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Customer Focus - Peak Fitness

Channel TV reporter Eric Blakeley has accomplished many great sporting achievements, including scaling many of the world's highest mountains, but he would not be able to were it not for his regular fitness and exercise routine at the island's leisure centres. Talking to Paul Lees, he finds himself on the other end of the questions for once.

What facilities do you use?

I tend to go to the gym (at Fort Regent) eight times a week including three lunch hours on the weights. I also use Les Quennevais most mornings for swimming and on a Sunday afternoon with my five year old daughter. It's nice as its close enough for us to cycle to.

You have realised many personal sporting dreams such as climbing Mount Everest. Which other interesting feats have you accomplished?

I have completed all of the Seven Summits - basically the highest peaks in each of the highest continents including Everest, Kilimanjaro and Elbrus. I have also completed round island and round Manhattan island swims, the Jersey, London and Paris marathons, raced up the Empire State building and competed in the World Bog Snorkelling Championships! (That's swamp-like outdoor bog not common toilet bog!).

What plans do you have for your next challenge?

I don't have any plans but I have now taken up pistol shooting. It is nice to try new things as interests and abilities change.

Channel TV's production "Report Sport" is an excellent medium and champion of local sport. However, do you think the island's media does enough to promote local sport and sports stars?

You can never do enough but you need to get the balance right. We try to cover all sports but there are just so many.

Do you think television and the media in general has a responsibility or role in encouraging an active and healthier lifestyle?

I think we are in danger of telling people they are not fit when they are. There can be a sport for everyone - walking, golf, kayaking. It can just be for fun and it is about finding something which suits you. The key to keeping fit is to do little regularly. It is good just to pop in (to the Fort) for half an hour and with the Active card you get that flexibility.

Wise words Eric. Let's hope the people get the message!

Written by Paul Lees at 15:46

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