High Energy

Tabata HIIT incorporates bursts of high energy exercise with short rest periods, to hit every part of your body.

High Intensity Interval Training is proven to improve your fitness, increase your stamina and endurance whilst shredding fat - even after your workout has finished your body continues to burn calories.

Each instructor led workout is 30 mins of pushing your body to its limits, to create great results in a motivating environment.

Class: Tabatta HIIT
Day: Thursday
Time: 17:45 - 18:15
Class Category: High Energy
Where: Gym Ramparts
Price: £8.20
Active: FREE
If for any reason the instructor scheduled to take this class is unable to do so, Active reserves the right to make an appropriate substitution without notification.

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Andrew Ruff

Andrew Ruff


I am a keen gym instructor with a passion for Weight Training, Thai Boxing and Swimming. 

I enjoy instructing Circuits, BoxFit and Tabata HIIT at fort regent. I love engaging and motivating my clients to become the best they can be and help them to achieve there fitness goals 



Gym instructor level 2 - Lifeguard - First Aid at Work