Les Quennevais Skatepark

The skatepark at Les Quennevais Sports Centre opened on Saturday 4th February 2023.

The skatepark at Les Quennevais Sports Centre opened on Saturday 4th February 2023, with hundreds of Islanders attending the launch.

The site was officially declared open by Assistant Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture, Deputy Lucy Stephenson, who shared the cutting of the ribbon with Daco Fernandes, Vice Chairman of the Jersey Skateparks Association.

The Skatepark is the result of 5 years of planning and collaboration between principle engineer, Oliver Brewster, Active, the Government of Jersey, Jersey Skateparks Association, Jersey Sport, Jersey Youth Service, Skate Jersey and PMR consulting.

Over 3,000m2 in size, it features a huge bowl with a maximum depth of 9 feet, while the street section features no less than 12 rails, an array of banks, hips and transitions and 17 blocks and ledges.



If you have lost something at the Skatepark, then it may be with the lost property in Les Quennevais Sports Centre. Pop into reception and speak to a member of the team.

CCTV is in operation in the skatepark, although the skatepark is not supervised, use is at your own risk.

If you need medical assistance, first aid is available from the Sports Centre, during the centres opening times.

Please report and damage, vandalism or defects to the Duty Manager at Les Quennevais Sports Centre.

See Les Quennevais Opening Hours

Skatepark Rules

Please make sure that you are aware of the rules when using the skatepark, we want everyone to have the best time while using the facility. Please take care of each other.

You can help by:

  • Just using skateboards, blades, scooters or BMX
  • Wearing protection – helmets, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads are strongly recommended
  • Picking up and sweeping up litter
  • Observing what is happening around you and taking your turn
  • Keeping street art to the designated wall and not damaging skate services
  • Respecting neighbours and other users – no loud music, no alcohol, no glass, no smoking, and no obscene language
  • Reporting damage and defects to the Duty Manager at Les Quennevais Sports Centre
  • This facility must not be used when wet, icy or in snowy conditions
  • This facility is not a playground; please supervise young children
  • The rolling surfaces and skate elements are not a waiting area and must be kept clear of objects.

Floodlights will turn off at 9pm, toilets will also close at this time.


Skatepark Etiquette


Active Jersey FB Post (16)

  • No Snaking, if you’re waiting on a ramp, you’re in a queue,
  • Stand back from the edge of the ramps while waiting (no overhanging wheels or legs),
  • Do not cut across the bottom of the ramps or ride in from the side,
  • Do not drop in unless you’re certain that the ramp or area is clear,
  • Ramps are to be used one at a time,
  • Help young ones. Please help young skaters enjoy skateboarding
  • Watch out for other users at all time (check behind you),
  • Don’t sit on the ramps or the obstacles,
  • Leave belongings at the side, not on the ramps or the obstacles, during your session.

Please keep graffiti to the designated wall area at the Skatepark. Please don’t use rude language or images as it is a space to be enjoyed by all ages. Thank you.