John's Walk for Charity

Monday 11 Mar 2024
John Grounds Team

Join us in supporting our colleague John Collier from the Grounds Team at Les Quennevais Playing Fields as he takes on an incredible challenge in aid of his son, Alex.

On May 4th, John will embark on the Isle of Wight Ultra Challenge, covering a daunting 66 miles (106km) around the Isle of Wight, with over 1,800 meters of elevation. This is a remarkable feat, especially considering the challenge begins at 7am and continues through the night into the following day.

John's motivation for this monumental endeavour is deeply personal. He is raising funds for the Royal Orthopaedic Charity, which provides invaluable support to the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham. This hospital is currently caring for John's son, Alex, who bravely battles bone cancer. Alex, a cherished member of our Dryside Facilities Team at Fort Regent, has been part of the Active family for the past year. He is facing surgery to replace his knee and the lower part of his femur.

Having completed the Jersey Island Walk an impressive 11 times, John is no stranger to endurance challenges. However, the Isle of Wight Ultra Challenge presents a significantly greater test of his strength and resilience.

Please consider donating to John's Just Giving Page to help him reach his fundraising goal and provide crucial support to Alex and the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital.

As John undertakes this inspiring journey, let's rally behind him with well wishes and positive energy. We wish John the best of luck, and our thoughts are with Alex.