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Compound/Functional Exercises

A wall sit with lateral dumbbell raise 

Basic: Muscles used-Quads, lateral raise 

  • Stand against an unobstructed wall 
  • Feet approx 12 inches from wall, shoulder width 
  • Dumbbells to side, palms facing in 
  • Slowly lower knees to 90 degrees (hold position) 
  • Slightly bent arms throughout lateral raise up to shoulder height 
  • Lower arms and regain standing position (slowly) 

 Compound 1

Dumbbell chest press on fit ball 

Basic muscles used: Chest, triceps, abs and shoulders 

  • Start from sitting on the ball, walk out slowly and ensure neck and shoulders are supported 
  • Feet should be slightly wider than hip width apart 
  • Begin with elbows at 90 degrees, palms facing away from head 
  • Raise both arms (exhaling) until weights touch 
  • Lower back down to start position (inhaling) 

 10-12 times, sets according to your workouts 

Compound 2

Squatting cable rows 

Basic muscles used: Hamstrings, buttocks, spinal erectors, lats, rhomboids, traps, biceps and abs. 

  • Try different handles on occasion 
  • Handle height approx waist height when standing 
  • Squat with straight arms 
  • As you stand pull handle into ribs (one fluid motion) 

Squat back down slowly releasing arm tension to almost straight. 

Compound 3 


Written by Simon Abels at 10:00



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