Active Facilities Terms of Use

Active Facilities Terms of Use

All members and customers visiting an Active Centre must comply with these terms of use. 

We reserve the right to terminate membership and/or refuse entry into a centre if you commit a serious or repeated breach of these terms of use, or your membership contract, or if you engage in any other serious misconduct.

In addition to Active Centre Terms of Use each of our facilities have their own operational rules (on display in various parts of the centre) which customers must also comply with. We reserve the right to make reasonable amendments to these terms, or our centre operational rules, at any time. If we do this, we will give customers reasonable advance notice by placing the new rules on a notice board at each centre.

Words and phrases in these terms have the same meanings as given in our Membership Terms & Conditions, unless specified otherwise. 


  • Acceptance of an application for membership is at our absolute discretion (although we will exercise our discretion reasonably, and in compliance with applicable laws).
  • Membership entitles members to use the facilities available at our Sports centres. The types of memberships and facilities offered by us will differ from centre to centre, and may change from time to time.
  • Each category of Membership has different restrictions, conditions, and benefits. Another category of Membership may be of interest to you if your requirements or circumstances change.
  • A member who has "frozen" their membership must pay the relevant entry fee to use the facilities during their freeze period.


  • During your membership application, we will give you and any linked members (except for children under the age of 8) a membership card or RFID tag. 
  • In the event of loss or damage to your Active card, or RFID tag, it is your responsibility to collect a replacement that will be issued for a fee See Fees and prices on our website at Management reserves the right to insist upon purchase of a replacement card for you to access the facilities. 
  • Each Member must have their card or RFID tag to access facilities and to confirm their attendance  for each visit to an Active Centre. 
  • Membership cards and RFID tags are not transferable. Active reserve the right to withdraw, without refund of any fees, any Active cards used by any person other than the cardholders.


  • Non-members are permitted to use our centres without an accompanying member, these visitors must pay the relevant entry fee and complete a Health Commitment Statement if they wish to use the Gym facilities.
  • Guests and visitors are required to pay the appropriate entry fee, or present a valid guest pass (if applicable) before they can use facilities.


  • Payment is required at the time of booking.
  • If you cancel more than 12 hours before the session starts, there will be no charge and your booking will be refunded or transferred (where possible). 
  • If you cancel less than 12 hours before your session starts your booking will not be refunded. 
  • If you persistently fail to attend your pre-booked sessions, your booking rights may be suspended.


Parking orders exist at sports centre sites, requiring vehicle owners to park appropriately in order to avoid a fine/charge.   This is done in the best interests of those wishing to legitimately use a sports centre and be able to park easily.

  • Active car parks may only be used by members, guests, and visitors using the facilities. 
  • Vehicles must not be left in our car parks at any other time (for example, while you go shopping elsewhere).
  • Vehicles must be parked properly within the marked parking spaces.
  • Vehicles left on site or not parked within the dedicated spaces will be subject to a fine.


This is a short stay carpark. You can stay up to three hours.  Short stay car parks are charged at one unit per hour between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday.  You can use pay cards or the new PayByPhone app to pay for your parking and must display your time of arrival.

Active Members:

  • Full Active members receive 2 hours free parking at Fort Regent. A valid Active permit and a yellow parking disc, showing the time of arrival, must be displayed.
  • Members parking beyond the 2 hour limit are required to display a pay card for the remainder of their stay or risk receiving a fine.

Pay and Play customers:

  • All Pay and Play customers are required to pay for parking at Fort Regent as per the terms of short-term car parks in Jersey.


  • All customers are required to display a yellow parking disc, showing the time or arrival of risk receiving a fine. The maximum stay is 3 hours during weekdays and 8 hours at weekends.


  • All customers are required to display a yellow parking disc, showing the time of arrival or risk receiving a fine. The maximum stay is 3 hours.


  • Opening times for a centre will be prominently displayed at the relevant Centre and online.
  • Pool, spa, sauna and steam facilities will close 30 minutes before the advertised closing time to allow members time to change. All other facilities (including the gym floor) will remain open until the advertised closing time.
  • Service Users, whether Members or non-members are not permitted to deliver personal training services to other members of the public within Active centres unless a personal training agreement is in place with Active.


When using Active Centres we request that you:

  • Be mindful and respectful of all centre users and follow good etiquette.
  • Conduct yourself in a quiet and well-mannered fashion that will not disturb or impair the use and enjoyment by any other person. 
  • Refrain from using foul, loud or abusive language, threatening behaviour and harassment to other customers or members of staff. This will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave the premises.
  • The use, storage and dealing of illegal drugs and/or intoxicating liquor is prohibited in any part of a Centre. You may not bring any into a Centre  to be sold or consumed.
  • You may not use our exercise facilities including, gyms, pools, saunas, steam rooms, studios and sports halls while under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, tranquilizers or any medication or other substance which may affect your ability to exercise safely.Complaints should be communicated to staff on site, so they can resolve quickly where possible, or directly  using the form.
  • Smoking including the use of e-cigarettes or similar devices is not permitted in any areas.
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear is required whilst exercising. Guidance can be obtained from the staff. You may be required to leave the premises if you are not suitably dressed.
  • Only one individual is permitted in a shower cubicle at any one time (with the exception of a parent or guardian who may take his/her own child aged up to 8 years into a shower cubicle with him/her).
  • You must store coats and rucksacks in the lockers provided and not in the studios.


  • Fire exits are clearly marked. In the interests of safety you must not interfere with fire doors for any reason.
  • We encourage you to be responsible and read the health & safety notices posted outside any equipment or facility rooms and comply with their recommendations.
  • You are requested to comply with any reasonable requests made by the members of staff in relation to matters of health and safety.


  • Lockers are provided subject to availability. Active does not accept any liability in relation to locker thefts unless they result from our negligence. You should check that your household contents or other insurance policy protects you against any risk of theft.
  • Lockers are available for use while you are on the premises and may only be used for the purposes of keeping personal items such as gym kit, toiletries, clothing, etc. If we have reasonable grounds to suspect that lockers are being used inappropriately, the management reserves the right to open the lockers in question and remove any offending items. 
  • If you leave your belongings overnight in a locker we reserve the right to open the locker and remove your belongings.
  • Removed belongings will be available for collection from the centre's reception. If you do not collect your belongings within thirty days, your belongings may be donated to charity.
  • Some lockers require the use of a padlock, members are required to provide their own padlocks for use with lockers. Padlocks will be available to purchase at our centres. 
  • Where available, lockers and locker keys remain the property of Active and must not be taken from the premises at any time.


  • Active does not accept responsibility for any damage or loss of property or articles left on the premises.
  • Lost property will be recorded and held at the centre's reception for a period of up to thirty days, valuable items will be transferred to the States of Jersey Police Department. Items that are not collected within 30 days may be donated to charity or disposed of.  


  • Your health is your responsibility. Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. You should not exercise beyond your own abilities. If you know, or are concerned, that you have a medical condition which might interfere with you exercising safely, before starting any exercise programme you should obtain and follow the advice of a medical professional as our staff, agents and subcontractors are not medically qualified. 
  • We strongly advise that all members complete an induction to the gym. Gym inductions are compulsory for children under 18 years. If you are not sure how to use any equipment, always ask a member of staff.
  • A Health Commitment Statement must be read and signed by all gym users. An adult or guardian (18 years or older) must also sign juniors' (14 - 15 year olds) Health Commitment Statements. A member of staff must witness both the junior and the parent or guardian signing the statement. 
  • All users are requested to adhere to the Gym Ettiquette, this is displayed clearly in the Gyms as follows:
  • Individual pieces of Gym equipment must not be used for longer than 20 minutes during busy periods.
  • You are asked to wipe down gym equipment after use, torque roll and anti-bacterial spray is provided in gyms and fitness studios.
  • Always return equipment to where it belongs and in its original state, please report any damages you identify to the Centre staff.


  • The Centre will set maximum occupancy levels for the rooms and classes. Where, in the opinion of an instructor, a class is overcrowded and would jeopardise the safety or enjoyment of others, the instructor may restrict the number of attendees.
  • Despite our best efforts, class timetables and instructors may occasionally be substituted or withdrawn at short notice.

You can:

  • Pre-book up to a week in advance in person, over the phone, online or via our mobile app. 
  • View timetables online at . 
  • Receive push notification on the mobile app by enabling this feature in your preferences.

You are requested to:

  • Upon arrival at our Active Centres please remember to swipe your membership card in order to confirm your attendance. 
  • If you can't make a class don't forget to cancel your booking, this will enable other customers to book in. Classes can be cancelled in person, over the phone, online or via our mobile app.  
  • Members who regularly do not cancel their bookings within a 2 hour time frame prior to class start may lose their app booking rights and incur a charge.
  • Arrive in good time and complete the entire class to avoid disturbance. Entrance to classes will be refused to anyone arriving more than five minutes late, or after the warm up.
  • Do not open the doors while a class is in progress, as this may interfere with the operation of the air-conditioning system and disrupt other participants.


  • No balls, floats, or inflatables are permitted in the swimming pool area other than those provided by a Centre. Buoyancy aids are permitted.
  • No diving, jumping per pool signage
  • The swimming pool areas may from time to time be reserved for adult swimmers only or swimming lessons. Prior notice, where reasonably practicable, will be displayed on notice boards.
  • If you have high or low blood pressure, heart disease, cardiac irregularities, asthma and/or diabetes, or if you are pregnant you should consult your doctor prior to using our facilities;


  • You must obey the instructions of our lifeguards; 
  • use the saunas, steam rooms in moderation and wear swimming attire at all times;
  • always shower before entering the saunas, steam rooms or swimming pools; 
  • not get changed in the saunas and steam rooms;
  • not consume, store, or bring into the changing rooms or swimming pool area, any food or drink or any kind of glass container; 
  • only shave in the wash basins provided, shaving is not permitted in the sauna and steam rooms;
  • not attempt to dry clothes or towels in the sauna;
  • not bring sauna oils or essences, cosmetic products, newspapers/magazines/books or other flammable materials into the sauna as these constitute a serious fire hazard;
  • not bring oils or essences to the steam room either as pouring them on the steam outlet will create a burn hazard;
  • wear long hair tied up, or in a swimming cap whilst in the swimming pool; 
  • not run around, jump or dive into the swimming pool;
  • comply with any swimming direction posted in the swimming pool area;
  • wear appropriate swimwear only. Swimwear that covers large areas of the body (including burkinis and full body swimsuits) is permitted provided the safety of the swimmer is not compromised.


  • All courts need to be booked before you play to secure them. 'On spec' racquet sports bookings (15 minutes before the court is available) are complimentary for Active members.
  • We can reserve courts for tournaments, events and promotional activities at any time. We will try to give advance notice of this, but may not always be able to.


  • On arrival, Active members must swipe in at reception and we'll give you your court number. 
  • You have 15 minutes from the start of your booked slot to claim your court, after which time the court will be made available to others. 


  • Only non-marking shoes can be worn on our indoor courts.
  • Please only bring drinks on court if they're in a sealed plastic container.
  • No food should be brought on court. 
  • For all on-court timekeeping purposes, refer to our tennis-hall clocks.




  • We welcome children to our facilities but they must behave reasonably. They must not put themselves or other people in danger or prevent other members from enjoying the facilities.  
  • Parents/guardians must accept full responsibility for the health and safety of their children. Children under the age of 8 must be supervised at all times. 
  • Unless involved in organised children's supervised activities, children, under the age of 16, must be under direct adult supervision when using the gym facilities at all times. 
  • Children, under the age of 8, may change in either sex changing room, under supervision, and in designated areas only. Children over 8 years must change in designated areas in the changing room of their own sex.


  • Children under the age of 16 may not use the sauna or steam facilities.
  • Where children are allowed to use the swimming pool the following will apply: 

For under 5 year olds we operate strict adult-to-child ratios (1 adult to up to 3 children). 

  1. Adults are responsible for the active and constant supervision of their children while they're in or around any depth of pool water; 
  2. Children aged 8 and above may use the swimming pools unsupervised providing the child is a confident swimmer. 


  • Juniors between the ages of 14 - 15 are allowed to use cardiovascular equipment if linked to a parent's membership and only when accompanied by a parent or guardian 18 years or older and after they have had a gym induction. 
  • Juniors from the age of 16 + are allowed to use resistance equipment/free weights unsupervised once they have had a gym induction.
  • The Active class programme has been designed with adults in mind. Some classes may be appropriate for 14 - 15 year olds if accompanied by an adult and at the instructor's discretion. 
  • Children under 14 years of age are not permitted to participate in Active classes. 


- December 2022