Ollie Wellum: A Double Triumph in 2023!

Thursday 21 Dec 2023
Ollie Bowling

In the realm of sports, it's not just about winning trophies; it's about overcoming challenges, inspiring others, and embodying the true spirit of the game. 

One individual who has personified these qualities is none other than Ollie Wellum, from our Membership Services Team. Ollie has clinched not one, but two prestigious awards this year – the 'Wheelchair Sportsperson of the Year' and the 'Ten Pin Bowler Player of the Year'!



Wheelchair Sportsperson of the Year:

Ollie's journey to becoming the Wheelchair Sportsperson of the Year is a testament to his dedication and perseverance.

Ollie is a member of the Jersey Wheelers Basketball Team and has really improved over the past couple of years from learning how to control the wheelchair to scoring baskets.

He has quite a lot of physical difficulties to overcome in order to play basketball and his “never give up” approach is inspiring to those around him.


Ollie Wheelchair Person Of The Year
Ollie Wellum (left) presented with his award by Gordon Perry

Ten Pin Bowler Player of the Year

Ollie's accolades don't end there! He's also been honoured with the prestigious 'Ten Pin Bowler Player of the Year' award. In the world of bowling, Ollie embodies the very essence for which the league was established. His enthusiasm for the game is infectious, always giving his best and playing with a perpetual smile on his face.

Ollie is extremely supportive to everyone involved, always offering advice and guidance, and is very popular with all the other players, he is a very worthy winner of this year’s award.


A massive congratulations to Ollie for not only winning these awards but for being a true inspiration!