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Sweat the alphabet, Dance the Digits

BOKWA is Different. It is not really a dance workout - there is no choreography and no counting steps. Participants draw letters and numbers with their feet, while moving together to music in free form rhythm.

Everyone is doing it. If you can move and you can spell, you do Bokwa. From 4 year old kids, to men and women in their seventies, to guys with "2 left feet" to world champion dancers, Bokwa engages participants of all ages in the same class and to the same music.

BOKWA, is a trademarked name and workout that is derived from a combination of two words. "BO" represents the light boxing and "KWA" representing the cultural and traditional dance Kwaito, hence, BOKWA is born.

The first masterclass of it's kind takes place at Fort Regent on Sunday 30th June from 11:00am - 12:00pm

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