Training Year-Round: Declan's Formula for Fight Success

Monday 08 Jan 2024
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Declan, a member of our Fitness Instructor team was due to take part in his eighth fight at Blood Fight Series IX on 10th February at the Royal Jersey Showground, but unfortunately had to pull out due to injury.

Declan started Muay Thai as a teenager as a hobby and although he stopped for a few years, he rediscovered it just over 5 years ago while he was recovering from a nerve injury to his arm.

“When I first started I got into it just for the fitness side and to try help with my mental health, I wasn’t necessarily planning on fighting, but within three months of being back I had my first fight!”.

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He has taken part in seven fights so far, with one in Jersey and the rest in the UK. When asked if he had a favourite fight, the response was unequivocal. "Not really," he shared. "I love them all; nothing is better than being in the ring."

Preparing for a fight is a meticulous process. A dedicated six-week fight camp is standard practice, but Declan emphasizes that training remains a year-round commitment.

“Once I have a fight organised, fight camps last for around six weeks before the fight, however I train year-round and up the intensity of my training six weeks prior to the fight. Consistency is key, so I try to train all year with little breaks lasting a few weeks every now and then”.

Declan’s fight camp for his latest fight started on 1st January, but Declan says he started upping his training over the festive period.

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As for how to get involved, Declan says “for anyone wanting to start out in Boxing or Muay Thai, I’d suggest just going along to a class and giving it a go, even if it is daunting and scary at the start. Everyone you train with becomes like family.” Declan currently trains at Blood Fitness.

“I have only fought once in jersey, which was my first fight, all my other fights have been all over the UK, so I am looking forward to fighting in front of a home crowd!”


  • Declan instructs our Conditioning Classes on Tuesdays at 4:30pm and Boxfit Classes at 7pm on Tuesdays at Springfield.