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RESTING IS RUSTING: by Magda Bochen, Active Group Fitness Instructor

Magda Bochen

Your amazing moving machine

Movement is a fundamental aspect of life. Human bodies were made to move but it seems we sit more and more these days.

We sit down to travel, at work we sit at our desks, then we come home, and we sit down to relax until it is time to go to bed. We have made an art out of sitting still, hunched over computer screens for hours on end.

Most of us are now working from home so it is easier to forget to move and some days we may move no further than our desk to the fridge and back.

Creaky knees, stiff backs and getting breathless from going up the stairs aren't only signs that we aren't as healthy as we could be, but also that we aren't getting enough quality daily movement. We need to remember that our bodies are designed to move.

Our body has 206 bones and more than 600 muscles. These parts all work together to make our bodies an amazing moving machine. Like any machine, your body can suffer some wear and tear and it needs regular care and maintenance to keep moving with ease.

Movement is medicine

Movement promotes healthy joints, strong bones, physical strength, good circulation, good coordination, improves learning skills, concentration, and mental well-being.

When we think of exercise we think about our chest, bicep, tricep or our quads, glutes, hamstrings but just like any other muscle, the heart needs physical activity too to help it work properly but we don't have to exercise heavily to get the benefits.

Even low to moderate intensity activity reduces the risk of developing coronary heart disease and can reduce the likelihood of dying from heart disease.

Simply walking, swimming and stretching can help relieve chronic pain, even more than bed rest. It helps to maintain good joint and muscle mobility, promote bone, ligament and tendon strength, and help prevent major diseases. What's more, it can improve your posture. Poor posture isn't necessarily down to 'bad habits' as physical reasons can include inflexible muscles and poor muscular strength.

Regular physical activity also releases feel-good hormones that make us feel better in ourselves and is effective in reducing the likelihood of experiencing a period of depression.

Movement is possible, and important, at any age

As we get older, regular movement is even more important as it helps to maintain muscle mass, bone strength, and reduces the pace of mental decline. We can't stop the clock, but we  can slow its tick by moving and also improve our quality of life.

Take my 91-year-old Grandad for example. I went to see him in August 2021 and he wasn't able to stand up from his sofa. He said "it's like this when you're my age, I won't be young again''. My Mum and I told him of course that "it shouldn't be like that, you can do better'' we told him this each day. I gave him examples of some of my more mature clients to demonstrate that it is possible to move again. My grandad lives in another country, but with the support of a physiotherapist friend who was incredibly helpful, and lived close by, we gave him some exercises to get him off the sofa. I never stopped encouraging him. I am so proud of my Grandad, he started to move again holding a frame at first but now he uses sticks. Finally, he too believes he can do it.

Just keep moving

We don't want to move when we suffer from pain but we need to move if we want to heal and reduce the pain in the longer term. Slow, regular movement is able to improve our quality of life but like Grandad, we need to take an action.

Julie, one of my Pilates students, understands getting fit is important at any age. She told me recently "your classes have made an enormous difference to me keeping supple and active. Many of my friends have trouble just getting out of their chair!'', I know she's not the only client that feels this way.

I am afraid resting is rusting. So, to keep your body as young as possible, for as long as possible, keep moving.

Active have experienced and qualified instructors that can help you in your fitness goals, but before starting any new exercise program it is worth consulting your doctor, you want to be sure you are medically fit before starting something new.

If you're not ready for the Gym, or a fitness class just yet, try these simple tips to keep moving:

  • go for a walk and get some fresh air on your lunch break.
  • take phone calls, standing up, or pace the room while you're speaking
  • do some laps of the room during TV ad breaks
  • take the stairs rather than the elevator
  • get off the bus a stop or two early
  • meet friends for a walk in the park instead of sitting in a café with a coffee

Simple changes can make a big impact on your wellbeing and the overall quality of your life.

Believe you can move better, motivate yourself to improve your movement and well-being,

Remember, resting is rusting and movement is medicine.


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Written by Magda Bochen at 05:00

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Exercise: A powerful tool for women as they journey through Menopause

Your -Active ---Blog -Post -Graphic -Feb -2022

The journey from perimenopause to post-menopause brings a unique set of physiological changes and challenges for women looking to keep healthy and fit.

Common symptoms often endured during this journey include; brain fog; hot flushes; middle age spread; low mood and anxiety; insomnia and fatigue; joint and muscle pain… the list goes on. Therefore, exercise strategies that can help us keep healthy during this journey, can only be a good thing right?

'It's the Menopause!' is a statement often flippantly banded about when we talk about changes in 'women of a certain age' but do we know what the word menopause really means? The word Menopause refers to the point in the menopausal timeline when a woman has not had a period for at least 12 consecutive months, on average this can occur between 50 to 55 years of age. However, our genetics, environment, ethnicity and smoking can all have an effect on exactly when and how menopause can occur.

Between 2 to 8 years prior to the onset of menopause, our ovarian function and hormone levels undergo enormous changes. This is known as Peri-menopause and many woman during this time may notice changes such as irregular periods; hot flushes; worsening PMS symptoms; fatigue and heightened anxiety.

Whereas Post-menopause is the time after menopause has occurred, when our oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone and other hormones levels are considerably reduced. Women on average spend at least 30 years of their life, Post-menopause, so it is definitely worth considering with respect to our health.

So how can exercise help?

The physiology of menopause can affect a woman's strength and functional capacity, metabolic health, brain health and recovery. Exercise can be one of the most powerful tools to alleviate, and in some cases even reverse, the most serious physiological impacts of the menopause.

The fluctuation and eventual drop in a woman's oestrogen levels can often accelerate things that occur naturally as we mature, such as the loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia); the decrease in bone density, resulting higher risk of osteoporosis; the ability of our muscles to contract and our joints to accommodate a full range of motion, exacerbated by joint pain. Therefore,mobility and flexibilityexercises can help alleviate joint pain and are fundamental in keeping us mobile.

Oestrogen has a protective effect on our cardiovascular system. As oestrogen levels decline in menopause, we are at heightened risk of heart disease. Often the menopause is associated with weight gain, the dreaded "middle age spread". Exercise forHeart healthis vital as if weight gain goes unchecked it can lead to obesity, substantially increasing our risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

The menopause is a time in our life when we need to preserve muscle mass, so losing fat by incorporatingstrengthtraining into a regular exercise program, combined with a well-balanced diet is proven to be far more beneficial than low calorie dieting.

According to the reports of some women, "hot flushes" and "night sweats" can be alleviated by exercise and thus improve our sleep patterns. None of us feel our best after a rotten night's sleep. Add to that; heightened anxiety; loss of self-confidence; low mood and 'brain fog', highlights why we need to ensure we take time to look after our "brain health". The good news is, exercise enhances ourmoodby boosting metabolites such as serotonin and endorphins in our body.

All exercise is known to promote good 'brain health', from a walk outside in the countryside with a friend; a relaxing mind and body exercise class; a weight session in the gym; a refreshing swim in the sea; a jog in the park or a run on the treadmill... it's just about finding the ones that work for you.

So which type of exercise should I be doing? Below is a list of different types of physical activity that I suggest can be beneficial for women as they navigate through the menopause.

For Mobility and Flexibility

● Pilates
● Ambient Stretch
● Yoga
● T'ai chi and other martial arts
● Swimming
● Dancing

For the Heart

● Aerobics
● Hill walking
● Jogging
● Running
● Cycling
● Spin classes
● Using a treadmill or rowing machine or cross trainer
● Boxing
● Dancing

For Strength

● Total Tone classes
● Les Mills Core
● Resistance training using your own body weight and resistance bands
● Weight Lifting
● Circuit training
● Body pump or Muscle Pump classes

For Mood

● Ambient Stretch
● Yoga
● Mind and body classes
● Exercising with friends
● Team sports
● Exercising outside

Before embarking on a new exercise regime it is always important to make sure you are medically clear to go, so it is worth consulting your doctor. If you want to try a new form of exercise, please ensure your technique and body position is correct, so you can avoid injury. The best way to do that is to join a fitness class led by a qualified fitness instructor; join a recognised sports club; get advice from the qualified instructors in the Gym, or hire a personal trainer. At Active all staff in the Gym are qualified fitness instructors and will be able to help point you in the right direction.

Recommendations on how much exercise is enough vary but I am a strong believer that something is better than nothing at all. Words my fitness class members often hear me say is "movement is medicine", and I firmly believe that.

Some days, certain types of exercise may really not appeal depending on how menopausal symptoms are making you feel, so adapt your exercise routine to fit in with your lifestyle so that it feels fun and not a chore. It is never too late to start or try a new form of exercise. Give it a go and see what a difference regular exercise can do to your body, mood and overall wellbeing as you navigate through perimenopause, menopause and beyond, into a new chapter in your life.

This article was written by qualified Fitness Instruction and Adult education Tutor Lisa Troy.  Lisa teaches the popular Active fitness classes Ambient Stretch and Total Tone. References; 'Fitpro in Exercise Strategy for Perimenopause to Post Menopause course' presented by accredited Austrailain exercise physiologist Marcelle Malan 'Natural Menopause'. Consultant Editor Anne Henderson MA MRCOG. Published by Dorling Kindersley Limited in 2021

Written by Lisa Troy at 12:00

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Turkey Busters - Timetable

Active have put together a range of classes and exercise sessions to help you stay in shape over the festive season. Choose one or more of the sessions that suit you, at either Fort Regent or Les Quennevais and book in the usual way through the Active App. 

Turkey Busters Timetable JPG

All the Staff at Active hope you have a great Christmas and an Active New Year!

Written by Active Management at 11:00

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Ever thought of becoming a Lifeguard?

Well, here is the perfect opportunity!

Les Quennevais in conjuction with the RLSS are pleased to offer spaces on the National Pool Lifeguard course.

The course will run from 31st May to 6th June and is open to anyone over the age of 15 (you must be 16 to take assessment).

For more information about the course and for some insight about what it is like to be Lifeguard, please click here

To join the course, please print out and complete the attached application form and return to Christine Blampied -

For more information and to pay for the course, please call 449880. To download the application form, click here

Written by Shannon Kelly at 00:00

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Centre Updates & FAQ's

Active website FAQ's -  

Following further relaxation of Covid measures announced by the Government earlier this week, the Active facilities have increased the capacities in our group fitness classes to reflect the new guidance. Hopefully, this should make it a little easier for our Members to get into their favourite session.

In addition, Les Quennevais and Fort Regent are changing the way they run Gym sessions, to provide our members with greater lexibility and control on when and for how long they work out. Essentially, a Session will now run for several hours, but with staggered start times so we can still manage the numbers and in turn physical distancing in the facilities. For example, session 1 at Fort Regent will run from 6:15am to 11:15am, with staggered start times of 6:15, 7:30, 8:45 and 10am. A customer booking into start time 8:45, must not arrive any earlier than that time but can now stay until 11:15am if they really wanted to feel the burn! 

Les Quennevais will also be operating their Pool sessions on a similar basis. The main pool will change to 4 single lanes plus half the pool for Aqua classes in the mornings, or for casual swimming including families. Changing rooms remain closed for now, with the exception of those for disabled users, and customers are still requested to come 'beach ready' and change on poolside or alternatively don a robe or onesie and leave to change elsewhere.

We will be closing the Gym and Pool facilities for two short periods a day to carry out enhanced cleaning programs and will ask you to maintain a minimum of 1m distanced from staff and each other, in line with the new guidance. It is important we stay vigilant in keeping our Members and staff safe from Covid and we appreciate your continued cooperation by wearing masks in our public spaces.  We also need you to continue booking in advance, using the App wherever possible, for contact tracing purposes and to guarantee your slot, but we definitely feel one step closer to normality!


General - All Centres


Q:   What are you doing to keep the centres safe?

A:    We have an enhanced cleaning schedule in place and have left time between sessions for cleaning of equipment, Sports and Public areas, in line with Government guidance. There will be cleaning materials throughout the Gyms and all users are required to use it before and after each session exercise to wipe down any equipment used, including exercise mats.


Q:   How are you ensuring Social Distancing Guidelines can be met?

A:   There is clear signage throughout all the centres including floor stickers to ensure people keep to the distancing requirements set out by public health.  The equipment in the Gym has been adequately spaced to allow for social distancing.


Q:   Do the activity sessions have to be booked in advance?

A:  Yes, pre-booking for all activity sessions is essential, so we can manage the flow of people in the centre and track and trace. Bookings should be made using the App where possible or over the phone. The only exception to this is the "on-spec" bookings for Racquet Sports which are only available 15minutes before a session starts. To guarantee your booking, bookings should be made and paid for using the Active App or by telephoning the Centre.


Q:   Why can I only see Activities to book two days in advance?

A:  Activities are available from 7am, two days in advance to allow a fair opportunity to all customers to book their preferred activities. Only having activities available 2 days in advance also makes us more agile, if we need to respond quickly to the changing Covid situation, or if any staff are required to self-isolate due to Covid concerns.


Q:  Is the Gym open?

A:   Yes, all Gyms are open for pre-booked sessions only. Bookings can be made via the classes or gym sessions tab where relevant on the App, or by calling the relevant Centre.  Some equipment may not be available to allow adequate spacing.


Q:   Will there be a time limit for Gym sessions?

A:   Yes, to ensure a fair allocation for each customer all sessions will be time limited. Each slot will include time for safe arrival/exit and movement through the centre.  Timings for sessions will be confirmed when booking.


Q:    Can you use various Gym equipment in one session?

A:   Yes, you should be able to complete a full workout. Please ensure you consider other users in the Gym and limit use of any one piece of equipment to no more than 20 minutes.


Q:     Are group fitness classes available?

A:    Yes, classes are running with 2m distancing in place.  Some classes may be moved to larger areas (Hall) to ensure the guidelines can be followed. Bookings should be made using the App where possible or over the phone.


Q:     When will spinning be made available?

A:   We are now able to offer high intensity classes, including Spinning, using our new Chrono power spinning ® bikes.


Q:    Are the changing rooms/showers/lockers open?

A:   Changing rooms and showers will remain closed at Les Quennevais Sports Centre and Springfield for now, this will be reviewed as the Government Guidance relaxes measures further. Some lockers and changing facilities, but no showers at this time, will be available at Fort Regent. All customers are encouraged to come ready for their activities, leave their belongings in their cars where possible, and shower at home.


Q:   Is Squash/Racquetball available?

A:    Yes, although we ask customers to please ensure they maintain 2m distancing between play, fleeting contact during play is permitted but must be kept to a minimum in line with the Sports guidance. Bookings should be made using the App where possible or over the phone. The only exception to this is the "on-spec" bookings for Racquet Sports which are only available 15minutes before a session starts. To guarantee your booking, bookings should be made and paid for using the Active App or by telephoning the Centre.


Q:     Is badminton available?

A:     Yes, at Fort Regent and Springfield you can play singles and doubles games at times published on the App. We ask customers to please ensure they maintain 2m distancing between play, fleeting contact during play is permitted but must be kept to a minimum in line with the Sports guidance. Bookings should be made using the App where possible or over the phone. The only exception to this is the "on-spec" bookings for Racquet Sports which are only available 15minutes before a session starts. To guarantee your booking, bookings should be made and paid for using the Active App or by telephoning the Centre.


Q:   I didn't have to pay for my Badminton Booking when I booked using the App last year, why do I need to pay now?

A:  Following the first lockdown we needed to implement technologies quickly, that would allow you to book activities as far as was reasonably practicable, to ensure we didn't have congestion at the desk for bookings. We took the decision to waive the charges that would normally be applied for badminton advance bookings for our members as we were unable to implement an online pay solution in good time. We now have an online pay solution, so have returned to the standard charging arrangements that were in place pre-Covid.


Q:    Are the Water Fountains available?

A:  Yes, for bottle refill only at Les Quennevais and Springfield only at this time (see Fort Regent FAQ's below). Please remember to bring your own water bottle, you are not permitted to drink direct from the fountain.


Q:   I am a Non-Member, can I use the Active App, or Active Online to book activities?

A:   Yes, however, you will need to contact us to register for a non-member log in. Once you've set up the App and set a password, you can book and pay for activities online.


Q: Why can't I cancel a booking I've paid for online?

A:  Currently our systems do not refund automatically for a cancellation you make online. Therefore, if you need to cancel a session you've paid for, please contact the Customer Services Team so they can cancel your booking and refund the payment you have made. Please note, if you cancel at short notice, you may not be entitled to a refund.



Fort Regent


Q:   Can we visit Fort Regent for Sport and Fitness Activity whilst the Vaccine Centre is there?

A:     Yes, we have implemented a one way system which we ask Service users to follow to minimise the risk of having too many people circulating the same areas at the same time.


Q:  Is table tennis available?

A:  Yes, at Fort Regent you can play at the weekends only, subject to availability


Q:     Are the Water Fountains available?

A:  Not yet, due to the age of the infrastructure at Fort Regent and as the Centre has been closed for an extended period, we are testing the water to confirm it is still ok to drink and until the results have been returned we cannot permit the use of these fountains. This is a precautionary measure only, as every effort has been made during the closure to manage the water. We anticipate reopening the water fountains, for bottle fill only, very soon. Please remember to bring your own water bottle.


Q:    Are the changing rooms and showers open?

A:   Changing and lockers will be available from the 15th March but the toilets and showers in the area are to remain closed until the water has been confirmed as ok to use. This is a precautionary measure only. Every effort has been made during the closure to manage the water, so we anticipate reopening the toilets and shower facilities in this area very soon.


Q:    Is the café Open?

A:   Yes, the café will be open at for core hours, times are currently subject to change.


Les Quennevais


Q: Are the swimming pools, including the small pool and spa area open?

A:     Unfortunately, due to unforeseen equipment plant failures, these facilities will remain closed whilst we await installation of new circulation pumps in our plant room, required to heat the pools. We anticipate the Pools will be unavailable for a few more weeks yet, we will notify customers as further information comes available.


Q:    How do you access the pool?

A:     When we reopen the Pools there will be a one-way system in place to get in and out of the pool area.


Q:  Are the changing rooms and showers open?

A:   At this time, no shower or changing facilities will be available. Please come ready for your activity, leave your belongings in your car where possible and shower and change at home.



Q: Is the sauna and steam open?

A:    No, we are not permitted to open the sauna and steam yet. As soon as we are able to do so we will.


Q:   What size are the lanes?

A:    When we are able to open, lanes will be double with a one-way system running clockwise with extra slow, slow, medium and fast lanes.


Q:     Is the Viewing Balcony open?

A:    No, the balcony is closed.


Q:   Is the Café open?

A:  Sadly our café will not be re-opening for the time being. Expressions of interest are being sought for tenant to take on a new 9 year lease. If you have catering experience and are excited by this opportunity please email




Q:   What are the current membership fees?

A:  Membership Fees for March and April are set at 77% of Pre-Covid rates. These rates will be applied pro-rata for March. The rates represent great value for money for the activities and facilities available at this stage of the reconnection and Active are committed to not increasing the charges again until we are able to offer less restricted activity in the facilities. We're expecting that will be in May, if everything continues to go to plan with the reconnection.


Q:  Are Memberships still frozen?

A:   No, we need to lift the freeze to allow members to book into sessions and classes. Members were notified in writing, should you have any questions regarding this please speak to the Active Team on 449888.


Q:     Can I continue to freeze my Membership?

A:     If you are not ready to return and would like to freeze your membership, please complete the online form  available on the How can we help page on the website, as soon as possible so our team are able to process your request in good time. We regret to advise that we are unable to extend your Membership indefinitely, therefore freeze time will be deducted from your allocation. If you no longer have Freeze time owing to you, please contact the Active Team at who will confirm your options.


Q:     What happens about my prepaid Annual Membership, will you add the time you were closed?

A:     All prepaid Annual Memberships will be extended to reflect the period of facility closures. The recent period of closure will be added to your membership end date. If your membership was due to expire whilst we were closed, the time owing up to your original end date will be added from the 15th March.


Q:     My Annual Advance Membership is due for renewal, can I renew on the same terms?

A:    We are somewhat optimistic that, due to the vaccine program, the Covid situation is improving. However, it is still unclear how Covid may affect the facilities in the next 6 to 12 months so we need to remain agile and able to react quickly and efficiently to the changing circumstances. Due to the way the Advance memberships are designed, we are unable to  provide the resource required to effectively administer these effectively at this time, therefore we will not be renewing Annual Advance memberships for now. You can still renew your subscription on a monthly Direct Debit basis and not pay any more over the year than you would have if you'd paid in advance. To understand how this affects you personally, please speak with an Active Sales advisor on 449888.


Q:    Are you accepting new Memberships?

A:  Yes, monthly paid subscriptions are available at this time. Please contact the Active Team for more information at or on 449888.


Q:    Why aren't you accepting new or renewing my existing Annual Advance Memberships?

A:    In response to the Covid situation we have had to adapt our offering and pricing several times over the past year in response to the ever changing situation. Applying changes retrospectively to our Annual members, who also benefit from enhanced freeze options, has made this membership too resource heavy to administer cost effectively at this time. Therefore, only monthly Direct Debit memberships are available at this time so we can remain agile and able to respond quickly, if needed, in response to the changing situation.


Q:   Can I still Freeze if I pay my membership monthly?

A:  Monthly Direct Debit memberships do not have the same flexibility for freezing as an advance paid membership previously did, however, you can still freeze your membership by calendar month, if you need to, by notifying the Active Team who will suspend your monthly payment for the months not needed while you are not using the facility.



MoveAnywhere - Virtual Classes


Q:  Will you be continuing with the Virtual Class Program when you've reopened the facilities?

A:     Yes, although the number of live classes will be reduced when the facility-based classes have resumed.


Q:    The times don't suit me, will you offer On Demand content?

A:  Yes, it is in the plan to offer a range of our more popular classes "On Demand" for you to stream and workout at a time convenient to you. On Demand Content should be available late March.


Q:  I'm not a member, can I use the MoveAnywhere service?

A:   Yes, however, you will need to contact us to register for a non-member log in. You'll first need to set up the Active Jersey App. Once you've set up the App and set a password, you can book and pay for activities online, including the MoveAnywhere classes.


Q:  How much does it cost for a live "virtual" class?

A:   If you are a current Member the content in MoveAnywhere is free of charge. Please note that if your membership is frozen, you will need to pay to use the service as if you were not a member. Service users that are not Members pay £5 per live streamed class.

Written by Shannon Kelly at 00:00

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Easter Holiday Opening Times

EASTER Opening Times

The Active Centres are open over the Easter holidays. 

Our opening hours are:

Fort Regent:

Good Friday - 08:00 - 16:00
Saturday - 08:00 - 16:00 Easter
Sunday - 08:00 - 16:00
Easter Monday - 08:00 - 16:00

Les Quennevais:

Good Friday - 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday - 07:30 - 17:45
Easter Sunday - 07:30 - 17:45
Easter Monday - 09:00 - 17:00


Good Friday - Closed
Saturday - 09:00 - 13:00
Easter Sunday - 09:00 - 13:00
Easter Monday - Closed


Please remember to book in advance either on the Active App or by calling the centre.

Don't forget - you must wear a mask when walking around the centres to and from your class or gym sessions.

Have a great Easter weekend…

Written by Active Management at 00:00

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Active Launch Live Streamed Classes

Active - Move Anywhere

Active have launched their online streaming service so you can now MoveAnywhere! A range of classes and Instructors from across the Centres will be available to book from Friday 11th December with the first classes available on the 14th December. Current members with a Full membership will be able to access the service free of charge as a value add to this already great value product.

We have also decided to widen this offer temporarily to all current members, even if you are frozen or were previously only using services for a swim, whilst you are unable to visit the Centres to help you keep Active during lockdown. When we open again to the public, customers who remain frozen or have a membership type that wouldn't normally include the full range of classes, will need to pay for live stream classes on a pay and play basis at a cost of just £5 per session.

Spaces are limited, but we will keep the demand under review and may add to the programs if necessary, subject to instructor availability.

To book a live streamed class, go to the MoveAnywhere tile on the Active Jersey App, the Active online page of our website or click here MoveAnywhere and log in using your Active Jersey App log in details. The MoveAnywhere platform will work with most browsers except Internet Explorer. If you need help navigating the platform it contains a great "Help and Support" page for troubleshooting issues. Please try this first before calling the Centre staff for assistance as due to the current situation there may not be someone at hand to help talk you through it.

Please also note that if you haven't logged into the Active Jersey App for a while, you may need to change your PIN to a Password before signing in. You need to do this via the App itself.

To join a class, log into your MoveAnywhere account and click "check in" to join the meeting a few minutes before the class start time. You will be put into a waiting room until the instructor joins as a host. Quick tips: check your microphone and camera are enabled and your volume is up on your device; set your zoom screen to Gallery setting, then you are ready to work out from the comfort of your own home! Please remember to wear sensible loose clothing and trainers, have some water to hand and have an exercise/yoga mat or towel to lie on for the floor exercises.

We're missing our members terribly, but we hope this service will go some way to keeping you fit and healthy whilst we are unable to provide services in the Centres. Also look out for our staff's hints and tips for staying Active at home by following us on  Facebook or  Instagram!

The Active Team




Written by Active Management at 11:00

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YOU SAID, WE DID... Survey Results

Active -EDM-July -2020-(Header )V2

A big thank you goes out to all of you for your contributions to the Active Membership Customer Survey recently published. 730 of you responded with some very valuable feedback and we are very grateful for your input. 

It was great to see lots of positive feedback about how the team have been managing things so far during the pandemic, with many of you taking time to recognise the constraints we are currently operating within. 

You also shared plenty of constructive feedback on the areas we need to work on which we are carefully analysing to consider the next steps for the Active Membership, including pricing structures. We should have more news on this in October, but in the meantime we wanted to update you on what we're doing now in response to your feedback.

Changing Rooms and Showers

What was clearly evident in your feedback, was how important changing and shower facilities are to your experience and we wanted to act as quickly as possible to address this issue for you. 

Due to restricted capacities, we will still encourage you to come ready for your activity and to shower at home if you can, but we wanted to let you know that at Fort Regent and Les Quennevais we will be reopening the showers later this week. 

In order to do this, we have had to put in place one way systems to help you maintain physical distancing and implement enhanced cleaning programs. We must also ask for your assistance in this regard, to ensure we adhere to the Government guidance in these communal areas.

We already ask you to sanitise the touchpoints on the Gym equipment after use, and the same will apply in the shower areas. Signage will be in place, and we will provide cloths, gloves and aprons as outlined in the guidance for communal shower areas available here:

Please note that at Les Quennevais the showers are not available for all swim sessions, due to safeguarding measures required for School sessions. These sessions will be signposted on the App as "Beach Ready swim".

We recognise these arrangements are not ideal, and we will ask you to do this only as long as we need to in order to manage the Covid risks in the facilities. 

Access and Session Times

There has been lots of feedback asking for free movement to return to the facilities and expressing frustration with not being able to secure a place in the busy sessions using the Active App. Due to the numbers we experience in our Centres we are unable to change this at this time, whilst adhering to the Government Guidance for Covid. Pre-booked session arrangements are likely to be with us for some time yet on that basis. 

Many customers also indicated they wanted longer session times for the Gym, and also shared some feedback about the start time of some of our sessions. In some cases these were not meeting the needs of our customers. 

This has been very much a balancing act, as we want to accommodate as many members as possible whilst our capacities are restricted due to Covid. However, we have put our minds to it again and are pleased to confirm that from the 1st October some session times have been increased by 15-30 minutes at Fort Regent and Les Quennevais. This has in turn changed some of the session start times which we hope will better suit your needs. 

In addition, following updated guidance, we have been able to increase the numbers slightly in some of our sessions this week.

High Intensity Group Fitness and Spinning

Many of you were calling for Spinning and other high intensity classes to be reinstated. Unfortunately, in Jersey, high intensity activity indoors is still prohibited, so group fitness of this type is not possible at this time. Moving classes outdoors, certainly at this time of year, does not present a reliable alternative.

Approximately 35% of customers in the survey indicated they may be interested in an Active virtual product that they could access from home. This may be our only option for high intensity, while Covid still represents such a significant risk. We are therefore, looking at professional solutions to live stream some existing classes, as well as some higher intensity classes, including spinning. 

We're not there yet, however, following a planned investment in spinning bikes this year, we now have a number of spinning bikes available for sale. For those of you interested in equipping yourself ready for online spinning classes, please contact the Duty Managers to register your interest.

Springfield Opening Times

In response to your feedback, the team at Springfield are working hard to extend their operating hours to accommodate more customers. Recruitment is underway for the staff resources required to do this, and all going well, we hope to announce changes planned for November in the next few weeks. 

We will carefully monitor the impact of these changes for our members and may look to change them again if it's not working, so please keep sharing your thoughts and feedback. You can do this by talking to one of the team at the Centre's or by filling in the online form available here:


Thank you


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Have Your Say on the Interim Active Membership Offering

Active EDMJuly 2020Header 1-9900000000079e 3c

We are thankful to you, our Members, for your continued loyalty and understanding through this challenging time. 

It is now clear that restrictions and enhanced cleaning requirements will be in place for Sport and Leisure facilities for some time, due to the Covid risks, and we want to ensure that the Active membership is sustainable and continues to represent value. 

The purpose of this survey is to assess the views of the Active Membership, on the services currently available, to inform the Active Membership Offering from October onwards.

The Active team would like your feedback to help us ensure we have in place fair tariffs and Membership options that continue to meet your needs.

The survey is completely anonymous and should take no more than 5 to 10 minutes. We would be grateful of your input.


Please complete this survey before Midnight on  Monday 14th September

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Join Dave D’Abreu for a Les Mills BODYPUMP class!

Active -Dave _D_Body _Pump

Join the Active Teams Dave D'Abreu for a Les Mills BODYPUMP class from Sunday the 5th July. The class will be delivered as a lower to moderate intensity workout until we move to level 1 in the safe exit framework and will be held in Arena C, with plenty of space for each participant. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, BODYPUMP gives you a total body workout, increases core strength and improves bone health.

Click here to view Dave's classes

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Level 2_Re -Opening

Dear Active Member,

We hope you have been staying Fit and found new ways to complete your exercise programs during lockdown? Hopefully some of you took advantage of the live zoom sessions offered by some of our Group Fitness instructors, or perhaps you've been working through the extensive programs available using the Free trial of our Partners Les Mills On Demand app? 

However you've been keeping fit, I'm sure you're wondering what is happening at the centres, following the announcements made by the Minister for Economy on the 1st June, and I can tell you that the teams across the facilities have been working hard behind the scenes to get your local sports centres back up and running in line with the latest Public Health guidance for Fitness activity in Level 2.  

We're pleased to announce that all of our Active Centres will be offering limited programmes, on a pre-booked basis only that fits within the Public Health guidelines detailed for lower intensity activity. The Active team recognise the benefits of keeping our local community active but are stepping forward cautiously to ensure we do not jeopardise the Safe Exit plans. Things may look and feel a little different in our centres and not all sports and activities will be available at this stage. (see summary below)

As the Island moves through the Safe exit framework we will look to add to these programmes, subject to guidance from Public Health, but for now we are only able to offer lower intensity activity. This has been defined by Public Health as follows "During lower-intensity activity / exercise, you should be able to comfortably talk and hold a short conversation."

Obviously this limits what we can offer in the Centres, but we wanted to give our members and other users of the facilities some activity during this Level of the safe Exit Framework. 

Active -Class -Timetables -June -2020-1

It may not be the workout you were hoping for initially, but getting this phase right is incredibly important. We all have a responsibility to limit the risk of spreading the virus so the Centres will have increased hygiene programs in place and adapted access arrangements to manage the risk. We must also ask the people using our facilities to adhere to the Public Health guidelines, maintaining a distance of two metres from each other and to safeguard themselves, other users and our staff from the spread of infection. 


Les Mills On Demand _Blog

For those of you that want a more intense workout, you can still sign up for the 60 day free trial of the Les Mills on Demand App here: With 800 workouts to choose from, there's sure to be something that fits the bill.


At the Centres we have been working on the following areas to be ready to open from Friday this week:

Key changes:

  • We need to manage customer flow in each activity area and to ensure social distancing. Therefore all sessions (gym, fitness classes and swim) must be pre-booked using the Active App if you are a member, or booked and paid for in advance over the telephone if you do not hold a membership.
  • You must bring relevant proof of your booking to gain entry - and you will need to turn up on time to make the most of your sessions (but not too early!).
  • No bookings are being taken at the door so please make your booking before you set off for the centre.
  • Should you need to make a payment at our facilities during level 2 we will take card payments only, no cash.
  • Gym equipment will be spaced out, some equipment may be out of service, and different areas of the centre may be used to ensure everyone has more space (eg: a group fitness class may be offered in a Sports Hall).
  • Where suitable outside facilities exist, some of our classes may be outside in the fresh air. 
  • We need to ensure a fair allocation of time for each customer so all sessions will be time limited.  Your slot will include the allowance for safe arrival, movement through the centre, and leaving the premises.
  • You will not be permitted to move from one activity to another activity and may be asked to leave the premises between sessions on the same day.
  • No changing rooms, showers or lockers will be available during Level 2 so please arrive ready for your session, leaving personal belongings in your car or at home.  Sauna and steam facilities also remain closed.
  • Water Fountains will not be available, please don't forget to bring your water bottle.
  • Our standard car parking terms and conditions will re-start in line with island wide parking restrictions. Please do not forget to display your yellow disc



Cleanliness and hygiene

  • We will have an enhanced cleaning regime.
  • There will be cleaning equipment available throughout the gym and you will be required to use it before and after each exercise. This includes wiping down exercise mats. 
  • There will be hand gel readily available which you should use before you touch any equipment. 
  • You must exercise 2 meter social distancing at all times and respect other users.


Membership Payments

  • Membership fees will not be collected for any period we are open in June in recognition of the reduced offering available due to the restrictions in place because of Covid 19. We will closely monitor the developing situation and will consider the services available and appropriate fees for July onwards and will aim to give our members at least 7 day's notice of any change to the pricing.
  • When the Centres reopen, we will automatically remove the freeze from memberships, so members can pre-book available activity sessions. 
  • Members who wish to extend their freeze option, due to vulnerabilities, may do so by completing the online form available on our website here: /forms/freeze-your-active-card
  • Prepaid Annual memberships will be extended by the number of months the membership has been frozen, plus the "free period" the centres are open in June.



Summary of Sort Division Leisure Facilities available during Level 2.


Level 2 Service Offering

Opening Hours
Fort Regent

Activities will be available at specific time slots on a pre-booked basis only between:
9:00am and 6:30pm Mondays
6:15am to 8:15pm Tuesday to Thursdays
6:15am to 12:30pm Fridays
09:00am to 1:30pm Saturday and Sunday

Opening Hours
Les Quennevais

Activities will be available at specific time slots between:
7.15am and 6.30pm Monday to Friday
7.30 - 2pm  Saturday and Sunday

Opening Hours

Activities will be available at specific time slots between:
8:30am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday
Closed at the weekends


  • Active Activities will be free to Active Members in June and will be reviewed before July. (Members will receive 7 days notice of any change to pricing)
  • Non-Members can pay and play by telephone booking only
  • Room Bookings and Hall Hire - standard rates apply, all bookings are subject to satisfactory risk assessments for the activity, taking account of Public Health and Sports Governing Body guidance as appropriate.


  • Active Membership freezes will be removed to enable Members to book their sessions using the Active App.
  • If you haven't advised us already, vulnerable and severely vulnerable Members may extend their Freeze option free of charge by using the online form available here: /forms/freeze-your-active-card

Active Gym
(Fort Regent Only)

1 hour Sessions Available from 13th June.

  • Available to book using the Active App or over the telephone
  • Lower intensity work outs only permitted. So we can protect our staff and other customers, those that disregard the guidance will be asked to leave facility.
  • 2 metre social distancing to apply in addition to enhanced hygiene practices
  • Only 35 customers per session
  • Changing rooms and lockers not available, all customers to come dressed ready for their session and to shower at home.
  • Enhanced cleaning programs will be in place and customers will be asked to support that program by cleaning down equipment after use.

Indoor Group Fitness Classes

Classes available from 12th June.

  • Available to book using the Active App or over the telephone
  • Lower intensity classes only
  • Some classes may be delivered in the Sports Halls
  • 2 metre social distancing to apply in addition to enhanced hygiene practices
  • Changing rooms and lockers not available, all customers to come dressed ready for their class and to shower at home.
  • Timetables are available on and are subject to change.


  • Not available at this stage

Outdoor Classes
(Les Quennevais)

  • Available to book using the Active App or over the telephone
  • High Intensity type classes 
  • 2 metre social distancing to apply in addition to enhanced hygiene practices
  • Changing rooms and lockers not available, all customers to come dressed ready for their class and to shower at home.

Squash Courts

  • Not available at this stage

Badminton/Short Tennis (including Community Badminton at Springfield)

  • Available to book using the App or over the telephone
  • 2 metre social distancing to apply in addition to enhanced hygiene precautions
  • Available for singles games only

Tennis (Outdoor at Les Quennevais only)

  • Available to book using the App or over the telephone
  • 2 metre social distancing to apply in addition to enhanced hygiene precautions
  • Available for singles games only

Indoor Team Sports

  • Not available at this stage (see block bookings)

Sauna and Steam

  • Closed at this stage

Small Pool
(Les Quennevais)

  • This is currently closed due to structural repairs in the small pool. Works are expected to be completed in mid-August

Main Pool
(Les Quennevais)

40 minute Sessions Available from 12th June.

  • The main pool will be available for lane swimming only. 
  • The pool will be split into 4 'double' lanes for extra slow, slow, medium and fast swimmers. There will be a maximum of 6 swimmers per lane. 
  • Showers and changing facilities will not be available at this stage. Swimmers are requested to come beach ready, leaving outer clothing and towels on the benches - no lockers will be available. 
  • Sessions will be for 40 minutes with a 20 minute break.

Changing Rooms

  • All changing rooms will remain closed 
  • All customers to come dressed ready for their class and to shower at home, leaving personal belongings in their cars or at home as far as possible.

Water Fountains

  • Water fountains will be closed - please remember to bring your water bottles


  • Fort Regent Café will be open for basic service. (times to be confirmed)
  • Les Quennevais have new café proprietors as soon as they are ready to open they will.
  • Springfield Café will be Open

(Les Quennevais)

  • Not available at this stage

Fort Regent Playzone

  • Not available at this stage

Block Bookings 

  • All Block Bookings will be subject to a risk assessment. Hirers must produce a risk assessment and demonstrate how they will manage, 2m physical distancing and hygiene for their activities.


We will keep members updated as programmes develop through the safe exit framework. Stay updated at or follow us at

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Outdoor Distanced Fitness Classes - Georgia

Active -Outdoor -Distance -Fitness -Georgia2

Join Active's Georgia Grant for an outdoor distanced fitness class 'Body Weight HIIT Workout' at Les Quennevais. Georgia will be running the classes from 10am and 11am on Friday morning.

Call 449880 to book and pay for your space! (only 5 spaces per class).

"I'm so looking forward to welcoming some of you back to class this Friday!

Join me for a body weight HIIT workout, followed by a 10 minute core finisher.

HIIT is a form of interval training, working for short bursts of intense exercise with small recovery periods. A tough and effective workout increasing your heart rate and working every part of your body.

HIIT is proven to help improve fitness, boost heart health and burn more fat."

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Outdoor Distanced Fitness Classes

Active -Outdoor -Distanced -Classes

We are pleased to announce that Group Fitness instructors are now offering some outdoor distanced fitness classes (maximum 5 people) using the red 5-a-side court on the playing fields at Les Quennevais Sports Centre. These classes are being organised by the instructors and bookings and payment should be made direct to them. Next week the following instructors will be offering classes:

Caroline Nicolle will be delivering a Body Sculpt, Strength and Stretch class next Wednesday at 10.30am.
To book please email:-

Vicky Barratt will be delivering a 45 minute Pilates class on Tuesday 19th May at 1.30pm and each Thursday at 9.30am, starting on the 21st May.
Please contact Vicky direct to book and pay for your class by email to

Due to social distancing there will only be 5 participants in a class so booking promptly is essential. Please note the classes may be subject to change as they are weather dependant. More classes to follow, so watch this space!

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Les Mills Classes on Demand

Les Mills On Demand _Blog

We know that staying fit and active is our best way to build a strong immune system and stay healthy. Not only that, regular physical activity is proven to combat stress and provide mental health benefits.

To help you stay active when it's not possible to visit the club, we've teamed up with Les Mills to give you online workouts as part of your membership. You can now enjoy access to LES MILLS™ On Demand for 60 days. Simply click below to get started.


When you sign up you'll be asked to enter your payment details, but you won't be charged for the 60-day trial. If you want to continue beyond that, you'll automatically become a paying subscriber at this special rate we've negotiated with Les Mills.
Please note this trial is valid for new subscribers only.

IMPORTANT ! During these unprecedented circumstances, our focus on respecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal data remains as strong as ever. Active will not share your personal data with LES MILLS, nor they with us, however we have no control over sites that are outside our own domain, so please read the terms and conditions for the App carefully before signing up and providing them with your information.
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New ‘live streamed’ classes instructed by Kate Denny Mallen!

Active -Fit -4-The -Fight -Facebook -KDM-3

LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT - an awesome energetic cardio and toning class. Inspired by martial arts it draws from a wide array of disciplines such as Karate, Boxing, Taekwondo, Tai Chi and Muay Thai - NO EQUIPMENT REQUIRED just a mat or similar for some floor work.

LES MILLS GRIT Strength - a 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, designed to improve strength and build lean muscle. This workout uses barbell, plates or hand weights & body weight exercises to blast all major muscle groups - BARBELL AND PLATES/DUMBELLS REQUIRED and a mat or similar for some floor work.

Book your place, join Kate and enjoy a real group fitness vibe in the safety of your own home! To select and pay for your class you'll need to sign up to the Mycoach by Fibodo app available in IOS and Android. To stream the class in small groups you'll also need the Zoom App.

Search in the Fit 4 the Fight link here to select the class suitable for you

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Lucy and Henrietta are getting #Fit4theFight

28108 - Fit 4 The Fight Campaign | Instructors

Lucy Kerr and Henrietta Brice-Smith are getting #Fit4theFight and will be live streaming their Fitness Pilates and Dynamic Yoga classes from home, starting this week!
To book go to  for Lucy, and
Alternatively, search for them in the MyCoach App or select the links in our Fit4theFight page at  /class-timetables/know-your-class
Look out for more of your favourite classes and instructors who will be adding to the online timetable over the coming days and weeks.
Keep #ActiveJersey 
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Fit 4 The Fight - Live Streamed Classes

Fiona -+-Lisa ---Active -Fit -4-The -Fight -Facebook -Posts5

Lisa Troy and Fiona De Miguel are getting #Fit4theFight and will be live streaming their popular Ambient Stretch; Total Tone and Fitness Pilates classes from home, starting next week.

To book go to for Lisa,

and for Fiona go to

Alternatively, search for them in the Mycoach by Fibodo app available in IOS and Android. 


Lisa and Fiona are looking forward to reconnecting with you!

More Active instructors will be joining up over the coming days and weeks, so we'll keep you posted but in the meantime we hope you are all keeping well and staying #Active Jersey.


View Know Your Class  for Class Explantations

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All _Centres _Now _Closed

To help reduce the spread of coronavirus and further to last week's announcement by the Government of Jersey advising Islanders of all ages to immediately follow the principles of social distancing, we have taken the decision to close our Sports Centres. This move will support the delay of flattening the curve of infection which is now crucial in order to preserve the good running of our health services.

During the time our Active Centres are closed we will be automatically freezing all memberships, with no fee to pay until these facilities re-open; this includes the Active Swim School.  We will automatically reinstate memberships and subscriptions when Active Sports Centre's re-open.  There is no need for you to do anything - we will take care of all the administration of this. Your membership will be reinstated when we re-open or (if later) when your current freeze period ends.

Although these facilities will be closed, the Active App and social media channels will be full of health advice and workouts that you can do at home or out and on our beautiful island.  We encourage all of our members to stay fit and healthy during these uncertain times.  Our outside spaces and playing fields will all remain open and can all be enjoyed.

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ACTIVE NOTICE - Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

The Sport Division Team would encourage our facility users to stay abreast of current guidance and assess the risks to themselves and others when making decisions regarding participation in activities.

Some services may be subject to change or cancellation at short notice due to availability of staff or because of changing Government advice on coronavirus, which is frequently reviewed and is at

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