Henrietta Brice-Smith

Henrietta Brice Smith

About me


Henrietta is a Somatic Awareness Educator who has spent many years working with somatic awareness and integration techniques for enhancing the human experience. She is a Senior Somatic Awareness Teacher, Embodied Resilience Presenter and IYN Yoga Elder.

Henrietta teaches with knowledge, warmth and sensitivity and believes that your practice should be about what you can feel in your body and not about what you can do. Her classes always put safety first, protect your joints, recharge, replenish, nourish yourself and become intimate with yourself by way of feeling sensations; whilst developing strength and fluidity.

BWY Certification, Senior Somatic Awareness & Dynamic Yoga Certification, Embodied Resilience Presenter, TFH Kinesiology, Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology, Kinetic Therapy