Pay & Play Prices

The following chart highlights the value of Active membership vs Pay and Play.  If you prefer to Pay and Play bookings can be made at Sports Centre receptions. Please note that payment is required at the time of booking. All prices are inclusive of GST at 5%

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*Senior Citizen rates are available to anyone in possession of a Jersey Social Security Pension card or over the age of 65 (proof is required at the time of registration)

Activity PAY & PLAY PRICE Active Benefit
Gym - Adult Session (per session) £8.70 FREE
Gym - Senior Citizen Session (per session) £5.10 FREE
Gym - Student Session (per session) £5.10 FREE
Gym Induction £21.00 FREE
Group Fitness Class (per class) £8.20 FREE
Swim - Adult (per session) £4.90 FREE
Swim - Junior (5 - 17 years, per session) £3.40 FREE
Swim - Senior Citizen (per session) £2.00 FREE
Sauna / Steam (per session) £8.50 FREE
Squash / Squash 57 (formerly Racketball) (45 minute session) £8.20 FREE On-spec
Badminton / Short Tennis (per hour) £11.30 FREE On-spec
Table Tennis (per hour) £6.05 FREE On-spec
Equipment Hire (Racquets, Balls, Paddles - per session) £2.85 N/A
Sports Hall Arena (Football, Basketball, Volleyball - per hour) £45.50 N/A