost, I found some of the most amazing places. 

So, I have completely changed my mindset; I don’t get lost any more, I am discovering something new, a different path.  I also decided to embark on another career path, left the comfort of my employer of the last 20 years.

Last year I booked a solo trip to Sri Lanka; there was no apprehension, no fear, just pure excitement and possibilities, absolutely loved it!  What an adventure!

The realisation of how much I have grown through this process is just incredible!

I’ve also started my own Coaching business; I help people discover their own unique potential through listening, reframing their way of thinking, helping them challenge their limits and beliefs and guide them on their journey to the best version they can be."

If you'd like to find out more from Sue, visit  or find her on Instagram

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